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  1. Hi,

    I just bought the expansion and had a few questions before playing for the first time.


    1. What is the effect of Robb Stark(AGoT) on knights who are attacking a fortification? The online FAQ says:


    The Fortification penalty that reduces, by 1, all attack-
    ing Knights and Knights supporting the attack is applied
    during the actual resolution of the combat (step 5). This
    means that any bonuses to Knights from House Cards
    such as provided by AGOT’s Robb Stark card) are wasted.


    Step five of combat is after house cards are resolved(so the knights would be at a +3 instead of a +2) and the rules for fortifications say that the strength of opposing knights is reduced by one, which lead me to beleive that the knights would be left at a +2. However the FAQ states that Robb's ability is wasted, does this mean the knights are just a +2 like normal(which doesnt seem like a waste to me), or that they are actually still just a +1?


    2. Do sea areas count as "adjacent" to land areas for one time use orders with the raid icon?



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