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  1. sonicu


    Thank you, I've just known this file on BGG and now and update. Cool!! This file and Talisman wiki are good resources to introduce on this game with a lot of information.
  2. sonicu

    Talisman solitaire

    Could be a good rule in solitaire the doom track used by Skeletor rules for Runebound? (it's a time trial if someone doesn't know, or you can use another time track). It's like one of the rules you can see on the links I posted.
  3. sonicu

    Talisman solitaire

    Anybody can't give me some advice about this issue? Must I conclude that there isn't any good houserules to play solitaire?
  4. sonicu

    Talisman solitaire

    Due to the coming release of Relic, I'm starting to explore Talisman game. My question is about the suitability to play one player this game, like I do in Runebound. I want to play this game, but in my circle there isn't enough people to play with me boardgames, fantastic theme above all. I'm looking in BGG for houserules for solitaire play and I found two of them I think may be good. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/710696/easy-talisman-solo-variant http://boardgamegeek.com/article/6279004#6279004 What do you think about these two? Anyone try your own houserules? Are there better rules? Tell me anything you want about this term. Thanks.
  5. sonicu

    Multiplayer solitaire?

    madDdog67 said: I enjoy it, but I can see why others wouldn't. I don't understand this sentence you said, English is not my mother language. I have to read the rules to see for myself if Talisman is a game for me, but only one more question: Is there a time in the game works in the way that if it has gone you lose the game, or do you use homemade rules like doom track in Runebound for solitaire experience? Thanks for your answer.
  6. sonicu

    Multiplayer solitaire?

    Hi, I´m looking for a new game to play like Runebound and I saw this game. Because I love W40K universe and Talisman is a game I don't know if you can play like Runebound but I always keep in mind, I open this topic to know your answers about if this game or Talisman can play solitaire without major modifications like Runebound or not.
  7. Until some months ago I play solo with official rules with one deck. Now I play with two decks at the same time because of the difficult to enjoy in this game in solo mode. I play Arkham Horror solo with three investigators and I don't have any difficult to do the same with LOTR LCG. Since I play in this way my feeling about this game increase and renovate the fun I had when I bought the game at the same day of its release.
  8. I see that Hardy Leadership doesn't have a type (condition, item,…). I hope FFG don't forget this.
  9. dbeman said: If it were an errata then the text on the card would have changed. This is a clarification in the rules that the keyword "Neutral" doesn't belong to any sphere of influence. In the EDGE forums (Spanish distributor of this game) it have two subforums, one for deckbuilding and other for rules questions. I hope FFG do the same.
  10. Titan said: Second, they should do it here, in the official site, rather than an outside site. I think so too. FFG must see this forum more often to clarify and correct.
  11. radiskull said: We've got two conflicting instructions, though - one from the FAQ and one from the card. I agree that the issue needs to be clarified; I can't solve this one on my own. Hopefully we'll see an updated FAQ this week or next (I know they're working on it). I think the 1.01 of the FAQ resolves the quests only says "Reveal X cards" and you draw a Objective, Surged or Doomed card. I'm expecting the next FAQ too to resolve this situation.
  12. Why the text of the quest card is a reminder and not a rule to apply specifically in this mission? I think the 1.01 of the FAQ works to solve the cases when the text of the quest card says "Reveal X cards" and you draw a Doom or Surge card, and the rules of the Core set says: Doomed X If an encounter card with the doomed keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase,... Surge When an encounter card with the surge keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase,... The rules says "quest phase", and the FAQ appeared to clarify their effects may be activated during the setup of the game. But the issue I asked is completely different. Then is a problem about what has more preference, the FAQ or the card (supported by the Golden Rule).
  13. Hi, I have a question about the effect "When revealed" in this quest. When I draw a card to attach to a Objective card, and I draw in this example King Spider lotrlcg.com/cardFocus.php, does it make its effect or doesn't? In the quest card 1A, it doesn't mentioned the word "revealed" and neither a form of it. The quest card says: Setup: Search the encounter deck for the 3 objective cards, and place them in the staging area. Also, place the Nazgul of Dol Guldur face up but out of play, alongside the quest deck. Then, shuffle the encounter deck, and attach 1 encounter to each objective card. In the FAQ says: (1.19) Card Effects during Setup "When Revealed" effects are resolved if the cards are revealed during setup. A player can trigger responses during setup, following the normal game rules. Players cannot take Actions during setup. (1.22) "When Revealed" Effects A card is only considered to be revealed if the card or game effect causing the card to enter play specifically uses a form of the word "reveal". I think this example is equal than the example mentioned in the point 1.22 of the FAQ. This situation may be a example of The Golden Rule, the cards take precedence over the rules. I think too the same situation resolves equal if the card has Doomed and/or Surge. It's not been revealed.
  14. sonicu

    Number of turns with threat track in solo games

    Vitus_Prem said: I just tried a single game and was totally defeated... that's why I looked around the forum. But when I read this I wondered... Maybe I got the rules wrong, but as far as I read it, a Doom Counter is places every two cards, but one of them remains. So that's a max of 8 challenges + events. Or were you playing with house rules? In my rulebook it says 3 cards to trigger the doom track with 1 player. It seems there was a change since the publication of the first rules of Runebound. A few more questions: When anyone uses the threat track, does he or she put a doom counter before rolling or after rolling? And when the threat track reach 10 or passes 10 begins the endgame or you lose? I want to know what rules you usually use.