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  1. How is combat in this game? Is it watered down like in AD&D or does it use hit locations with charts and criticals?
  2. Is there a date when this game is to be released? I hope if is soon because it looks real interesting and I am sure my group would like to play it. Also, what is the combat like? Is it watered down and real basic like AD&D or does it use hit locations with crits and charts?
  3. I was going to buy the beginers box set but now I see that many people are playing this game and it is not even out yet? How? Alos, is the intro box set and intro for this game or just a stand alone game till this one is released?
  4. k7e9 said: There is no official rules for making goblin characters, but it wouldn't be hard to create goblins anyways. All you would need is a starting stat-line (easily fixed) and some special rules to go with the goblin race (like night vision and maybe something more). Woila, I think it's possible to do in less than 10 minutes as the system is easy enough to modify to fit other races than the official playable races. Are all the adventures designed using elf, dwarf or human characters in mind?
  5. I and my Call of Cthulhu group are looking into a fantasy game to play. Warhameer looks promising but only if we can make GOBLIN characters. No interest in the sickly looking elves, dwarf or boring humans.. thx
  6. Hello JAC Games, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio will be starting league event soon. This is an all WarHammer games store! Sells WH miniatures, rules and other fun stuff. They are contacting FF Games to set up a game store account with them so as to play league events. Anyone interested? I know of a few players that are going to meet there and play for fun, and to better our decks, so when the event starts....we will be ready!
  7. raohthekenoh said: Me and my roommates play, we live in the Akron area. Still interested????
  8. raohthekenoh said: Me and my roommates play, we live in the Akron area. That is great news! When would you like to play? I need to wait till .FF. releases their new tourament pack kit before I be a judge...later this month. Also, I need to play a few games so as to better my knowledge of the rules and gameplay to even remotely have a chance to win when matches start. There is a game store in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio called 'UnderHill'. It is here that tournaments will be held, but we can play for fun, and practice, anywhere. I also run Call of Cthulhu RPG. Have 5 players but could use more) thx Mike
  9. I just bought Cthulhu LCG this Christmas and want to find players in N.E. Ohio that are eager to play! I contacted FF and mentioned my interest in starting a league at my local game store. So, come on down and play! Also, I run a Call of Cthulhu RPG group that plays, on average, 2-3 times a month)))
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