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  1. This is a thread complaining about butt hurt people because those people complain about random dudes in their "local" tournament. While being butt hurt about the rather objective term of prize sniper. Where does it end? Honestly IMHO if you wanna play local only, then play casual locally. The more people that are involved the more toxic ANYinternet community becomes. Just look at the huge MMOs like WOW, LOL, WOT etc. More people that play competitively, the more "competitive" their behaviour and language becomes. We should just be happy that tabletop is a niche hobby or these forum might be really sour. Just reread what the relaunch of warhammer fantasy did to many discussion platforms....
  2. Thats my arguement. JJ made bad and good stuff. But he certainly didnt kill Trek, that was already good and well flogged to death before him. Also E7 is made by Disney. If they reach Guardians level of fun instead of ironman 3 all is good.
  3. Whats the second one? Cant be Trek cause that was dead before Abrams so im drawing a blank there.Also remember there is EU and then there is EU. On one hand Thrawn. On the other hand sun crusher. As if the EU was devoid of superweapons. For every cool looking Star Viper there is an ugly K-Wing.
  4. as if you are forced to buy it. Let Lego earn wads of cash with prequel stuff. FFG has managed to attract all the prequel haters. Mel and shapeways can have the money FFG leaves lying in the street.
  5. Cifer said: The same may hold true with Bore. Considering the AdMech doesn't exactly have a huge amount of tomes on daemongrafting in their public libraries, a lot of what the Heretek did probably was the purely theoretical foundation, with his own graft being the first stable translation into practice. Bore. TB+2 for him isnt that big. But apply the same thing to the IG at large. Now you have a immensely powerful upgrade available. Maybe he started off because he wanted to improve humanity. Maybe he actually had a good intention at start. Because the way to hell is plastered with good intentions...... (Not against you Cifer but rather with you here, but you mentioned Bore so nicely) So yeah maybe he was just at the start of his research, or maybe he was only the guinea pig to prove that his theory actually works for all of mankind.....
  6. Cifer said: That would be one source of dubious canonicity (may I remind of the dozens of Baneblades being assembled on a backwater planet in a certain campaign?) against... how many? What he said. Plus FFG canon disallows it. So we are in a case of yes if you play DOW you can certainly do a Khornate Psyker. But this is FFG BC where you cant. Or you check Gavs blog. (sry its 1am and i just dont want to check the RT threads for the link) which states that GW fluff is the only instance that can retcon GW fluff. So basically there can be anything you want in DOW. If it is in contradiction with GW fluff, GW wins. I mean the Blood Ravens defeated a full Hive fleet with only a single company (at least thats the feeling i get in the campaign)........but that single company can have up to 10.000 troopers if you let em die often enough. So do we get to make an arguement about Space Marine companies having divisional strength now? Of course not. Game mechanics and to a certain extent their stories arent necessarily full blown its 100% canon.
  7. XiMao626 said: 1.) There isn't necessairly any proof that the gods of chaos MUST take their chosen methods to any given extreme. Must a follower of Nurgle be completely coated in pustules and boils? No. There are many diseases that Nurgle could spread without any visible physical evidence that disease is present. Must a follower of Slaanesh indluge in pleasure and have extreme beauty? No. Lucius the Eternal is a champiopn of Slaanesh and dedicates himself to the perfection of his martial craft (Compared to his fantasy equivalent, Sigvald, who is so handsome that he looks at himself in a mirror and sometimes gets distracted by hiw own beauty). 2.) The fluff for Storm Ravens says that the Dreadnaughts are carried on the outside. If fluff=rules then wouldn't a dreadnaught be able to fire it's weapons while mounted in a raven? If Fluff=rules, then wouldn't the Imperial Guard always lose unless Space Marines come to their rescue or they're led by a commander such as Creed, Cain, or Gaunt? 3.) It doesn't matter if it's been retconned. Your claim was that the 4th ed codex was the first time Khorne gets "anything resembling ranged." 4.) You still have no evidence that Khorne would favor a frothing berzerker over a duelist...or say, a space ship. (Killfrenzykillfrenzykillfrenzykillfrenzy) 5.) How about the Tower of Skulls Baneblade variant? It has 7 ranged weapons and has the same melee ability as a normal Baneblade. It's also daemonically possessed. 1. No but the higher up the ladder you want to be the more you are going to lean towards the extreme (of some kind). If applied, that would mean that Khornate Psykers are the S*** on the floor for Khorne. And Snipers just one measly rung above that. So ok you could play a Khorne sniper. But every actual Khorne follower would look down upon you. YES that means the measly culstist with a chainswrod is higher on Khornes favor than the sniper. 