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  1. Hey, fairly new, but I've read through the book and poured through this pretty great forum. I have a favor to ask: If possible, would someone mind posting a compilation of ALL the advancement tables in one nice, easy to read little document? It'd be great to have it as like a handout for character creation when we have only one book. That would hopefully include the General Space Marine Advancements, Deathwatch Advances, Chapter Advances, and the advance tables for the Specialties presented in the book. If anyone could do this for me, that'd be excellent and really appreciated.
  2. I'd love to see their phycher powers! Maybe a morbid vision that shows how the enemy will die, de-moralizing them. Or maybe they instill a sense of acknowledgement in their own kill team mebers, allowing them to accept death with clarity, giving them immunity to fear or other mind affecting hinderances. Thanks for posting this, it's pretty nice.
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