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  1. The big reveal won't be anything Legion related. That doesn't mean Legion won't get something teased. I expect the big reveal will be something from one of the other IP areas.
  2. Only if they don't have a stream going. In that case, the program they are using to stream may block the feed due to licensing issues. As far as apps, something like Battlescribe or another list builder is about it. Nothing that makes "playing" the game better/easier.
  3. Except you roll all dice from attack at a unit at the same time. So the AT-ST firing 2 weapons will have those weapons polled into a single dice pool. And then you only get one suppression token from that attack unless the weapon has suppressive X. Look at step 2B of the attack process in the RR.
  4. The problem with doing a co-op game is people like playing both sides. So to make the fan base happy, it would be 2 games. Since they are reskinning the Warhammer Quest co-op into RuneWars, I think it would be cool to reskin 40K Conpuest into the new Star Wars LCG.
  5. There has been a small movement within the Dented Helm community to have Logan as Fett in a movie. They recently finished a screen accurate Fett outfit for him.
  6. The only kits that we have seen are the "recruitment" kits. They don't have prize support for anything other than participation anyway. For the system going towards playing in the World Championship, my guess will be that they require the advanced swiss system to get to the single winner to get the invite. So, a minimum player count of 9 for those type of events as opposed to a store championship requirement of 4 players.
  7. I just wish my store could get one of the dang things.
  8. It's basically just saying that a TO should know and post ahead of time if they need players to bring in some terrain for an event.
  9. Nothing that new. The majority of my WH40K games(3rd ed) in tournaments always went to time. And some of those only got 3-4 rounds in due to analysis-paralysis.
  10. My 2 full games this past weekend both ran around 2.5 hours or so. It'll get faster with less rule referencing and analysis-paralysis.
  11. No. But he can use relentless to saber throw. He just can't do it twice in the same activation.
  12. This is where TOs setting up terrain prior to the event will have an influence. They can make it so one side doesn't have an advantage in terrain such as that. If you're doing competitive terrain, remember that you do terrain before defining the battlefield step. It also doesn't score until the end of game and the player with the most unit leaders in contact scores it.
  13. Because of how the defining the battle field works with the cards. They went into that much effort to design that part of the game and I don't see them throwing it out to standardize scenarios across the event. As more cards get released, I think that you will see some in depth deck construction for tournaments with the decks being tailored for the army being played.
  14. For a full event, the victory points like y oku describe is a good first break. The either opponent's strength of schedule or total points killed. For the third, use whichever of those 2 you didn't choose for 2cd. I would avoid using victory tokens since everyone is likely going to be playing a different scenario. For the games themselves, victory conditions as stated in the rules, but I would drop the blue player wins a 2 level tie and just call that match a draw.
  15. As long as you can use an aim token for melee attacks, then you're all good.
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