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  1. satanito

    Open the Third Eye.

    I know this is already answered, but could not find it. How does Open the third eye and Third Eye combo works?: You cast the first, maximum sanity goes up, do you gain a sanity also? After this, if you refresh the Open the third eye, and your maximum stamina get backs to normal, do you get back 2 staminas? Thanks!
  2. satanito

    Y'Golonac epic battle.

    Long time away from here. I have a question that my gaming group asked me to post. We are playing a league and came across a problem: We were fighting against Y'golonac i n Epic battle, 5 players, 4 of them already devoured, and the last investigator remaining draws the sinester plot card that says: Endless Hunger. The first player is devoured after he attacks. The other investigators attack as normal. So, the last investigator attacks and defeats the ancient one, but because the text is a single line without commas, we are not sure if he won, an is not devoured; or if he won but is still devoured; or if he lost. It's kind of a big deal for us because we play by the rule that during the league a devoured investigator never returns and everything he holds is discarded to the box, and also, that during epic battle if an investigator is devoured but the other players defeat the ancient one, then the devoured investigator is saved. With this rules, we now find ourselves 5 investigators devoured and all items lost, but still won the game? What does everybody thinks? Does damage done nulls the rest of the text, or all the effect is still resolved? Thanks!
  3. satanito


    I just uploaded some of the tuckboxes, the ones for the Lurker at the threshold mixed with the corresponding Miskatonic expansion cards, just to see if they would upload correctly (also, these are the smaller ones) you can find them here http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/80314/lurker-tuckboxes
  4. satanito

    How does one become a member of the One Thousand Cult?

    I use a house rule that if you defeat a cultist, you can take his robe and become a member. It's silly, but fun and acelerates the game.
  5. satanito

    Strange High House

    Ok, one question. So, you cant go directly to the Strange High House on the way up, but… The same rule that you can only move to one location per turn aplies on the way down? After all, is going down, must be faster… any clarification on this? Thanks!!!
  6. satanito


    By the way, here is the link to the Board Game Geek posts. Less pictures than in the flickr one, but still a nice overview of how where they done http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/820940/tuckbox-generator
  7. satanito


    I will share them when i find where to upload them, because it a .rar archive of 85 megas. Also they have two problems: the sizes only work with the addtion of Miskatonic Horror cards for the encounters of each expansion, and there are some that have more cards that i did not marked on the box. For example, the innsmoutn location box also have room for the Innsmouth look cards. If that´s not a problem, sure, then in the near future i will share them.
  8. satanito

    Would this work with my gaming group?

    Lovecraft's mithology is not satanic, but it dwelles in the demonic. In Arkham Horror you will find many references about them, in fact thats the point, but it depends of the intepretation of of the person who is playing it. They find Harry Potter satanic? then they will find Arkham horror satanic.Is the occult a fundamental part of the game? yes, but mostly not in a gruesome way. In my experience, the base game is pretty mild about this: the encounters can be daunting but there are not many references about entities unless you can translate them after reading Lovecraft´s work, if not, its not much problem. Any player will find things like "the house speak to you" or "there is a monster in the basement" but so, in any other fantasy game. - Yes, the theme is about fighting the occult side cooperatively, but, you will be using spells, with names like Wither, Shivelling, or items with a pentagram on one side (not satanic by the way). -Are the events gruesome enough? no, in the base game, no. - Expansions to avoid? Yes. Dunwich Horror gives you the option to sacrifice "persons" to gain the favor of the old ones. The black goat of the wood, just by the name is not a good opcion, besides you can take part of a cult that want to help the old ones, and lastly The lurker at the threshold mecanics is by far the most "satanic" because it give you the option to make pacts in exchange for favors with a dark entity. Lovecraft work IS about the ocult, so, there will be things that can be interpreted in very diferent ways; remember, his work is about horrors in the space, the sea and most importantly inside each person. I think that some may find this dificult to accept, even to table game, but i frankly believe that the way to know if they wont be ofended, is to sugest them to read a story or two of the mythos. But be aware that, if your gaming group is very sensible, and you need to worry about offending anyone, maybe this is not the game for them. An open mind is also one that respect other people ideas.
  9. satanito


    Thanks, Julia! Here is the link to the album.You can try any you want. http://www.flickr.com/photos/81970362@N03/
  10. satanito


    I uploaded them on flickr, copied the direct link to the URL on the Insert/edit picture menu. Didn't work. I used the HTML, the BBCode that flirck generates, tried them direct on this message then on the URL menu, and still doesn´t work. Any idea what am i doing wrong?
  11. satanito


    Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures here? i made some tuckboxes and wanted to share some pics. Thanks!!!
  12. satanito

    Location Icons

    Always forget to ask… what is the diference in the color of the small icons in the locations on the board? Is that in an enconuter black mean loss and white gain or am i reading them wrong?
  13. satanito

    Quick Question.

    Can Ursula Downs start the game at the Strange house in the mist? Thanks!
  14. Hello, today we combined for the first time the 4 mapboards, but obviously the dilution was a problem, so i want to ask wich solutions have everyone found to make this better…. we tried to alternate one of the Arkham mythos, one of the other expansions mythos at random, again one Arkham, and so fort, but it felt a broken solution. Then we asigned a dice roll: 1-2, Arkham; 3 Dunwich; 4 Kingsport, 5 Innsmouth, 6 re-roll, and it was more or less the same situation. Also, wich is the best herald or AO and herald combinations to try with this configuration? Thanks!!!
  15. satanito

    Most Ridiculous Encounter

    Investigators have strange diets: The monster's corpse lies before you, and to your horror, you find your mouth watering. If you consum it, make a Fight (-2) check. If you fail, lose Stamina equal to the number of dice rolled. If you pass, gain Stamina equal to the number of dice rolled.