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  1. Hi. I'm wondering what happens to extra force points you roll. For example, you have a Force Rating of 1 and just the basic power in Move. Activating that requires just one light side point, but when you roll your one force die, you get two light pips. What happens to the other force point? Is it lost? Or say you have FR1 and basic Enhance. If you roll two light pips, can you use the extra point to add another success to your athletics check, for a total of two? Thanks for any clarification.
  2. Hi, all. Do any of you have (or know of) a good briefing or condensed set of instructions to give completely unfamiliar players the gist of the rules? I've tried to explain the game at a high level a couple of times, to provide a conceptual framework that new people can build on as they learn the details. I haven't really been successful with that, though -- I'm having trouble explaining things abstractly in a way that is both useful and doesn't require concrete details to understand. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hi. I have a bunch of questions resulting from my first attempt to play this game. I searched the FAQ and rules, but couldn't find what I needed, so I'm hoping one of you can help. 1) When a carrier enters an activated system containing 2 neutral planets, can it unload ground forces onto both of those planets at once (assuming it is carrying at least two ground forces)? 2) Does the fleet supply limit apply to a player's home system? For example, I start out with three command counters in the Fleet Supply area, but at the beginning of the game, I start out with quite a few ships in my home system. My assumption was that that system must not be limited. I s that correct? 3) Do players gain command counters only from the status phase, the Logistics Strategy card, and maybe a couple of other cards? I ask because although I was able to play only a couple of turns, I kept losing counters after each one. I would generally spend, say, 3 command counters during a turn on tactical actions, but I would only get two back during the status phase. I'm wondering if that is the way things are supposed to work, meaning resources will dwindle each turn if a player spends more than two counters (making the Logistics card much more valuable). 4) I understand that ships within an activated system can't leave until it is deactivated (unless they return to it within the same round). But if I activate a system one round, can I continue to move ships INTO that system in subsequent rounds, while it is activated? 5) Say during one round, I activate a system and move a ship into it. During my next round, I use the Warfare card to deactivate that system. During my third round, then, can I activate an adjacent system and have that same ship move there? Basically, I'm wondering if the ship's movement rate gets refreshed when the system is deactivated via Warfare. That's about it. Thanks much for any help.
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