2. No the dread cant fire, because it automatically misses due to the fast pass drop in technique used by Space Marine ladnign vessels as shown in DOW. Fluff = rules. The IG doesnt always lose, you dont read enough fluff apparently. There are eenough stories by GW out there, where the IG kicks any ass without any SM help. (OK mabye not necs, but even Nids get kicked in the gonads by the IG more than often enough) And yes even without some super special character. More troops, means more battles can be fought. Nobody has more troops than the IG: Do the math. 3. First time, which has not been retconned away again. Nitpicking doesnt really help here. Ok i was a bit off. But 2nd edition even had different rules. Back then a game was even described as turn one the infantry dies, turn 2 the tanks die, turn 3 the psykers duke it out. (Sentence by the guy of the Fighting tigers of Vega) 4. Using chainswords in Space.... Come close to my tank so i can hit you with my sword? I have more than enough evidence. Plase reread the current CSM Codex. His favourd servant is Kharne. Nope no sniper rifle. His favoured daemons are bloodletters. Nope cant shoot. His greater daemon is also missing any ranged weapon. 5. Did i mention: Drive me close so i can hit them with my sword? Yes its a meme motivational poster for 40k. Tanks arent meant to be melee. Same way a dog wont be able to use a gun. Hence Khorne gets the dogstyle daemons and Tzeentch has his flamers instead. Humans can be both, and Khorne favours the melee guys. You claim i have no evidence. Yet you simply dismiss all Khorne characters GW puts out? Uhrmm lets turn tables. Show me the Sniper cahracter that is best friends with the god on the skull throne.
  8. Black_Kestrel said: George Labour said: ONe way I've justified the differing stats from an in universe perspective is that the pulse weapons employed by the kroot in the Koronus expanse are either older models or downgraded models handed to them by the tau in the past. The ones in DW are either newer versions or ones made of superior materials that the kroot simply can't maintain or didn't have when they migrated across the galaxy. +1. I use the same reasoning for my games as well, though I plan on unifying all weapon damage soon where the same model/types vary between game lines. I actually hope that BC does that work for me instead. At least it might just give us a base statline from which the other changes could be retroengineered. Its just weird that two S4 bolters have a damage difference of 4, but the jump from the SM S4 bolter to the Tau S5 pulse rifle is only 1.5 (because of the loss of tearing). If calculating with the nerfed bolter from the errata and the boosted pulse rifle form the same pdf....It only gets worse if you apply the DW core RPG as written. S4 Sm bolter is at 16+tearing vs the S5 Pulse rifle which is at 13........But FFG nudged in the right direction!
  9. MILLANDSON said: You've not read quite how much some of the Dark Angels, or hell, any of the Space Marines hate the Inquisition, have you? Also, how are they going to know they killed the Magos? It's hardly like they'd broadcast it themselves, or left anyone nearby alive to tell people. Plus, most Chapters can produce their own ammo to a certain degree, and the Ad Mech totally wouldn't stop producing arms/ammo for them just because one Magos who committed heresy got shot. 1. I play the Angels of Absolution. So yeah i know. They still dont kill every single Inquisitor with a slightly diverting habit. Its just a bad idea to kill every guy of an organization that might just write extermination on your ass. (I rather find your attempt at an attack on my 40k knowledge rather weak, considering the slew of discussion we already had) Any Space Marine implies every space marine, and we know how mutch Grey Knights or Deathwatch "hate" the inquisition. Plus how many 1st legion marines are out there? You have to meet them first. BTW you arent even 100% correct. They dont hate the I, they dont want ot be found out. Its a hate/fear relationship. 2. And now we get a diverting case here. EITHER: FFG scred up and we know it. Space Marine bolters arent THAT different. So the whole discussion is moot. Yes, yes thats my point of view. OR: We consider what FFG wrote and go with it: The Adeptus Mechanicus keep sthe best stuff for itself. They are an ally of the Imperium and not its vassal; and they often enough tell you just that. EG: Titan legeions get asked nicely. You dont order them around. So basically you are th AdMech, and you can equip your troops/yourself with better or worse weaponry. You dont havy any emotion. And you know that if Space Marines get to know about, its practically as likely that the AdMech will know about the murder. Yeah consider the chapter that did the deed to be cut off from AdMech supply for a looong while. Until they made reparations. Basically trow to D10. If the first one is only a 1, the Scace Marines will kill the Inquisitor group. If the other die also shows up as a 1, the chapter(s) in question are from now on cinsidered to be in servitude to the AdMech. Hephastius Bore got kicked out of the AdMech because he was dealing with warp Tech and its real space application. Some Magos who builds a slightly bigger Plasgun (cause an astartes weapon is nothing else but that) wont even show up on their scanners if he shows up to a meeting with said weapon. Well hell get a reprimand for showing up with a weapon maybe. Ruleswise: A Magos with Exemplar of metal (well Machinator array is all you need) can run around with a Plasma Cannon AND a Heavy Bolter strapped to his back (I cant hear you over the huge amount of SB+TB carrying allowance) who will have more firepower than a single astartes plasgun. Booyah. Whats worse? The guy running around with a heavy weapon or an oversized rifle?
