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  1. I've noticed that the Aurium Mail item does not show up correctly on the website for defense dice. When looking at the individual character's stats or the Overlord's Intelligence, the black die does not appear.
  2. Rulebook Page 4 Setup 4. Determine Play Order: The youngest player goes first. Play then proceeds clockwise. It doesn't mention anything in the rules about switching player 1. It does state to place the event deck in between the first and last player. If you were to shift the event deck each round it would give more time in between events and unbalance the game. As well as previously mentioned there are cards that harm the first player and benefit the last player to make up for the imbalance of getting first chance at the event monsters. On a side note it wouldn't always need to be the youngest player going first, but this was also probably done to balance out the skill levels.
  3. Maerimydra said: 2) You refill your hand to five cards after being attacked. Page 14 Drawing Cards This is partially right. You refill at the end of every players turn. This is important because a player could attack you twice, say once on your home realm and then a follow-up attack on a city you control. The defending player would not be able to draw more cards for the second siege.
  4. D4rkFr4g

    Deck Limit

    Fryd Pickles said: So at the end of each player's turn and at the end of the Event phase, all players draw up to 5 cards? So if you already have 5 or more cards, you don't draw any more? Your army would seem kind of weak with only 5 cards in your hand. Am I missing something? Correct. Most of the cards allow you to draw more units out of your deck. The general idea of the deck building games is that you want to get the higher strength creatures in your deck and weed out the lower strength cards. That way when you draw only 5 cards you have better odds of getting strong cards. A friend managed to attack me with 22 strength against my home realm with the elves by using influence to keep cards in his hand that were stronger and discarded the weaker cards. After a couple times he had a really strong hand.
  5. D4rkFr4g

    Event Deck

    That sounds correct. I've not played a game yet where the game didn't end before the event deck ran out. But in the case that you weren't able to defeat a single stage two creature then it would be instants only when you reshuffled.
  6. Page 14 Under Abilities: "Abilities on unit and tactic cards are always optional ... There are four different abilities: When Played, Resolution, End of Combat, and Action" All four ability types are optional including resolutions abilities.
  7. D4rkFr4g

    Spend Gold Action

    karat said: keltheos said: 2) The example has a player spending a 3, a 3, and a 1 in order to purchase a 4 and a 2. If only the total sum mattered, the player could only have spent the two 3's. Storm Sorceress costs 2 gold; Pegasus Rider costs 5 gold; The only way you can purchase both as shown in the example with 3, 3, 1 Gold is to pool the gold amount. I believe you were looking at the strengths of both the cards and not the costs.
  8. I just ordered a copy from this site in Italy last week. Cost was 20 Euro for deck and shipping. Just got it in the mail this morning. I just sent them an email and dealt directly with them through paypal. They have the english and the italian version so make sure to specify which you want. http://giochinscatola.it Email: info@giochinscatola.it
  9. Thank You! I was looking everywhere trying to figure this one out.
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