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  1. Thanks for the replies people. Much appreciated! Its nice to see that there are indeed quite a few ways to deal with hummerhorns (and other nasty cards). Not sure what I could do with core box other than Dunhere and Gandalf but I'll find a way. I think I am going to try Dol Guldur first with my current easy level just for fun and then start anew from Mirkwood with shadow cards. For which I will definitely be taking Spirit deck of some kind! Try and mitigate nasty effects Alex, which packs have useful songs in? Its Fathers Day Sunday and its already been let slip that I'm getting an Adventure Pack (such a great family lol!). When I saw that two trolls were in the encounter deck I prayed that I didn't draw the second one. I would have been utterly crushed if I had! Did you manage to beat the quest on that occasion?
  2. **Update** I played Journey down the Anduin last night (w/ gold threat cards, no extra starting resource but no treachery cards - baby steps ) with dual Lore/Leadership deck but added in about 6 Spirit cards (Galadhrims Greeting, Will of the West, For Gondor) as I had Aragorn so wanted to draw Celebrian Stone. This was a big mistake! I never drew the **** Stone! Haha! Heroes: Aragorn, Beravor & Glorfindel. Massive threat total but hoped to mitigate with Gandalf and Greeting then use Will of the west to draw again - didn't work quite like that as I mentioned but still had 2 sneak attacks which I used for Gandalf in the planning phase. I really struggled early on with resource management and that **** Hill Troll! Alex, yeah its nuts. I took a ton of threat but drew snare and had enough threat the turn after to trap it. Typically I was whacking away at it prior to drawing snare and had it down to 1 wound! When I drew infighting (I chucked in some new cards because hey, fun right?) I knew exactly what to do with that - when a nasty chieftain guy turned up (Ulfak?) Wham, infighting killed him. Phew. Once I got my economy going by getting Steward of Gondor onto Aragorn since he was the only Leadership character and constantly needing his resource to stand, I was away. Man that cards is great. I also got self preservation onto him which although anathema to his character really helped taking hits as he was my main blocker. From this point on I got loads of ally cards out and never looked back. I came very close to losing at the beginning with the Hill Troll wailing on me, all of my hero's were close to death. I was having to spend Glorfindel's resource to keep people standing so I couldn't get Daughter of Nimrodel out when I drew it. When I did she got ganked by a treachery! By the way - Quick question - when a card says assign damage to so and so (not infighting but say Dol Guldur orcs, Necromancers reach and Gandalf), is this damage reduced by defense? I don't think so but just wanted to check. Its just after the game I looked at some gold enemy cards for Mirkwood and Hummerhorns look absolutely deadly! If your threat is high and you have no counter to enemy text ability (can't think of any at mo) then one of your heroes is dead! Seems harsh for a core game card. Oh well such is life and games. Also, I realised half way through that I was playing wrong. At the beginning of a turn I have been activating character abilities, exhausting cards and then playing allies/attachments. I realised last night that's the wrong way around. Whoopsie. Lesson learnt: Don't rely on a single card being drawn. Stupid mistake. I had 5 spirit cards in hand at the end with no use. Also, I think Aragorn may be best with another Leadership character for extra early resource. I'm thinking of running dual Leadership/Spirit next Anduin adventure. Eowyn for obvious reasons. To the River!
  3. No, the fault was mine. I really wasn't at all clear since I did not mention Thalin in that post. I like the idea of a tri-sphere deck so thats something for further down the road. More options is always good. Just means resource management becomes more necessary I suppose. Excellent. Lore/Leadership it is! Bring on Anduin! Sure! I'll try Anduin then go straight onto Dol guldur (so Lore/Leadership). I have no idea if thats a mistake but I'll have fun finding out! Will let you know
  4. Many thanks entMoot. I probably wasn't very clear originally. Phew! I think I would have struggled if this were not the case. In fact I struggle anyway but thats by the by (have yet to add shadow effects). Can't wait to get kicked by Anduin. Will prob do Journey through mirkwood with shadow effects first maybe. Which deck best combo's with Lore? I like spirit for the anti shadow effects/treachery cards but I think Leadership is generally more appealing. Maybe try Aragorn with Spirit/Lore deck but add in Celebrian's Stone. Although I'm think that might be too risky with just one core copy. Hmmm.
