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  1. This is everything I feared. At this point, FFG needs to come out and present their side of the story more than ever!
  2. Just so you guys see the big picture, I collected the awesome assets the community had lost due to this whole mess: The best online deck building tool that worked perfectly on mobile devices and was used by thousands of avid players. The best deck builder for iOS, built by the same guy who brought us the tournament organizer app. Net Deck is off the App Store as of yesterday afternoon. This was a really handy tool that allowed you to see every Netrunner card anytime they were mentioned in a text. It became inoperable once NetrunnerDB went down. They are a German YouTube team that provided pretty good tournament coverage in English, comperable to Team Covenant quality-wise. They were not affected by the API takedown but chose to refrain from covering Netrunner in the future in fear they will be next. They are not protesting but simply afraid they will come under legal action by FFG; so, why put any effort into Netrunner. The Android platform's own deckbuilder app cannot fetch card data any more either. Littlechiba.com is unable to display card info anymore. NRTM (which is the best tournament orginizing aid hands down) is no longer able to update its identity database automatically, making using the app a lot more cumbersome. They had it coming, and I don't think anyone is disagreeing with them being gone. The fact so many others had to suffer is whole other matter... I'll update this post once more of the collateral damage comes to light. Oh, and I am too jumping on the boycott train against FFG. I know it seems like an overreaction for many of you, but I just don't feel good about giving them my hard earned cash. Good thing Doomtown Reloaded came along.
  3. Can't some middle ground be agreed between the two sides? For instance, I really don't care if the card images have watermarks on them, all that matters is the deck builder. I really don't want to use that crappy cardgamedb; it sucks @ss... Come on FFG, be the bigger man and listen to your community!
  4. Signed! I retrieved my rarely used FFG account just so I can say this: I am truly disgusted by this move and seriously considering boycotting FFG because of it. Don't be that company FFG! It is not too late to diffuse the situation!
  5. MBarber82


    This game needs: 1. More TERRAIN cards: corridors, corners, doors, tanks, etc, all with unique activation abilities randomly selected before each location. 2. New locations, especially end locations. Currently there are only 3 number 4 locations in the game and they get boring really fast. 3. Perhaps more event cards.
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