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  1. It is always a good idea to have more options! I encourage you to do them.
  2. Can't really stand sarcasm, can we...? Even thou you were the one who tried to be smart when I simply made a one-line statement (hardly a rant). Mmmkay...
  3. A major rule has been axed without a word either in the errata, f.a.q. or a single news item. Yeah, it was loud and clear...
  4. Okay, with the latest Jedi version of Luke and his noticeably missing time period indicator, I think we can safely conclude that FFG has silently killed this mechanic from the game.
  5. Yup, still playing it, still one of my favorites.
  6. Disney probably forced FFG to come up with this. There will be a Rebels line next year...
  7. I think it is not an improvement even with the app. I have tried the Descent app and in my opinion it is more frustrating and cumbersome than useful. You still need to put in your moves and what happened into the app, so it can react, adding considerable time waste to your plays. Not to mention, the app will never be able to come up with strategies as clever as a human player who has a much better grasp of what is happening on the game board. I am not against apps in board games, but I have yet to see one that actually made sense, and I am afraid this is not going to be it either. We'll see though...
  8. Why is electing not to use an optional rule breaking them?
  9. You don't see it because people think and feel differently. For some players this change is meaningless, for some it is a HUGE disappointment. I belong to the latter group. If you do not care, it is hard to grasp, but for me for instance, this change just killed the game (however idiotic this may sound) because it kind of destroyed the setting. I know it is not canon (I do not think anyone ever claimed this), but our games were set in a world that was canon. But, it is no longer, and therefore, the game lost something very meaningful to a lot us, more conservative players. In a sense, but I like to stick to the rules. At the moment I just don't buy anything without a time period. If it proves permanent that is the end of my IA "career" (which is, in a sense, is a relief as I have wasted too much money on it already ). However, I cannot get rid of the thought that this could have been handled a lot better. If it was me, I would have just erratad the rule book and said that time periods are now optional. They could still appear on the cards but you didn't have to use it. Everyone would have been happy; no problem! Sadly, FFG had chosen to take a much more radical route that was bound to upset a lot of people. Very unfortunate in my opinion...
  10. I really wanted to buy Greedo, but my OCD just cannot get along with this new, no time period approach. I can't help it. so, I'll wait and see what happens in the future, but for now I am on hold buying new IA stuff, which is actually a relief as I have spent way more than I wanted already.
  11. I don't really like the no time period thing on the mission card. I hope it is just the preview, and the final product will have a restriction. Both him and Greedo (don't really care about the Rebels dude).
  12. Hi all, I am trying to create a ranking of all the skirmish maps released to date. If you play skirmish, please head to the following BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1551183/skirmish-map-ranking and recommend the maps that you have experience playing on. I hope that, if enough people fill out the questionnaire, we'll have a comprehensive list of all the good and balanced skirmish maps out there. Thanks! - R.
  13. I'd rather keep the game as it is than introducing an easy mode with which people could just run through the campaign without any challenge. I say this especially because, once you get the right strategy, most scenarios are easily doable (maybe all of them, I just haven't found the right one for #3). A good example is the first quest, at which I failed five times before finding a suitable strategy. After that, it was a walk in the park. It is also true that the game gets somewhat harder with less that four heroes, but it still remains fairly balanced imo. I managed to win most of my games in solo with only two characters. Overall, I am really okay with the difficulty; it adds cosiderably to the replay value.
  14. I think this is the only quest among the five story ones that might be broken when attempted with fewer than four characters. In my opinion, it is fine if you have all heroes (not easy but definitely doable), anything less however, and your lack of focusing on one action type (exploration and fight in this case) seriously hinders your chances. Although I am reluctant to call this quest broken outright as it is entirely possible that we just haven't found the right strategy yet.
  15. I think this might be your problem. It is tempting to ignore Grump but is clearly a bad strategy. You not only subject yourself to more damage (remember, he not only attacks normally but through the peril track as well, and those can quickly add up) but miss out on four exploration tokens after each death, which can save you precious activations. I failed like five time when I first attempted that scenario, and in all five I ignored Grump. When on the sixth run, I killed him (twice actually), I beat the quest easily (it wasn't even close actually).I would say all story quests are fairly balanced, except the third one, which is very punishing if you play with less than four characters. That one may needs errata, or we just need to find the right strategy (I really hope it is the later!).
  16. First of all, I apologize for opening a new thread for this, but I could find one in which I could post this. So, I made a light version of Chaos in the Old World by blending it with 8-Minute Empire, and I am pretty happy with the results. You can read more about the result and process of developing the game in this BGG thread: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/20458808#20458808
  17. Games Workshop does not allow any other company to produce 28mm miniatures for any of their licensed Warhammer games! That is the reason why we have busts in Relic instead of figures. This policy has always been enforced and will likely never change. FFG could not legally do a reboot even if they wanted to. As for GW ever rebooting Warhammer Quest (or Mordheim, or any other fantasy miniatures game) is slim to nothing with the death of the Old World. We should be grateful that FFG keeps the Old World alive, even if in the form of a card game, and I personally am really looking forward to playing with it.
  18. Since only Games Workshop has the right to produce games with actual 28mm figures and they just recently killed Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the Old World, and everything related them from their own product line, this card game might be your only chance to revisit Warhammer Quest. Although it is not the same as the original, FFG makes darn good games and very rare disappoint. I am actually thankful they are keeping the Old World alive and looking forward to play this game.
  19. The app is not tournament legal of course, as I believe only official FFG products can be used in a tournament. That being said, this app does not take notes in any way nor does it aid any such activity. It simply replaces some of the tokens in the game and gives the user a few handy statistics (but those come after a match and do not influence the gameplay whatsoever). While I obviously don't see this app being used at World's, for instance, I have seen it at many store championships and even some regionals. It is up to the app organizer if he or she allows the use of it. For instance, I've seen the iPad version's history feature utilized at tournaments to track if a player spent the correct amount of credits. It can be extremely handy at times to keep accurate count of credits spent and therefore prevent accidental cheating.
  20. Hi all, It has been a while since I last worked on the app or even looked at how it is doing on the App Store. I just assumed everything is working fine and nobody has any complaints. As it is unlikely, I am here to ask if anyone has any comments, suggestions, and/or criticism he or she would like to lay on me. To me the, the app is more or less finished; I feel I have made everything the platform allowed (except maybe iCloud syncing, which may come in the future). But this does not mean that there could be no tweeks or adjustments to make the experience better. So, I am listening if anyone has anything to say. - R.
  21. Just so no one misses; this is how a company that cares about its customers reacts: "Thank you for this! We at AEG really appreciate having this great resource available to our players." I haven't bought the last two data packs. Now I'm tempted to actually put that money toward Doomtown, simply because how AEG communicates (and the game is also supposed to be really good ).
  22. @alsciende I can no longer, with good conscience, support a company like FFG. I am done with them.
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