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  1. Thanks very much! Most helpful. Sturn - you're suggestions are in the wrong system! Regardless, your advice helpful. I did read some of the L&C journal entries, but I need a top line storyline. I've been struggling to "why" folks are going. I really like the idea of a "indian" scout along the way. Maybe a chaos taint, or a dark elf looking for a sacrifice. I'm starting this adventure in Ubersreik. So the party still has decide whether to make the journey over land, or grab a ship at Marienburg. Frankly, I haven't a clue. And in fact, they may never make it out of the Empire!
  2. I feel compelled to add my two cents as I am avid FFG gamer. I am fully invested in Warhammer fantasy & Rogue Trader and own a least a dozen on their board and mini games. I find them to be the absolute BEST company. Their products are more expensive than most other companies, but the mechanics and materials are of the BEST quality. IMO, no one does it better than FFG. (And unlike other gaming companies, never commit to something they don't produce. Nothing worse than getting exciting about a product and it never sees the light of day) As for whether FFG continues to support WRFP, who knows? They're not a publicly traded company so we have no way of knowing how well this game is doing? I've never seen a huge demand for WRFP, or SW RPG for that matter, in any local store to suggest either is a runaway product. This is a FREE MARKET! If you feel FFG doesn't do a good enough job communicating with its customers, or support their existing lines, then don't buy from FFG! As for content, there is tons of material currently available. I have more stuff for WRFP than I'll ever know what to do with? My MTG collection was smaller! I doubt very highly that someone has explored everything there currently is to offer. And if you're looking for inspiration, Warhammer is oldest, running, universe in the history of gaming. Maybe 30 years! There are sourcebooks, fiction, army books, etc., and I think WRFP 3E is one of the easiest systems to convert from others. And my very last point for you GM's...many of us spent 15+ years roleplaying with a DM guide, a player's guide, and the MM. Grow a set and start creating. There's some great content on this forum. Get back to basics if you have to. So grab a coke, beer, some pretzels, smoke a bone, whatever. Just relax and have some fun. And Sigmar bless FFG for doing the most amazing job with 3E!
  3. Putting together a campaign for a party to move outside the Empire and see some other sights. Could use some inspiration, but more importantly - are there any other adventure/campaign in other systems you could suggest I look into. I enjoy creating storyline, but frankly often borrow heavily from other material. Plan on doing that the same here. We'll begin by the party being led by a PC of noble birth trying to raise money for the expedition. Each session will be a journal entry and hopefully begin and end during that session. Success or failure will then determine how well the party does moving forward. At this point, I haven't much else, but I see a few sessions just getting things together before boarding any ship. Looking at Lustria as a destination. Most of the players are familiar with the Empire, so going elsewhere will be completely new to them. Again, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  4. My god ML that's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I was thinking about posting my GM screen I made for WFRP, but all I can think of now is how bad I want to be a little mini visiting pub after pub. I want to be small and pewter! (Not finecast)
  5. I run two groups of six, and I think you have it covered because dice is the issue. One of the things I do to speed up game play is roll all the negative dice and let the players focus on the positive dice. Also, in the rare case where people choose the same card - it happens less than you would think - I run off a copy of put it in a card sleeve. Problem solved very quickly. The bigger challenge is ensuring the group is all on the same page, but that's a roll play issue and not WFRP specific
  6. I have a party that wants to focus on routing out necromancy. Does anyone have any suggestions on source material or existing adventures that can be converted to 3E, either from 2E or D&D for that matter. Cheers
  7. So for me, I've removed wood elves from my games, at least until I run a specific campaign for wood elves. IMO, I have trouble thinking how they fit into society. As for the players, have the Temple be a hidden cult dedicated to Nurgle. The priestess turns into a great unclean one, devourers the player and then get that wood elf out of the party. Have the player create a character more tame...like a troll slayer.
  8. I take the GM job as host of the game, and as host I want to ensure that my guests have fun. At the same time, bad guests get the boot. If he's a friend and you want him to have a good time and continue, I'd get a sense to why he's concerned about the corruption. Bad stuff is part of the fun of WH. Most PC's are going to be carrying around bad stuff. Insanity, disease, corruption, etc., but that's what makes it fun. Maybe there's a fun way to incorporate it into the game that he would enjoy. For example, one of my corrupted players get these feelings in his guts that get him to act differently, another is plagued by dreams which he trys to decipher. Both are presented in secret to the other players and both add to the story. Also, I don't tell folks they're corrupted. I explain corruption as a game mechanic, but as a GM I say for example, this experience with the demon has brought on feelings or self-doubt and depression. You're just not yourself and you can't shake it. Let them guess how bad it is. My wizard who was corrupted by Tzeenth got, "Since your last encounter, lately every time you tap into the winds you want to push further and further like a voice is calling you. Its turning into an obession." I may in the future if they get more corruption, add an additional power or two to represent the corruption as an addiction. Depending on how they were corrupted may affect game play. Throw out an extra fortune dice during a specific action so they're actually corrupted by the corruption and begin to like playing with it. Then wham-o horns on the head. Who wouldn't want that? And remember, if folks feel the need to purge the chaos out of their system. You can always have them pay for it in some way or another. A trip to the temple of Shallya and paying for a cleansing for example. Not that exciting, but its an option. Or maybe the priestess give him a quest or something such as going out to help to feed the lepers. Then you can introduce disease too! Good luck!
