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  1. Can a stunned character use abilities that don't require an action (e.g. Prayer of Healing)? If so, if this ability is used to remove the stun condition, do they then get their normal two action?
  2. If a character is knocked out when the first encounter ends, are they still knocked out at the start of the second encounter, or do they get a free stand up?
  3. What about spending surges on the Contaminated card? These place class tokens, not conditions.
  4. If a surge ability allows you to add a condition (e.g. the Iron Mace), do you need to do at least one point of damage to spend this surge? Or does that ruling only apply if specifically stated (e.g. Subdue keyword)?
  5. If an agent is killed, he cannot be returned to the encounter as a reinforcement; however, can the monsters he replaced be brought in as reinforcements?
  6. If the OL looses Encounter I, is there any way to win Encounter II? The rules for Encounter II state that Eliza can turn Hienrich into a vampire if she has collected all the blood from Encounter I, and her victory condition is to turn Hienrich into a vampire. If she didn't collect all the blood from Encounter I, what can she do, if anything, to win? Have I missed something?
  7. Is Lair of the Wyrm out of print, or likely to be reprinted? I've found an online store that's selling it for more than double the retail price.
  8. The Northern Tracker seems like a pretty powerful ally. In my last game I had two Northern Trackers together. When they both quested, the staging area would be stripped of most locations. Since the card says to place the progress tokens "Response: After Northern Tracker commits to a quest", I assume this means before drawing more encounter cards or resolving questing, which means that locations that are explored during this response are stripped from the staging area before questing is resolved. Am I interpreting this correctly or have I done something wrong?
  9. Why allies in the game are unique (i.e. only one can be in play at a time)? I know that Gandalf is. What about Faramir? Longbeard Orc Slayer? Brook Ironfist? Gleowine?
  10. It's clear in the rules that cards must be purchased by heroes who have a matching resource symbol, but can attachments be attached to any hero or must they be attached to a hero/ally with a matching resource symbol? E.g. Does Steward of Gondor have to be attached to a Leadership hero or can it attach to any hero that player controls? Self Preservation says "Attach to Character". I assume this means it can attach to a hero or an ally. Does the hero/ally have to have a matching resource symbol or will any hero/ally do?
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