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  1. Well, I don't intend to test it the minute I have the game, but while everyone in my gaming group thinks the new edition looks great, they voiced that one concern about losing the ebb and flow that night and day make in 2nd edition, and I almost automatically thought about a solution for it. When we have played the game, I will decide whether I propose it in my group or not, but the idea is here already. The main reason to share it here is to see whether I can get feedback about the number of "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter" turns I thought at first. Probably, even if I test the game and I decide this rule would work, I'd change the theme from seasons to something else, though.
  2. We don't know much about the game yet, but the turn structure, according to the hunters' sheets in the video, starts with dawn (daytime fight), day (only hunters' actions or travel), dusk (nighttime fight) and night (everyone's actions, hunter can't travel). While I dig this, there is one thing I'll miss from 2nd edition. Right now, during the day, Dracula is desperate to avoid the hunters, and feeling the night approach is an element that adds a lot to the mood of the game. During the night, planning to get to Dracula at dawn is very common in my games. In 3rd edition, though, every turn is the same: if you arrive to Dracula's location (which you only can do during the day), you will fight him at night; and conversely, if Dracula attacks a hunter during the night, the fight will happen during daytime. The house rule I thought about (hopefully) brings back a bit of that sensation. I would use seasons with different durations of day and night, so in summer all combats would happen in daytime and when winter arrives every fight would be done at nighttime. Spring and autumn would follow the standard rules. The proportion of turns among spring, summer, autumn and winter could be 3-2-3-2 (so 60% of the time would follow the normal rules). Maybe some other wheather condition can substitute for the passing of seasons in a matter of days more realistically, but this is the gist of the idea. What do you think?
  3. From among those options, I only would like (kind of) the first, with Jonathan being playable (instead of other Hunter) and Quincy as a full-fledged minion of Dracula (Lucy was destroyed in he events of the book, and the game is set 8 years later). Mixing Castlevania and other victorian-era characters would deviate too much from the book for me.
  4. Well, the game is a very good re-enacting of the pursuit at the end of the book (even though it happens years later), and it's very faithful to the book itself. If they make any expansions, I hope they don't go 'the Hammer way', mixing Frankenstein, werewolves and the like. I can't think about many things I'd like to see in the game that are not in the basic box. I guess more events, items and encounters would be OK, and expanding the map to north Africa and the middle east wouldn't be very far fetched. About new mechanics, until we know more about the rules it's too soon to speak; then again, I don't miss anything in the game as it is, and I would be perfectly content if there were no expansions at all.
  5. In the video they seem to be using a provisional version. There are two different versions of the hunters' sheets (look at the turn structure at the right of the sheet) at different points of the video. They also use a paper token to interrupt a road. There's still hope that these aren't the final components of the game.
  6. In the video we can see uses for the coloured regions in Mina and event cards (basically, it's a measure of reach for certain effects, like Mina's ability to spend an action to sense whether Dracula is in her region, or certain events being played on hunters in the same region when maturing). We have also a closer look to the time track. The positions are 14 (two for every weekday, 1 day and 1 night), and we add a despair counter to the center of the track after every week. The more despair counters in the track, the more reluctant Dracula is to flee (he can't flee until there has been a number of rounds greater than the number of counters), but when all three of them are on the board, he gains 1 influence every turn! We also had an interesting sampling of cards, which seem to work very differently (like discarding the stake to discard a vampire encounter).
  7. So, the colored regions are some kind of measure of the reach of certain effects (like Mina being able to know whether Dracula is in her region, or when maturing certain encounters they can be played on hunters in the same region). The three despair counters seem to be the three sections of the sun, added every seven complete rounds (a week). The more despair counters there are, the more reluctant Dracula is to flee (the minimum rounds before he can try to flee are the number of counters +1, so he can flee starting in the turn [number of counters +2]), but when all 3 of them are on the board he gains 1 influence every turn. It seems that the game components are not finished yet: there are two versions of the hunters' sheets in the video, and what seems to be a paper token cutting a road.
