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  1. Well, I live in Spain, and finally I´ve purchased all Shogunate figures+ Frankenstatahl+ Hoss+Oksana+Nalalya+Hoax+MAtriarchy Troops on USA, because I wanted to finish the collection, but stok is very low and too much expensive. Now i have alll components of tannhauser, and if in the future, FFG release the game line, I will do it same way!
  2. Jutha said: It really looks incredible!! I hope to see these things in spanish some day... Tanhausser in Spain is on the novgorod expansión... You can buy material in other lenguages. I have tanhhauser in english, novgorod in french and daedalus and other single figures in english. If you wait for Spanish, you will be dead. I dislike it is not a full asian team.
  3. periprocto

    3 faction play

    sorry, i had a mistake. I think i read about it in the francaise forum for Asmodee game version
  4. there is a new expansion with weapons cards. I think you work will be removed from the web soon
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