  9. I'm a big fan of Obsidian Portal to run my games. Currently I have two groups running through Ubersreik as a setting. If you're interested check out Swords, Souls and Sorrows, on www.obsidianportal.com. Ubersreik is a great city to run a campaign through. Big enough that it has all the wrappings of an Empire city, but small enough that its manageable and the party can really have an impact. Cheers, FD
  10. Both my groups are GM +6, so that's likely the delay. I started having the players only focus on the good dice, and the bad dice associated with an action and I roll any misfortune and challenge dice. That's helped recently.
  11. Sun Boy you make a good point. I have found combat to be very deadly on both sides. Whether its PC's or NPC's getting smacked with a weapon doing crit damage is going to hurt bad, PC or NPC. One of my players noted, "Warhammer is a system that wants to kill the party". While funny, I don't believe its that extreme, but it is certainly easier for someone to be knocked out than in other systems, and I have a higher death to session ratio in WH, than other systems I've run. I usually say, particularly when encounter other civilized npc, and when rolling for initiative, "An encounter can either be combative or social. Just because we're rolling initiative doesn't mean its time for a fight. Its your choice" This has been helpful, particularly with my players most familiar with D&D. With more play, the parties have been less quick to fight. Although, one of my groups is still a bit hack-n-slash and I try to create encounters suited for style.
  12. Seems like TGS has claimed a number of lives... Death 1: I had a party fight a herd of beastmen in an attempt to acquire a stone of sorts. Good strategy by the party as the wizard confused the herd with a cantrip or two, and the remaining party fought from cover as the ratcatcher snuck around the back. However, an impatient Roadwarden charged the beastman leader and was immediately slaughtered by the herd. Frankly, it was a horrific death as about twelve beastmen tore apart his body, throwing limbs and entrails all over the place. I warned him , "This is not D&D." Death 2: (Different group, same adventure) An ambush by beastmen took the wizard down and out. I rolled randomly for the beastmen ambush and the dice seemed to favor the wizard. However, instead of casting "swiftwind" the wizard choose to stand and fight initially using "access the situation", "dodge" and "parry". Poor decision, as the wizard was struck down, KO'd and I pulled a crit with a severity of 4 - wiz's toughness was 2. Again, discussion topic, "This is not D&D" Death 3: The party sent a player to investigate a room. For some reason the character (coachmen) locked the door behind him. He encountered a couple of tough chaos tainted servants, decided to intimidate a group of four, got into a fight unarmed, screamed for help, but the locked door prevented the party from helping him out. Took two crits the fight, and KO'd with significant negative wounds. Eventually rest of party ran around the house, jumped through the window and took care of the servants. However, a botched first aid check forced another crit and the player died. Discussion topic, "why did you lock the door dummy?" & "Don't ever first aid me again!"
  13. Just finished a short session in which the party is hired to deliver a "precious" package. Upon picking up the delivery the party encounter resistance in the form of a rival gang. The package is a "baby". The party does not know who the baby belongs to. (My group decided it was a bastard child of one of the noble families) I provide instructions after each encounter if the form of sealed messages that the party must break in order to get the additional information. Thus adding to the covert nature of the objective. Once the baby is in their possession strange things begin to happen, visions, feeling of betrayal, being attack by an insect swarm. Final instructions are to deliver the baby to a healer outside of town. The healer and her two mange ridden dogs turn out to be a Tzeentch sorceror and the dogs a couple of demons. The baby is born with the mark of Tzeentch. The party eventually killed the demons, but is now burdened with a dilemma. What to do with this baby. Do they kill it? Find out where it came from? Turn it over to the authorities? Try to save it? And that's where we left it. I should probably write it up. It's more than a one page adventure, but it went really well. Used a bunch of handouts and notes to create confusion and party tension as the baby begins to corrupt the party. Also, my first opportunity to roll for corruption. A bit of Call of Cthulhu thrown in.
  14. Suggest taking a look at Horror at Hugeldal from Signs of Faith. Very cool, short adventure that the party can encounter on their way back from Stromdorf. Plus, it creates cool leads in Ubersreik with the Temple Of Shallya, the mysterious "F", strange deliveries and a great way to introduce disease. I also like how the strigany were treated. I put together a side story of racial injustice as well. It would allow time to get ready for larger sessions. Don't give up on EoN. Its great stuff to really dive into Ubersreik's politics and set up a few small adventures based on vying for the attention of the nobility.
  15. Gallows - where do you find the coins? I've been looking for stuff like that for weeks and can only seem to find phony gold pirate coins.
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