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  1. What a lovely book. The size and feel is the same as the core books for Star Wars. The artwork and content is amazing! It really gets me thinking...why doesn't FFG just produce Android:The RPG already?! Heck, most of the content of The Worlds is story seeds! I can't but think I'll flip a page and see some weapon stat table or skills. What if, instead of miniatures as some RPGs use, Android:RPG could incorporate Netrunner cards? What if FFG was redoing the art for Android (similar to Fury) and streamlining the rules/game (similar to Fury, Runebound, etc.) for a re-release? I wish I had enough money to commission both of those projects! If only I had won the Powerball, sigh.
  2. A quick look at the encounter/quest cards provides a pretty good idea that this game is entirely focused on being constantly under threat and less about exploring Middle Earth with questing. To me, not all "questing" is combat focused - it could be seeing a new place, meeting new people and the social interactions around the characters. I don't fault the game for any of it, it's just not for me.
  3. I won't be able to provide specifics as everything is all packed up ready to return. I thought it would be fun but it just felt like draw, exhaust, repeat with huge emphasis on hoping you pull good cards. Now, I realize it is a deck building card game (duh!), so hindsight I probably shouldn't have pulled the trigger. I was really hoping the game would have provided more a feeling of exploration/questing in Middle Earth with some combat. Instead, I felt constantly under threat with zero feeling of "exploring" Middle Earth.
  4. I just picked up the Core set from Amazon and played through the introductory scenario with a difficulty of 1. I played the Leadership deck, removed all "difficult" encounter cards (orange border in the circle thing) and started each Hero with 1 resource token. 2 rounds into the game, 2 Heros are dead and gone and the threat was at 40. Is the game really this hard?
  5. Async Multiplayer. Release as free with just enough free content to play the game. Then release cards as in app purchase. I'd buy it and the print games
  6. So awesome, my dream is becoming reality! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3272 I love you FFG!!!
  7. A Android pen and paper RPG from FFG would be my dream come true. If I win the lottery, I'd commission it
  8. First off, I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of Android. I love the entire game - the concept, mechanics, rules, artwork.. everything. It's a great balance of meta-gaming, some light RP, time management, strategy and luck. I bought both books and love them as well (looking forward to Identity books 2 and 3). I'm very excited to see something based in the Android universe! Elder Sign is a big hit with the wife and I and I see this as scratching the Android itch when time is short. The only thing I'm not really 'getting' is the cover artwork. It's a chic that is sort of a mashup of the Matrix/I, Robot/Minority Report. I'm not sure how 'she' fits into the concept of data thieving but whatever I'd love to see ANY sort of Android add-ons/expansions released (additional characters, murders, etc.) You guys should do something like Netrunner but set in the Android universe. Maybe something like the new Star Wars card game coming out or the existing LOTR LCG/Cthulu card games. Keep up the great work!
  9. Hey - good idea! I could just use the logo from the manual. I'll give that a shot. Something else I thought of, having the logo on the front and something on the back or vice versa. Thanks!
  10. Hi. There are various websites that allow you to upload a image and have a t-shirt made out of it. I want one with the Android logo as seen on the main page here: javascript:void(0);/*1296252280187*/ . The game is amazing and the logo is awesome. Any ideas how I can get that image so I can do this? Thanks. p.s. I really think FFG should look at getting into 'Apparel'. Not really everything but I think it would be super cool to be able to purchase a t-shirt of your favorite boardgames.
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