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  1. There's an Acclamator coming! I saw it stitched into Adar Tallon's underpants.
  2. Great solution! I just got my map laminated today then saw this. Do you think it will work on a laminated surface?
  3. Okay so yellow tech advances are in fact yellow tech advances, whereas yellow tech specialities (on planets) are known as colourless or general. Therefore one can have ''technology advances in all four colours", but not "planets with technology specialities in all 4 colours" or some such thing? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. I understand the system control part, I will look in the FAQ for any mention of Master of the Gates and the Creuss Wormhole.
  5. There is a Political Card that enables all types of wormholes to connect to one another. Does this include the Ghosts' D Wormhole? Because if it does, that political card allows anyone to attack the Ghosts rather easily at their homeworld.
  6. Well it says in the Shards of the Throne manual: "The yellow (general) Technology specialty works exactly like the red, green, and blue Technology specialties except that the yellow Technology specialty does not count for the purpose of fulfilling objectives" I think I might be seeing the issue now, I'm getting confused between yellow tech specialities and yellow tech advances.
  7. I have a question about the Ï have technology advances in all 4 colors" public objective. If the yellow tech is definitely not a colour (at least not for the purposes of other public tech objectives), why is the wording on the above card making the assumption that yellow tech advances are a colour? With my group we find it ambiguous as to when and how yellow tech advances can contribute to public objectives. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a question regarding the Lazax mech units but don't have my rulebook on me at the moment so I'll try to get it right. These mech counters are Strength 2 but each counter is only a single unit (like the normal soldier counters). Now, when a player is choosing how many units/strength to commit while setting up his battle dial, and he is the Lazax player and commits mech units, does he turn the dial to the number of units he's committing, or the total strength of the units he's committing? So for example the Lazax player is committing 4 mech units, nothing else. Does he turn the dial to 4, or to 8? Then lets say in another scenario the Lazax player has 2 soldiers and 2 mechs in the location where he is resolving a battle. if he only commits say 1 soldier and 1 mech, and loses the battle, could he choose to take 3 soldiers as casualties instead of the 1 mech and 1 soldier actually committed? Reason being, both options add up to a total strength of 3. The rulebook does not seem to be clear as to whether the player must remove the exact units he committed, or whether he can choose any from the 'pool' in the battle location. Thanks!
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