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  1. I'm still tinkering and adding short stories, one on the nobility is definitely in the cards to show how the other half lives.
  2. Yepesnopes said: Oh, it looks the kind of source material I was looking for. Do you have a pdf version, I can take it from the web page but I am feeling lazy One question to you all. How you handle things like carrying weapons and wearing armour? Is it totally accepted in a "civilised" world that PCs walk around in armour and carrying bolters and plasma guns? (I will read in detail the article in case the answer is there). Cheers, Yepes No PDF version yet, but it sounds like a good idea when I feel it's 'done'. On weapons that's a good question and probably the most relevant for the RPGs. My feeling is is depends where you are and who you are. Starting with the easy answer - unless you're in a shooting war - heavy weapons, bolters, plasma, flamers etc are NEVER acceptable. Anyone openly carrying that kind of firepower will get violent attention from whoever runs that part of town. the same goes for most heavy armor. Pistols and some rifles would be expected in unpoliced/frontier/lawless areas. Flak vests would also be fine. In more civilized parts a discrete pistol might be acceptable. Armor should be tailored to look like civilian clothes. And in higher end parts of town weapons are still expected but should either be completely discrete (rings concealing digital weapons, canes concealing power swords) or in the hands of minions. Armor should either be gilded and fancy or replaced with discrete field generators. However all that can be short-circuited if the characters look like they are part of or above the local authorities. If they're wearing the livery of the local noble, a powerful off-world trading house, gang colors (in more lawless areas) or best of all Imperial symbols then people will watch them but they'll stay out of the way. At least until their enemies see them or their ruse is exposed. Hmm, I'll have to add this to the article…
  3. TorogTarkdacil812 said: www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Civilian_vehicles_in_40k One rather inspirational article. If I get bored I will try to compile all "minor" Imperial Guard Vehicles* mentioned in various BL novels (Destrier Gunships, Heracles Half-tracks, Usurper Self Propelled Guns, Hellbraker Howitzer…) with short description, would anybody care to do the rules? Also I think there are several Humvee equivalents, most notable are Tauros Variants, but I swear that Caiphas Cain and Ibram Gaunt both used som other "jeep" … ***** I just saw it´s not Only War forum, wasn´t there a similiar thread? thanks! I had a blast writing it. http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Civilian_vehicles_in_40k It's a bit long so my summary is vehicles in 40k will either be utilitarian or luxury. The private car we all love is virtually unknown since it offers people freedom and privacy and why would anyone want commoners to have that? I'd love a list of BL vehicles to include in some form!
  4. Hi, I don't post here much but I've been playing 40k since the mid-90s and I'm an active mod over at Dakkadakka.com. I've been working on an article to flesh out life for civilians in the grim darkness of the far future with an emphasis on how to create and describe worlds that are grim and dark but also credible, interesting and fun to explore. I'd love to hear from feedback. The first part of the series is here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Civilian_Life_in_Warhammer_40%2C000_AD The second part here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Civilian_Life_in_40k_Part_2 Let me know what you all think.
  5. Several skeletons still in their uniforms/armor, displayed next to the bullet that killed them. (there's a real exhibit like this in Yasakuni Shrine in Tokyo) 3 vials of unbreakable glass containing an amber liquid. Anything that might shatter the vials also vaporizes the liquid. A scroll that, when read, changes to a language the reader understands and tells the reader what others really think of him/her. Photos of a character's parents holding the character as a baby. A newspaper (or other document) from an obscure world but dated 2000 years in the future. A menu from a formal dinner held in the Imperial Palace on Holy Terra. Pictures of the planet's Cardinal engaging in some unsavory acts. A glowing green ring, a gauntlet with 5 gems on it, a blue police box, one gold ring, a black falcon statue from somewhere called Malta, a sword embedded in a stone, and any other in-jokes you might want to include. The Voyager Probe, complete with the iconic plaque.
  6. I like the idea, I'd play! Giving the party their own ship raises the bar nicely, but then giving it a malevelnt, untrustworthy intelligence makes things scary for the PCs. One minute they're ready to blast an Imperial fortress from orbit. The next they're off in the warp with their computer singing to them madly. yeah, that would be fun.
  7. Reading BFK 2 things jumped out me, both are art-related. FFG's art has been great so far but after a while we need something other than flying cathedrals buzzing through space. First I really wanted an in-scale chart of the different ships, something like this site - www.merzo.net/ Second I really wanted a cut-away viewgeneral floorplan of an imperial ship. There's lots of text of what element goes wherewhat they look like, a massive cutaway showing the flight decks, engines, gun chambers etc would have really sealed the deal. Maybe a book with deckplans of different areas of a ship would work?
  8. MILLANDSON said: Other than the Inquisition only ships (as in, only the Inquisition have the powerfunds to get hold of them), the smallest warp capable ships I've seen is about 700 metres longso, about the size of the Cobra-class destroyer. You won't get a shuttle that can dock into a bigger ship that can go through the warp. This is why Eisenhorn had his guncutter, which himall his guys lived on, but booked transport via warp capable ships in order to get around (they'd just park the guncutter in the baythen the bigger ship would take them through the warp to their destination). I started the earlier thread a there's a lot in there. Unfortunately since then Battlefleet Koronus has come outsaid outright that Cobras are about as small are you can get (700m) BUT the InquisitionAssassins MIGHT have smaller ships. Now this ignores several bits of fluff that had 747 sized ships cruising around (Gaunts Ghosts, Inquisition Wars, the Eye of Terror novel, the Bloodquest graphic novel). So I prefer to think they do exists but are rare because they require hard-to-find hard-to-maintain technologybecause they're just not practical. Getting a navigatorastropath, plus fuelcrew to only move a few folksa few tons of cargo just doesn't work. It's like taking an SR71 to fly from NY to Washington. In the end no one will kick down your door for fluff violations so do what you think will make for a better game.