  8. The events of the game game happen some years after the book. Jonathan stays home to take care of his son (whom Mina attacked under Dracula's influence, thus revealing the fact that he was not dead).
  9. I have it in Spanish, mainly because I live in Spain. The only game I have in English is Android, because it was never translated.
  10. If I buy it (when the Spanish edition comes out, hopefully in 2016), I guess I'll give my 2nd edition to a friend or something like that. Maybe I'll wait until I try the new edition to decide which one to give away, though.
  11. The map at least seems different. The hospital seems to have disappeared, the Atlantic ocean has changed and the continent is divided in different colour regions. Also, some cities, like Madrid and Rome have an additional symbol. All of the encounters now seem to have an effect for when they mature (wolves can be used in nearby cities, for example), and I'm curious about how the new "Rumors" mechanics work. Encountering a new vampire triggers a fight, now. Some of the hunters also seem to be different. Mina's ability to draw more cards seem to belong to Lord Godalming now, and van Helsing can exchange Events (instead of being capable to make actions after an encounter). The turn structure seems to be the main difference, though. The time wheel shows 14 positions instead of 6, Dracula can move only at night (so, no more day-night or night-only powers) and the hunters only during daytime, they can reserve train tickets instead of moving (and some actions can be taken instead of the movement, too), events are drawn whenever a hunter draws an item (and it seems that it's more dangerous at night, whatever the mechanics for this are)... It looks like the actions you could take in 2nd edition can now only be taken instead of moving. Also, we know only two event cards, but both are changed. Surprising Return affects now Ally Events, and Wild Horses now, by its timing, prevents any encounters in the location it's played on to be revealed. There is only one Ally spot in the board, too. Oh, and Dracula needs to get to 13 vampires. It seems to be easier now: New vampires, for example, give 3 instead of 2. Resolve seems to have disappeared, at least from the board. Combat is now limited to 6 turns, and Dracula now seems somehow more reluctant to flee (?). This is all I could learn from the article.
  12. I just hope there is some way to combine both games. I'm all for alternative rules that use a second table with X-Wing miniatures to simulate the starfighter dogfights, while accounting for shots to and from a potential capital ship just outside the battle area; for the people who don't care about a little more complexity in the game. Of course, there can be more than one dogfight at the same time... [brain explodes]
  13. Is the mutineer good only when he appears from the beginning?
  14. I'm also curious about it. I plan to purchase Daybreak as soon as the spanish edition comes out, and I'd like to know which parts work best together. With Pegasus and Exodus, I pretty much combine everything from Exodus with the parts of Pegasus and the base game that aren't specifically excluded by the rules of Exodus options (such as cylon attack cards and the New Caprica phase). If in need of a Sympathyzer or a Cylon Collaborator, I choose one randomly without knowing which one until it comes to play, and plan to do the same with the Mutineer. The new objective also seems to be easy to combine with the Ionian Nebula (just delay the trial/boxing until distance 10 and play with elements of both options). The idea of combining Treachery Cards sounds fine. I think I'll try it from the beginning. Have you tried using a combination of elements like this? If so, how does it work?
  15. First of all, it's not clear what happens when Assassins inflict the last 2 wounds to other characters with their ability (taking the rank token and being captured). Have the other character the chance to play their ability before resolving the capture? If so, it would be a very bad idea to use this ability against an Elder to capture him, but if they can't use their abilities, it's a perfect counter to that same Elder ability. Also, I'm not sure whether I understood all the rules concerning tokens. The number of tokens of every allegiance seems wrong. 13 tokens with each clan icon? At most, there would be need of 10 (playing 11 people, 5 in each clan, 3 of them with 2 clan icons each, the other 2 with 1 clan icon each, plus the Inquisitor taking 2 icons of that same clan). For undetermined allegiance tokens, the maximum would be 24 (playing 12 people with a Mage and an Alchemist in each clan, 3 characters from each clan with 2 undetermined icons, and other 3 characters from each clan drawing undetermined icons because of the staff), and there are only 20. If there are tokens in excess for clans, why not for undetermined? Am I missing any rule here?
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