  10. Errant said: Their ships are inferior to player ships because the rules are biased towards the players. Using the far more reasonable system proposed by Moribund (Reduce all armour by 12, but armour counts towards each hit) makes the howler cannons far more lethal. Down on the ground you're facing radioactive terminator-tyranids with tommy guns that want nothing more than to tear you to pieces with their twenty broodmates, but know to wait until the ambush has been set. Plasma's not gonna help you much in that case. Uhrrr i smell a mary sue coming. Only this time it concerns the enemy. Urhm plasguns kill Plague marines for breakfast. A lowly Rak'Gol who stands no chance against a Plague Marine wont bother me. Ive had Broodlord plasma splatter once, try it its fun. You only need an opponent who will unload a flanking broodlord in front if a havoc squad. Oh wait were RTs? get me my Heavy Bolter squad. PRONTO!!!!!!!!
  11. MILLANDSON said: Voronesh said: "Yeah i am a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, i made this gun, and that guy with the big ]I[ on his shoulder patch says i get to use it." And then the member of the many, many Space Marine Chapters who don't give a crap about what the Inquisition wants or says, like the Dark Angels, still shoots him in the head and burns the remains And stops getting any ammunition from the AdMech for the rest of the 1st Legions existence. The DA dont like the Inquisition, but They wont kill an Inquisitor and an AdMech Magos just because one of them uses a Astartes gun. Heck the Astartes are probably those guys who care the least about who uses an Astartes gun. Epseically if that gun is neither needed by the SM nor has any history with any Astartes chapter. He has a Daemonhost, nahh hes "only" radical but still serves the Imperium. That one uses an Astartes gun, lets kill him! An Inquisitor can run around in Terminatour armour brandishing a Daemon hammer and a Psycannon if he so wishes. So a Magos who lugs a slightly oversized mastercrafted Plasma Gun around will be hardly a problem. Seriously? This kinda feels like the "Fel attacked us, but we arent allowed to take his ship as reparations" thread all over again.
  12. Mjoellnir said: Okay, crazy question: What would happen if you allow Rogue Trader characters to switch into Ascension careers when they reach the appropriate experience point level? Obviously it would be hard to find something for the Rogue Trader, Navigator and Astropath, but Confessor, Arch Militant and Explorator would be pretty easy fits. Would it break the system, create monsters that beat up Space Marines for fun or anything similar? Edit: Maybe the characteristic advances would have to be restricted to the first row.... Ascension characters can beat up Space Marines for fun if done right. Exemplar of metal, Artificer Armour, Astartes Plasma Gun. "Yeah i am a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, i made this gun, and that guy with the big ]I[ on his shoulder patch says i get to use it." Or you simply make a really deadly sniper with an exitus rifle. But basically, how bad can it be? If you want a RT of first rank can buy a squad of multimelta toting mercenaries in Best quality heavy Power Armour. No Space Marine can survive that.
  13. Errant said: If your GM puts you up against Rak'Gol and you don't wind up fleeing in terror, he's doing it wrong. Not really, their ships are rather pathetic. Heck anything is pathetic in space if the PCs do it right. Down on the ground nothing compares to a good plasma gun. *starts hugging his plasgun* (Ive killed lots of fun stuff with plasguns ^^) OK ok, on the ground they are scary. (Nothing against a plasgun though). (Did i meantion i like plasguns?)
  14. Kasatka said: In short, no magic, no psykers, no sorcery, no magical items, no machinations, no plotting, no politicking, no honour, no fear and no surrender. Just raw, martiall prowess exemplified through maximum bloodshed and skull-taking. Unless you do your own 40k. Because its a cool idea to have blood magic or any stuff like that. (But yeah GW has retconned any magic/ranged/tricky away from Khorne, so if you want to play 40k as given by GW/canon, its a big fat no to anything.)
  15. You can on the other hand simply rip the rules from BC and transplant them onto DW. (DH is a bad idea i think, since the cahracters are already weak enough as is). Ill be actually using the DW errata for my RT games. The weapons look alot deadlier, which is fine for the type of game i want to have. (And im no fan of the astartes/normal human distinction since there is no basis in GW fluff and its too easy to circumvent with the right characters/at high levels)
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