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  1. I would rule that spending strain for movement points is an ability. There's no explicit rules reference but it doesn't make sense for it not to be. I'd say the same but tell my friend David ;-). Thanks.. I think I'll ask the designers...
  2. Hi folks, sorry to reanimate this topic but I have a question, which fits quite neatly. So we've seen that incapacitated heroes can neither use nor be targeted by abilities. But what about strain for movement. Obviously they won't be able to recover that, but four points of strain movement plus the incapacitated movement equals about 3 move actions in two rounds. May heroes use strain to move further when incapacitated. A swift answer would be appreciated (and one giving rules reference even more so as I have a player who likes to STICK to the rules even if it means he has to make some up). Thanks Folly
  3. Hi there, just recently got the game and in our first session an issue arose multiple times: When a card effect (e.g. an attack cards text) says the investigator can move one space, would he/she have to make an evade test (if in a monsters space)? I ruled no because the RAW only talk about Evasion when explaining the movement phases. I haven't been able to find any ruling on that. How do you play it? (It could be that my German translation of the rules is somewhat imprecise here. Such things have happened before.) Thanks for any input, Folly
  4. Mok as a bard seems a good choice. He synergizes nicely with the class skills. I as the OL have to concentrate fire on one hero, otherwise they will all area-heal the damage I dealt. He is a pain ...
  5. Thanks, just checked and found it myself...it is somewhat 'in between the lines' I think. And last night there were eight on Tinashi, two on Cwellin, two on Reynhardt and four on Mok...and I wanted to one strike slay Tinashi with an outbreak.
  6. Hi there, just a short question I wasn't I able to answer searching the forums. Are the two types of tokens limited by supply? My group's hexer deals out lot of them and just last night I ran out of infection tokens against a group of four heros. I had to invest some for damage to maximize my outbreak's result. Was I playing that correctly -> limiting tokens by supply? Thanks, Folly
  7. To make that clearer: It seems the same as just moving 7 spaces and then expand BUT you have to be ABLE TO END YOUR MOVE AND EXPAND after the first three points of movement, which crafty heroes won't let you do...
  8. Quote: Since no monsters have fatigue, if some mechanic of the game should cause them to have to suffer fatigue, they would then suffer damage instead. FFG was simply trying to cover the bases when it came to the rule (from the base game), so that if some future expansion, mechanic, ability, rule, card, etc. forced a monster to suffer fatigue, you would know what to do. ---------------------------------------------------------------- You don't have to wait for that any2cards ... bleeding for example does the trick as does diseased. (Somehow I deleted the quotation's frame.)
  9. Even a hero can't take a wound to move if his fatigue is all spent. And that is what a monster would have to do...
  10. Obviously only primothy can answer your question but as I said I can think of reasons to ask questions I find stupid myself. I have a hero player who takes all hero boons and twists and turns them as it best suits him but whenever I come up with something nasty he ALWAYS demands that I check whether that is correct. Usually he is not even satisfied with checking the forums no matter how obvious things are. No he wants me to check it with FFG. Which I don't do... Last time it occured I was playing Basic I with Infector and Zachareth Plot deck, which meant that I had a very slim deck after playing the cards that remain in play once put down. So together with the additional draws from the plot cards I was able to repeatedly play the infector card that assigns damage according to infection tokens. That is potentially lethal for heroes that are already severly damaged. My favorite player ruled that infection tokens must be discarded after a hero is knocked down...nothing says so but he was adamant and I had to check in the forum (though I was able to find the answer by searching posts) and he wouldn't believe that because it was oh so broken... He seems to forget that the groups mage does worse things to my monsters via Hex tokens, and they don't even stand up. I'm not saying that the answer is not obvious in RAW, I'm saying that there are reasons to ask questions that even I find stupid...
  11. Calm down a bit guys...I can think of a few reasons why this superficially 'stupid' question is not that stupid. I'll give you a list: 1. Language Problems with non-native speakers (like my humble self) 2. General feeling of being overwhelmed by a lot of rules (specially if you're not used to games like descent) 3. Someone is struggling with a pesky hero player who graps for every straw to sharpen it and drive it through an OL's eye (believe me, as I mentioned in other topics, I regularly have my share of this) 4. Different search tokens in different locations could still be of a point because the hero searching would not have to remain in the same place. And after all it costs an action... 5. Well probably some more.... It was primothy's first post on this forum so he/she might not be used to how things are done/presented here. Please don't call the question stupid but welcome him and his questions. WELCOME primothy! That being said, I'm sure you didn't mean it as offending as it sounded to my eye ;-) . Cheers, Folly
  12. If you have OL cards that can stun like the pit (at least that's its name in German), play it after disciple has activated.
  13. Saved my **** a few times. Only height levels are still considered adjacent which led to a private party between my hybrid sentinels and a lonely thief (think it was Tomble) in one of the LoR quests.
  14. Don't think so because the core rules say somewhere that spaces to both sides of a door are not adjacent. Such abilities need to count spaces and you can only count spaces along the route as long as they are adjacent.
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