  9. One more, how about aliens that operate on a different scale than anything remotely human? Obviously the table top game has limits to what can be put down and what's interesting to put down. But an RPG need not. So maybe insects that form hive minds and achieve intelligence when gathered in numbers of a trillion or more? Crystal lifeforms the size of mountains who move through space propelled psychically? Massive armored giants miles high that move inches a year and ignore lance strikes (thinking of Jack Kirby's Celestials)? And of course the giant space squids we keep seeing on the map! You get the idea.
  10. N0-1_H3r3 said: Lynata said: But the Adeptus Titanicus box was already set in the Horus Heresy from the beginning... It was developed for that boxed set - the inclusion of two sets of Imperial Titan plastics was necessary because they couldn't afford to make a second, distinct set of plastic titans, so they created a civil war to justify the contents of the boxed set And even then, it wasn't in the form we'd recognise - the first proper narrative and the inclusion of Chaos to the Warhammer 40,000 setting as a whole - came the same year in The Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness. Bear in mind, this was 1988... the Warhammer 40,000 universe had only really existed for a year or so (the Rogue Trader rulebook having been released in 1987), so there was next to nothing written about 40k in general. Exactly, the original Titanicus game was a normal civil war, both sides had the same equipment, there are no Chaos titans or mutations on the Horus side. Just the same stuff with a different paint scheme. A year or two later it morphed into Epic Space Marine which had Orks and Eldar, and soon Chaos in the form we (more or less) recognize. Though that Chaos had trolls and minitaurs as well as the normal Daemons.
  11. Lynata said: Keep in mind that there are only 10.000 Stormtroopers, too (excluding the Inquisition ones and the Cadian Kasrkin). Oh yeah, where the heck is that from? that can't be even close to right. Of course for me 'storm trooper' just means elite IG with carapace armor so it's possible there's only 10k Storm Troopers but millions of guys with carapace and parachutes who aren't called Storm Troopers.
  12. Lynata said: Kid Kyoto said: how does the rest of the list look? Was that referring to the Arbites, or directed at me? It's open to anyone.
  13. ItsUncertainWho said: @Kid Kyoto I would rethink your logic on Arbites. They are probably the most numerous of all the groups you listed. They have a presence on untold numbers of worlds, starships, and void stations all across the galaxy. I would place them, at least, in the tens of billions. Yeah but my thought is they're more like the FBI than the police (or more like the IG than the PDF). They answer to the Imperium while most cops will only answer to the local leader or the planetary governor tops. Local laws are handled by the PDF or local police (also 10s of billions) the Arbites only act to enforce Imperial Law. A city of million may have 10,000 cops but only 100 Arbites. A colony just one. Of course from time to time the local cops my be called arbites or may be drafted into the arbites to deal with an emergency but generally the real Arbites would be small. how does the rest of the list look?
  14. I like the idea of low-end RT, whether it's playing a group of potential heirs or a some lower-deck types trying to get noticed I think it would make for a fun game. It could also be used for a two-teir campaign where you play both the RT's inner circle and some low-level lackies, trading off as the action shifts. Other things... I'd like to see more on smaller ships, shuttles, fighters, guncutters etc. Dog fights are fun! More new Xenos races, or at least Xenos who don't have a codex or models. Demiurge/squats! Someone has to say it. Maybe generational rules? Something that would let you play a dynasty where your character is succeeded be his heir etc etc and story arcs play out over centuries. A lot would depend on the quality of the adventures but it could be fun.
  15. Lynata said: Kid Kyoto said: Where is that number from? 2nd Edition SoB Codex. It contained a neat list about exact deployment numbers of the six big Orders, including how many Seraphim they train and how heavily the overall number of Battle Sisters fluctuated throughout the centuries and millennia, constantly affected by combat losses as well as the influx of new novices from the scholae. Essentially it is some sort of balance that keeps them from excessive growth. Thanks, I'll have to break mine out one of these days and give it a look. But that number is irrelevent. The big 6 are just 6 of an unknown number of orders. It's like seeing a list of the ultras, wolves and templars and saying there are only 3000 marines in the galaxy......... IIRC Blood of Martyrs said something about no one really knowing how many orders there are since orders are founded, split, combine and disappear all the time. if someone says the big 6 are the oldest and largest of the 10,000 SoB orders that would be pretty different from them being the biggest of 100 orders. I always imagined the numbers to be something like PDF - 10s of billions of men (uncounted) IG - billions of men (more or less counted) Militia - Crusading civilians potentially billions depending on what state the Imperium is in (completely unknown) Arbites - Millions? (probably the best counted of all the forces) Sisters of Battle - millions (secretive) Inquisition minions - millions? (very secretive) Marines - 1 million (secretive, potentially much higher or lower) Grey knights/Death watch/Custodes - Thousands Assassins - Hundreds
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