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  1. If a keeper makes a mistake and the story is impossible because he put a clue a in a wrong place or an item unreachable the investigators win also still alive will eventually get results my deepest apologies for the delay
  2. still alive busy with school Sorry folks please keep posting results
  3. sorry for the delay in the analysis real life problems I will get it up one day soon though
  4. bump I'll make a new topic when I anaylze the results and it will come out of beta
  5. When I'm keeper I find myself running out of fire and darkness tokens a lot. I feel like in an expansion there should include more.
  6. Bump, when it gets out of beta hopefully it gets stickied like the other one
  7. Loss of vision is a trauma that makes it so you have to treat each room as if it was in darkness. but if you have a lantern you may ignore darkness. So you may just ignore it? Thematically I don't think this makes sense, if you have lousy vision a doctor won't prescribe a flashlight so you see better. Can anyone clarify a way to make this just make more logical sense for me.
  8. Fixed both these issues thank you Please keep track of you current games if you can until beta is out of being beta, I'll say when I'm ready to start collecting real data, at that point the questions are basically final until an expansion comes out
  9. Good point added that new category I'm probably going to have to wipe the first few entries unfortunately due to all the new categories but that is why this is in beta
  10. updated added most of the questions you said reorganized some of them as well Did not add number of players devoured or defeated, the number of characters defeated our devoured will tell us If they answer 3 characters were chosen and there is only 2 players we know 1 was defeated
  11. Well inspired by this topic on the Arkham Horror board: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=5&efcid=1&efidt=44153 I decided to make one of these for Mansions of Madness https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHRERllPcU5ZQ1BXRlBZS0RMSlBJRXc6MQ&ifq Right now it's in "Beta" because we have no results to analyze and there are few questions. I will also try to do the same thing and update the stats at the first of the month. What other questions do you feel need to be asked? I feel I covered the main ones but is there something else you'd like to see number crunched? and feel free to fill in the form yourself.
  12. There are such a few amount of blunt melee damage, sharp melee damage, no weapon cards that searching for just the right one can take the entire deck and it really takes you out of the game if you are waiting for the keeper to find just the right card.
  13. I would like just a regular PC application if anyone working at FFG is reading this.
  14. If it helps it to be made, I too would like for the computer to have an app.
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