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  1. Okay, so over the weekend a group of us played 4 games of Base BSG. The numbers varied from 3 to 6, and it was an even 50/50 split of Cylon/Human victories, which seems pretty even (though the times the Cylons won they trounced hard). I've been reading the forum tonight and picking up on a few things I think our group may have been doing wrong, and just want to clarify. 1. The value of Nukes. What is it, honestly? From what we experienced, in the situations where it became bad enough that one might want to nuke it was always easier to just jump early. Destroying 1 Basestar and possibly 3 Raiders never seemed like a big deal to any of us. We never fired a nuke once in the four games. Coupled with this is destroying Basestars in general. I don't think we ever once even bothered damaging Basestars, we always just Weapon Controlled away the Raiders threatening Civvie Ships and when it got too swamped we jumped. In general the Cylon fleets never really seemed particularly threatening, especially since in the two games the humans won we made pretty much three consecutive jumps in a row without any Cylons showing up because we only ever got Raider/Heavy Raider activations when there were no Basestars. 2. Flowing on from point 1 was the priority of steps in Cylon Attack crisis cards. The cards seemed pretty clearly labelled 1. Activate "whatever" 2. Setup 3. Special Rule, but are these sequential or simultaneous? For the first two games we treated them sequentially, but after hitting a few Cylon Attacks where we supposedly activated Raiders before any of them showed up and then the whole fleet just sat around like idiots for the attack, they didn't seem very Crisis-like. So we ended up making the Setup occur first and activations second. 3. Damaging Galactica. During the process of the game we only ever assumed that the Galactica could be attacked by Basestars, and Raiders only if there were no Vipers out on the board. I know that the process of Raiders is Attack Vipers in same region > Attack Civs in same region > Move towards nearest Civs, but after that for whatever reason we assumed there was a Move Towards Nearest Viper priority before attacking Galactica. I take it this isn't the case? On the same note, victory by destruction of Galactica seems nearly impossible, even without Tyrol it seems far too easy to dash around repairing the few places that get hit. I assume this ties in with the Raider Swarms we probably missed out on. 4. Priority for Jumps. Is it Destination Jump > Lose Resources or is it Lose Resources > Destination Jump? We had a situation where the final jump beyond 8 would have reduced us to 0 Fuel, but weren't sure whether this was a game loss or a game victory, since it made sense to us that you'd arrive at the place before burning the fuel. 5. Cylons in the Brig. There were two points of contention/confusion here. First was whether Cylons could reveal themselves if they were brigged, and if so what the real benefit of slapping them in there is? Additionally, no matter how hard we looked there appeared to be no rule stating you couldn't Brig a revealed Cylon and pull them from Cylon locations, which one of the players tried to ruleshark hard to get human victory. 6. Sympathizer. Obviously a revealed sympathizer with more than half resources was a Cylon and ran off merrily, but below half is the Sympathizer a Human who wants to help the Cylons? What role are they supposed to play, exactly? Do the other humans want them out of the brig, should they be aiming to sabotage checks, or what? Finally, just looking for some opinions and suggestions. The two times that the Cylons won the humans got completely creamed, in situations that just seemed like there was no possible way to score a victory. In a 4 player game we ended up with a Cylon Sympathizer and a Cylon, who Brigged the president and ran off. The problem here was that the only other player was a pilot and as such was never able to get out the other Human player since they never had enough cards to cover off the check, what with not drawing into Politics or Tactics much, if at all. In a situation like that, where the two Cylons just match the humans card for card in sabotaging the check, is there much that can be done about it? How would you guys rank the characters, and what is a good spread/set-up for 4 player, 5 player and 6 player games with the base game? We found that Roslin and Boomer were awesome in the base game, but I found out that we were using Roslin's negative effect incorrectly. Boomer though, still seemed to be one of the best overall for her Crisis control, yet I've noticed she's not particularly well thought of. Any reason for this? Also, just as a final curiosity, what are the best ways to play as a) a Cylon from the very start b) a human all the way through and c) a Cylon from the Sleeper Agent phase who isn't immediately outed? Thanks for any responses guys, we all loved the game and look forward to getting the Pegasus and Exodus expansions as well. Hopefully I can make this place feel pretty much like home if we continue to keep playing. I'm the only one of the group that would probably seriously want to strategise and metagame the whole thing, so any assistance is appreciated.
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