  5. Ah, I thought restricted meant you could only have up to 2 on one character? In our case Gimli just had citadel plate and dwarven axe. The other axe was with Thalin. So does restricted mean only 2 for your entire party? If so that seems harsh! Really looking forward to trying Anduin. I might experiment dual deck too. Lore with either Spirit or Leadership I think.
  6. Thanks Alex, I will get Hunt for Gollum next. Makes perfect sense really! Sounds like it will be interesting too. I haven't even tried anduin or dol-guldur yet so will be a while anyway. Okay so we played this together for the first time last night... Hmmm. How to describe the outcome? Not dead in the water but not exactly sensational. It didn't help that I said 'Oh it'll only take half an hour then we can watch Dare Devil." Whoops. 30 mins later and we had just done the 1B. I think if we had carried on then it would have flown by as 2B is nothing and 3 is potentially really quick if you get Angoliants Spawn (she had mono tactics deck). Her literal words were: "Why can't the cards just say +1 attack / +2 defense or something?" Yeah, card games can be a bit overwhelming with their text. Dang it. She definitely liked the theme and I think she got a kick from coming to my rescue when I was taking about to become brown bread from a king spider, dol guldur orcs and a forest spider (I used mono lore and had higher threat!). A timely use of rain of arrows(?) and Legolas' ranged was awesome. (Not that I probably would have died as I had snare trap and healing cards in hand but shhh). She managed to draw two dwarven axes right from the initial set up draw and then citadel plate 2 turns later which I advised to put onto Gimli to make him godlike but funnily enough he never took any damage. All in all in *might* make a return to games night but I do not hold my breath! Goblin King, can you kindly tell me if the ladies Mahjongg is online or local? My wife loves Mahjongg!
  7. Haha! Yes we can do other things together. There are actually a load of light board and card games we play so no worries there. It would just be *nice* to share a complex game experience. Speaking of playing solo - I got Dead Marshes in the post yesterday and wow! Boromir seems excellent! I can really imagine him selling his life dearly to end a quest. Great stuff. Can't wait to try it out. Only downside is I'm not a fan of Tactics (might be okay 2 player) but I could dual-deck Boromir into another another sphere. Not sure on the other cards in the AP, as I do not yet have experience with deck building but I am sure there are some nice ones there. Any advice on which AP to get next? I'll stick with Shadows of Mirkwood cycle and buy all packs eventually before moving on. I just have Journey to Rhosgobel and Dead Marshes. I probably won't buy anything for a while as I havne't used these yet but its nice to plan.
  8. The latter. You only get to attack enemies after they attack you in the combat phase (unless a card effect specifically allows you to make an attack). Also the card you're thinking of is Son of Arnor. Ah thats a shame. I guess it would have cost a lot more resources if that were the case. Thanks for the examples of uses for Son of Arnor people. Much appreciated. Goblin King, I know what you mean. That is my niggling fear too. I have one hope in that we regularly play a game of some sort on the weekend. Hoping the complexity of this is offset by the awesome theme and gameplay!
  9. Oh wow. Their effects are cumulative. That seems a little cheeky somehow. Thanks for though. No worries. I won't go spoiling any quests. If I did do then really it wouldn't be me (and my wife hopefully!) who beat the quest but somebody else's deck. Really looking forward to what the future holds! You make its sound even better than even I had imagined! Glory awaits (post-continual defeats of course) ! Actually I just remembered another question: there is a card (sorry can't remember name but must be an ally) that allows you to engage an enemy when it is played. Does this mean that you initiate an attack against it straight away (ala Dunhere) or that you just bring it from the staging area to your side in front of your heroes? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I think I will keep things as they are at the moment when I play with my wife. I will refrain from making suggestions and just try to react to what she does by supporting her actions. When I play on my own however I will try the shadow effects and see how badly mauled I get! Fun times await! haha. Ah yes. I did notice the ability to negate nasty effects in spirit deck. Its a good point. I'll probably start with that sphere. Maybe dual with Lore or Leadership. In fact Aragorn can gain spirit with an attachment can't he? So looks good. Actually, quick Q: with non restricted, generic attachments can you put more than one onto a character? If so do their effects stack? I'm thinking not so have not done so but wanted to check. I had other questions whilst I was playing but forgotten then now! Ah, but that's why Spirit has the 1-cost Hasty Stroke card… a cheap way to deal with Shadow effects (save your Hasty Strokes for the really nasty ones). I love the uncertainty that shadow effects bring to the game… can't imagine playing without them. But I'm sure you'll get there when you feel ready… Sound good! I will definitely try that, cheers! I'm sure once I add shadow effects there will be no going back (at least when I play solo). Haha my wife probably wouldn't enjoy constantly losing but I know she's a perfectionist so I bet she would insist on beating the scenario eventually. That or she'll hate it intensely and give up entirely ...a fine line for sure. I just have to hope the theme keeps her engaged. Actually she gave me Journey to Rhosgobel as one of my Birthday presents! That scenario looks hard! But my the eagle cards look rocking. Veyr useful. I ordered Dead Marshes for Boromir and can't wait to have a look at that. Thanks for all of the help! Onwards and upwards!
