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  1. Having bought Only War, I dug out the Gaunt's Ghost books again and have been motoring through them again. Halfway through the seige of Vervunhive it occurred to me that it'd be a great idea (and hopefully easier than starting from scratch), to run a campaign during the Sabbat crusades in the background of the central Tanith storyline. The theatre of operations in the novels is nearly always massive. It'd be interesting to run a seperate story which intertwines with the Tanith at keys points. The trick would be intertwining the two strands without directly affecting the Gaunt thread. Think the Tribbles revisited story in Star Trek DS9, Anybody thought about doing similar? Anyone with ideas to contribute. This may take a while for me to work on (two kids under two). Any help appreciated. Found a useful chronological order to get us started.
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