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  1. Wonderful ideas all - thanks! Will print this for when I sit down and make my own list of locations for inspiration (and blatant copying)
  2. Never heard of that crusade, but it fits very well into my campaign with some of the backstory here. Thanks! I had considered reading up on the new Wulfen books, but they didnt seem to get that much praise, so didnt get around to it yet. But perhaps I should. Re: Alpha legion. They have had a minor brush with those, but this could be a great idea, as they (of course) HATE dealing with Chaos, but have had to make some hard and questionable choices sometimes.
  3. Lot of great ideas from you all! Reagarding the Relictors, there is a bit of that story to the Marines Chapter (It is actually a custom made sub-chapter to the Consecrators. They are mainly trying to take down Fateweaver, who has been a lurking presence for many years in the campaign. To this end they are now allied with an Inquisitor and his retinue on a star-fort. They then try and find as much knowledge on Fateweaver as they can, including parts of his true-name. In here comes the part that is in a very grey area of what the Imperium allows, as they bind daemons into hosts for questioning after destroying them in the real world). But Fateweaver being their primary enemy, they also have aquired a few more. And one of those will most likely trick them onto a space hulk (that they have previously been on), and then it will be torn into the Warp. So it should only be the 4 Player Marines, and at most a handful of others. So they are being sent there as punishment and to die. Hopefully that will not come to pass, but it should still be a very harrowing and probably long experience (in the meantime, plenty of time will pass in their chapter, - some for good, and some for bad).
  4. Thanks Professor. I'll see if I can scrounge it up somewhere
  5. Wow, thanks Lynata! You always have a ton og GREAT ideas!! I really like the floating continents part. And I had planned to throw them a bit smack in the middle of something - but it might be even "worse" for them if it starts out all eerie and deserted, and suddenly they realize it has plenty of activity.. I had definately planned on having them really need to conserve ammo and what precious resources they have available. Sidenote: Are there rules for librarians and using psychich powers in the warp? I have the Black Crusade books, but cant recall if they mention applying only for corrupted psykers or not.
  7. In the Deathwatch* campaign I am running, there is a fair chance that the players Space Marines will be sucked into the Warp at some point, to some Chaos Planet. I am somewhat inspired by the story of Uriel Ventris and Medrengard. Hopefully they should be able to at some point get back, without being fully corrupted. But I would still like to be able to run some scenarios there. I thought about perhaps having multiple Chaos factions active there - and perhaps a HUB they fight in/over. But I can't quite figure out if the players should be able to stay hidden at the edge of it all, guerilla-style - or be taken captive for gladiator-reasons, or something else entirely? I already have a few ideas, but with this massive group of creative minds, I just wanted to hear if any of you had some good ideas I could use? *: I am running a campaign where the players are loyalist Space Marines (based on Dark Angel Consecrators) in a seperate chapter and not Deathwatch. Not that it should really matter in regards to this question I guess. PS: I am posting this in both the Deathwatch and Black Crusade forum, as I think there might be some who lurks mainly in one of those, and both places might have some good ideas!
  8. Thanks, I'll look into those! (Don't have them yet though)
  9. Hey Praetorus, Thanks alot for your reply. I am aware that it does not happen overnight, but might cut a bit of corners on it, and make it happen within a 10-15 years span, instead of a century in my case. Your notes were very helpful!
  10. Hey Anvil, That is sort of the plan already, as they are currently already a Company Captain, Epistolary, Forge-Master and Champion (Assault). They are currently both doing personal missions in their squad, but also delegating the rest of their Company based on a list they get every time with available missions they need to resolve with as few casualties as possible, including missions to recruit new marines. They then use some seperate XP to build and upgrade buildings for their "Company Wing", and also use XP tp promote the other marines (from Scout, to Assault/Devastator/Tactical, to Veteran, Terminator and Hero, etc. Usually they struggle just to keep the Marines they have, but have managed to upgrade a couple to Veterans). So this is what I intended to expand upon, when they would be in charge of their own Chapter. So thats why I was looking into ideas to what else they could "micro-manage", that would still be fun. Knowing how much they are starting to protect their Marines after their first couple of tactical experiences, I think it could be really interesting to keep track of their gene-seeds available and such. PS: Main reason why it has lasted this long, is probably that we do not play that often anymore, with family and "real life" making it more complicated these days But I like your idea of having them start over at some point! Though I worry that it might feel hard if it was for good?! (Though your idea sounds abit like Ars Magica, and I think that actually works very well from what I have heard). I had thought a bit about the idea to run a mission a bit like their first, which was their Scout "final" mission, before becoming real Marines. (In hindsight I should probably have used a few more Scout missions, as they really loved the combination of firepower and stealth).
  11. Thanks Javcs, I have no problem with you being honest! I figured I would be getting some raised fingers on this topic, but hopefully also some other feedback I agree that it should be a crowning moment. But we are also close to getting there, as we have as I mentioned played this campaign since 2011, and the players are now reaching Hero rank soon, with a long list of heroic exploits to boot. I do not expect this to start out as a full-fledged Chapter! On contrary I would want them to help build it up, and perhaps even take larger in-game breaks, like 10 years between sessions perhaps, as they watched their Chapter grow. Actually I just found another thread on the subject elsewhere: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/132379-guide-to-diying/ Especially this part sounds right up my alley: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/132379-guide-to-diying/?p=1523413 It is still not fully settled whether it will happen yet. I am in the process of figuring out the correct reasons why it would be established, that a High Lord would commision it. But have some ideas already.
  12. Thanks Sgt. We normally jump anywhere from 1 to 5 years between each scenario. So things that take time can be used, though centuries will not be possible of course. But I am also wondering how large a fleet a Chapter normally hace access to?
  13. I have been running a campaign for the last 5 years now, with the players being Consecrators (and not Deathwatch). This have been pretty cool, and they have risen in ranks from going through Scout training, until they are now in charge of the 5th Company, with one of them being the Captain. As things are now (very long story behind this), they will most likely be creating a new Sister Chapter soon. There is even a risk of them being turned renegade sometime in the future, but that remains to be seen. I have been using some ideas for how to upgrade their Company buildings and such, as well as running battle missions with the Marines in their Company, and getting promotions and such. These things I intend to transfer to the new Chapter of course. But now I also need to figure out what else they will need to handle, being in charge of their own Space Marine Chapter. For this I could really use some ideas and key-words from some of you all-knowing people The things I am thinking about for now is: - Requisition. I will need to figure out how much requisition they have and how it can improve and/or go down. - Gene-seeds. This will be a big one! I know the basics from the Wiki's, but not sure how to really handle this for the players. - Gear? I intend to give them a bunch of normal SM gear. And they already have some Adeptus Mechanicus [AM] contacts, but I am not entirely sure how such deals work between a SM Chapter and the AM?! - They will start on a Star Fort, as they are not that many to begin with. Would an agreement with the AM keep everything here up to date, or should they also keep track of weapons/ammo spend here? - Battleships. Not sure how many a chapter have, and how to replace broken ones? (Again I am guessing something with the AM).. Some thoughts on the above and other ideas I can use, would make me very happy! Thanks
  14. It seems like they were changed in DW's The Outer Reach to the appx values that spaceratcatcher mentioned (ie. 1d10+6, Pen 6 for a hyperphase sword). I am unsure how I feel about that, as it is just slightly better than a powersword, but probably impossible to get in any other quality, meaning that aGood/ Best version Power sword would be a better deal :/
  15. Maelflux


    Hehe, it was a Baneblade I needed, yes. Thanks for the info though And I also found it in Only War, so cheers!
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