  11. Hello everyone, Just an update really. I've played through Mirkwood with each of the 4 core sphere decks (without shadow effects), although not all in one sitting. I started with Tactics which was a newbie mistake as I got absolutely trounced for the reasons most of you are now sniggering at. 4 locations in a row and no way of clearing them. Next I played Spirit which looked best for questing (Eowyn is amazing) and took out the gold ring cards and added an extra resource to each hero at the beginning of the game. If I couldn't win this time I was doing something wrong! Oh and I also added 2 more copies of Gandalf (for 3 total). I kept threat really low thanks to the grey wizard and only just beat the Ungoliants spawn with a timely arrival of Gandalf which did 4 damage off the bat and then sacrficed some questing characters to take the blocking hits from enemies before everyone else jumped on the spider stabbing away which JUST killed it. Another turn would have been bad... I loved this, it was so cinematic (in my head). I could just imagine Gandalf turning up at the darkest hour to save the day. Immense stuff I looked through player deck after and there was a generic human scout (apologies can't remember name) which looked really really useful but I never saw any copies during the game which was maybe why it was difficult. Dunno. Next up was Leadership which seems middle of the road? Aragorn is an absolute beast. I can see why he costs 12 threat. Readying for one resource is top notch. Early combos with Theodred when resources were scarce meant I always had a resource for Aragorn to readying after commiting to a quest. I beat the scenario but everyone was brutally wounded and close to death. Gloin and Aragorn had one health left and Theodred two. This was without having to fight Ungoliants spawn too! Finally the Lore deck. I had the least idea about this one and so I was glad to play it last. Oh my. Oh my oh my. I love this sphere! I absolutely walked it. Might be because I was now a bit more familiar with the game and the scenario sure but wow, I was able to keep threat low ( I used a starting Gandalf to instantly lower threat. I know it increases by 1 in refresh) and kept locations and enemies at bay. Health was never an issue as there are so many ways of regaining it in this deck. What I loved most was the card draw! So many lovely cards. So many options to choose. This was the one sphere I was actually 'resource poor' all of the time. I actually had to plan ahead in order to use cards haha! I killed Ungoliants spawn with the tried and tested Gandalf bomb. I think Glorfindel and Denethor both had a wound token each thats it. All in all I absoutely love this game! I know I have to add the gold creatures and reduce starting resource thats fine. What I don't think I am ready for though is shadow effects. Man do they seem nasty! Anyway, the point was to learn the game well enough so that my wife could play with me. I feel confident that if I give her the tactics deck that I can fully quest to mitigate. Probably spirit or Lore (for the health boosts). What do you think? PS. Thanks for reading.
  12. Thanks RobOz, that will definitely come in handy further down the line. I will bookmark that. Nice one. OKTarg, thanks for the tip. I can see my wife having no problem with attachments as they make literal sense. A deck geared (no pun intended) to this would be ideal.
  13. Excellent idea. I love the thought of visiting the inlaws (outlaws) and putting together decks, playing around with sphere-combos etc all on a tablet just to pass the time! hehe. Not that I dislike my inlaws of course - I love them to bits. Its just nice to have the option since we see them every week. "Huh? What am I reading? Er, Lord of the Rings. No, you can't borrow it once I'm done...erm sorry."
  14. Thanks Alex, I will take a look at BGG. Though I have time before my collection grows to make this an issue, it is still nice to know how others store their collections. Fortunately I still have a number of card sleeves from the BSG game which I will use for now and store the cards in the box. Excellent organisation Ecthelion! Extra kudos on the dividers.
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