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  1. I cant remember a crane clan champion ,except Kuruhito and Doji Domotai, marring outside of the clan. Satusme married Toshimoko's Sister, Horturi married Doji Ameiko, Kuwanan married Doji Narumi, Makoto married an unnamed Kakita Maid. Kakita Noritoshi married Kakita Mai... The Crane ( and as far as i can remember most other clans too) rarly pair their most importend Players with coutsiders.
  2. Yoshis ability is no event. so no cost raise.
  3. a ninja and lion bump around for the Emerald Championship... i just vomited over my keyboard keep it that way, FFG. Bad storytelling and bad card design. you are my heroes #thumbsup
  4. i would like to see teh justice option happen. duty means one major character dies early in the stroyline without having made any impact and i think that is poor storytelling.
  5. come on, even if your dont think that the current duel meachnic sucks u have to admit that it´ is simply not worth doing it. and if FFG doesnt change the mechanic no one will use it till you get duelists for your deck with such high stats that you will win anyway, no matter if the other player bids 5 honor. and then we are again at the same problem that the CCG had: Dueling is no contest anymore, the result is set befor the duel even starts. I challange you, you accept, you die. Let us revive the great times of the" Grey Crane" and "Iajustsu Duel". The we can skip the entire duel-thing and just go to cards like :"Action: Target opposing Personality. Discard the Personality".
  6. Serving in the Watch is a great honour for every one of the chapters that sends brothers. Why should it be a punishment to send you to Brotherhodd of fellow warriors, to a place where only a few choosen may enter, to fight the most foul Xenos creatures for the Fututure of Mankind and the Glory of the Emperor, to be entrusted with some of the deepest sercrets the Imperium has to offer and deemed wothy to keep them secret???
  7. Omfg, "Legion" really f...ed the 40k-universe!!!
  8. according to the Codex the Black Templars count about 6,000 Brothers, shattered over the entiry Galaxy.
  9. absolut OP, you straight overshot the goal...
  10. joining the ranks of the Inqusition does not automatic mean becoming an Inquisitor...
  11. ok so that i understand u right: you think it was not possible to throw millions of imperial solldiers into the crusade but hundred of thosands of Space Marines. And from where should those masses of Astartes come when it´s not possible to muster millions of normal men? And why should a couple of thosands of marines not be able to take world? They shocktrooper tactics where basically the same in WH30k as they are in 40k. and yes, all the expediton fleets had backup. From the Legi cybernetica, from the Titan Legions, from the Imperial Navy, from the Imerial Guard, perhaps even from entire near-human world(Squats, Ogryns, Halflings, whaterver else there may bee). No one ever said it have been the allmighty Atartes alone who have conquered the galaxy... i think the point of the Heresy was never to be the biggest bloodiest battle but the schism it caused to the imperium when the bravest, the most loyal, the larger than life Space Marines and the sons of the Emperor turn on their father. the epic scale of betrayal by the most trusted sons is what makes the heresy what ist is, not the body-count it left in it´s wake. my opinion...
  12. N0-1_H3r3 said: Vendettar said: Dembsky-Bowden tells us the Word Bearers were 100,000 strong and the Ulras even more when older sources speak of 70.000 Marines at Istavan 3 in total. According to Aaron Dembski-Bowden - in this post here - the typical Legion is about 100,000 strong. Given the way the writing process is described as working for the Horus Heresy novels (that is, all the authors, editors and other relevant individuals involved gather together regularly and are in frequent contact in ordert to maintain themes, events and characters, plan the sequence of books, etc), I think we take take it as given that those numbers are the ones favoured and used by those people working on the Heresy novels (and are thus the most "up to date" version). Why should on take the "newer" numbers of Authors that write a novel series from which both BL and GW are saying "Dude, NOT canon!" as more actual and updated? BTW would that makes Dembski-Bowden´s Istvan to a battel of close to a Million Astartes which simply does not fit wit his desciption of the scene. Sorry but too wicked in my opinion. Falls into same "OMFG"-Box like Matt Wards retarded BA and GK fluff.
  13. I think it´s necessary to consider the sources when it comes down to the size of the Legions Pre-heresy. The Index Astartes trows totaly diffent numbers than authors like Dembsky-Bowden. Chris Cook numbers the Emerperors Childern in the index Astartes at their high times at 30 Great Companies Companies (30,000) and tells them to be one of the greates legions. Dembsky-Bowden tells us the Word Bearers were 100,000 strong and the Ulras even more when older sources speak of 70.000 Marines at Istavan 3 in total. Read between the lines...
  14. Best gear simply but true: Power Armour! No other piece offers more benefits, except for your own Astartes-body!
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