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  1. The game is at its best with two players.
  2. I love the work you guys do. However, I wish that you'd stick to original intellectual properties, as opposed to Hell Boy etc. They exist in their own worlds, not in Tannhauser. I like the work you do within the Tannhauser-verse, and hope to see more in this direction. I don't understand the fascination with including characters from other fictions. Why not make a Darth Vader for Tannhauser, or even Mickey Mouse? Makes about as much sense as Indiana Jones or Hellboy.... I don't want this to sound offensive, I really like the work you guys do.... Guess my opinion is just for more focus on the Tannhauser universe, and how it relates to the game world. I think the additions you've made to the continuity are pretty sweet. Would love more of this.
  3. It'd be cool if in the first stage, when you're trying to deactivate the generators, Voivodes would be running around like fodder. They would be a minor nuisance during the first round of the scenario, maybe scoring a wound or two. I think that Asteros is kind of a boss. I haven't gotten the scenarios from the map pack yet. I was under the impression that Asteros could be semi-controllable/ harnessed in the campaign mode. I know he is just a normal legendary figure when you him.
  4. great, thank you very much. I failed to see that in the FAQ...
  5. Man, Yula sounds sweet. I wish I could find a copy of her! Anyone have any ideas?
  6. So, when the Shocktruppen uses keep firing, he doesn't lose his overwatch status until the end of the round. Does this mean, say for instance, that if an enemy soldier entered the same path as a shocktruppen using keepfiring, and wanted to approach him, and five spaces separate them. Would the enemy soldier be subject to five separate overwatch attacks, or would the shocktruppen only take one for entering the same path? There doesn't seem to be any clear answer in the rules. I understand that the shocktruppen doesn't lose the status, but does he make multiple attacks for a single transgression?(The book says you can make overwatch for a few reasons: moving onto same path, making an action while on the same path, or moving out of the same path.) And if he did only take one attack against the enemy, would the shocktruppen take one more when the enemy to their action after their movement to make his attack? Any help clearifying this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I also use the Iikaah with her. It gives any union troops sharing a path with the artifact a +1 to stamina. This can be huge, especially if you get surrounded or are playing domination or flag. That in combination with her Stamina pack, and the tactics highlighted above, actually make her pretty decent. She's almost purely a support character, with one big attack. I'm glad there is a semi active community for this game. It's a cool game, with an excellent world.
  8. Hahaha, awesome. I never noticed those girls. I wonder why the Matriarchy is mostly women. I understand the meaning of the word and all, but where are the dudes? I don't mind, I like the girl only force. I wonder if most of the Russian men are dead or something? Cool teaser, though.
  9. @drinkdrawers The Reich can score tons of damage by utilizing the union's strengths. Barry rolls 7 or better on mental duels, which makes his mind super easy to control. If Eva gets hot, and rolls a few tens, she scores critical hits for an extra wound, in addition to allowing the opponent only two shock dice. With Karl, you can his command pack and roll five dice with Doom. This is awesome, considering you can keep him around corners and out of range with ease. Stosstruppen, obvious. and the Shocktruppen, using mad minute, in conjunction with section chaos make them roll at six dice. Each player with the Reich can deal massive damage, if used properly. One could argue this comes back to rolls, however. Unless I'm mistaken, the Union relies on natural tens in order to roll additional die... otherwise most just roll at five. Berry does have six, but if you target him early i.e. bull rush with two stosstruppen... I think their both very even, as I said, with a slight edge to the Reich on virtue of adjustable strategies/ sneakiness.
  10. So I've been going over the chronology and the fluff in the revised rule book. I've come up with a couple of theories about the next faction to be released. I think there is a definite possibility that a Confederate army could be on the way. New Louisiana was formed by Robert E. Lee when he made a clandestine pact with some Voodoo witches. This could make for a cool team. Some old style Confederate soldiers using some semi-modern tech, as well as some Voodoo users and their Zombie minions. Could be a lot of cool options for these guys. My other theory is based off of the teaser in the back of the revised rule book. Rosebud seems to be reporting something in Japanese, Sanctuary, I think. I have a harder time imagining what exactly this team would be comprised of. Martial arts? Maybe Samurai? Maybe even dragons of some sort. Could be some cool Eastern style sorcery and what have you. Would be cool if they used new takes on traditional Japanese weapons, like bows and arrows and katanas and spears. I also thought that It'd be nice if they came up with some form of Axis powers, Allied powers dynamic. One that would allow some loose affiliations between the factions. We'd need a few more before this can happen of course. It sometimes feel unlikely that there would be a war that had this many opposing sides, seems nations generally manage to group together so they aren't fighting on multiple fronts. Let me know what you think, and what your ideas are for new factions. I read some stuff on the British force, and I liked that quite a bit. The Arthurian style knights... I love these brainstorming topics.
  11. New rules, no doubt about it. They allow for much more strategic game play. The ability to negate wounds with CP's and their liberal refreshment make for much more durable characters. I prefer this; characters can still die at the of a hat, their's just a few more safeguards and ways to play defensively. I don't think pistols are worthless... like with the original rule set, the game does come down to luck in the end. I would say the Reich and the Union are nearly perfectly balanced now, which makes for some truly epic battles.
  12. I don't think the game needs to be altered at all. I've played multiple times, and each has been very close. Both teams have strategies, but I seriously give the edge to the Reich. Karl, with his command pack, can attack with 5 dice at a range of 7 (8) with command point increase. Heizingers Patmos Amulet can keep the Union away from the Reich, forcing them out of range, destroying their own units, and eating activations. Eye of Hortus combined with the command pack makes any Union soldier sustain an automatic would if he tries to enter the same path as the Marquis General and fails the mental duel. With command points, this is entirely probable. I'd say the addition of Command Points in liberal qunatity have made the union's mental advantage very difficult to overcome. I find that as the Union, I have to rush in immediately, control the field with Ramirez/ Tala's ordinance, and destroy the Stasstruppen... Otherwise, if this isn't accomplished on the first few turns, it will be a long game. As with most stuff, this comes down to the rolls. Natural tens from union or Eva can spell certain doom. I would say if two novices are playing, Union has a huge advantage. If someone who knows the game, knows the packs, and can utilize patients and cunning, the Reich is the superior squad. I'd say hats off to FFG for making two balanced squads. I don't have the matriarchy yet, excited to see how they balance things out, Conclusion: Don't change/alter rules... perfect as is, learn better strategies. Great topic dude, keep up the good work.
  13. Does anyone know what happened with Yula? I literally just got into this game, and am a little disappointed that she is unavailable. Is there any known plan to re-release her? She is featured in the revised rules that came with my brand new game, yet online, she is nowhere to be found. Not even on Ebay. If anyone can help me find her, or has any news, it would be much appreciated. Also, the revised rules say that additional scenarios and bonus equipment are available online at fantasyflightgames.com... Does anyone know how I am supposed to access these? Thanks a lot for your help. I really like this game so far. Love the world. Game play is solid. I just want a Yula Korlitz! oh, and scenarios...
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