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  1. Sad to hear this, FFG have served us well over the last years and I'm sad to see the relationship end. I'm also miffed with myself for having not yet picked up The Deep Realms before the announcement and the severe price increases on it. It is basically the only expansion I don't have, but 50-90 euros is simply too much.
  2. tarasis

    New player

    You could always point out a mistress would cost alot more I could but then she'd point out that I already collect (some) comics, limited edition soundtracks and Talisman expansions
  3. tarasis

    New player

    This has been an interesting thread to me. I saw this game when it first came out but opted not to get into it (to my regret now) in part because my son was too young to get into it and I knew if it was around he would want to play it. I was alway put off a little by the fact I knew I'd feel compelled to get lots of various ships and I could picture my wife getting a bit huffy about spending so much per tiny ship (she balks at the idea of paying €25 on a copy of King of Tokyo - she basically thinks everything costs too much). That said I've finally caved and I'm planning to order the base game tomorrow after I failed to find an English copy in Hamburg today though it will take 5-10 days for it to arrive. (I found a German copy, but I don't feel my German is good enough to have a German copy - maybe if I buy two base games I could get one German and one English). Are there ships that are now impossible to find from the earlier waves? Aka ships I should snap up if I happen to find them?
  4. We tend to play the same way as James, you need one more than your current stat level so the start of the game is faster (useful with kids as you feel your getting somewhere quicker though it gives them the false idea they can start tackling the Portal of Power and such)
  5. I would hope they would do a conversion kit for the previous release, but it guess that's unlikely. Honestly I really should sell my copy as I rarely play it though my son likes playing it.
  6. I understand exactly why it's not there (spells) but it was a little disappointing that async gaming wasn't supported.
  7. Yeah i would pass on a Master Edition having already bought all the other expansions. I like the idea of mini sets to between the corner boards. Or maybe an alternate middle region.
  8. Was just downloading the PDF's for the two most recent expansions and noticed that The Firelands is TM11 and The Nether Realm is TM13, so what then is TM12 and how comes it's taken longer to come out then the ones either side of it.
  9. Got my copy this morning, hoping to play it tomorrow or Saturday.
  10. Hey, you could have ordered two and I could have shared the postage costs
  11. I really wasn't expecting any more expansions to come out for Talisman, so to suddenly find out about 2 more has me over the moon. Looking forward to the Firelands and when I work out how to get it The Nether Realm.
  12. Would love to order The Nether Realm but $19 postage for a $15 expansion is a killer. Sadly its not on Amazon UK/DE, Leisure Games (UK) or Magierspiele (DE) so for now I have to do without :/ Hopefully it will either appear in those stores or I can get a friend to bring it over to a conference in 3 months and I can pick it up from them. This is the first expansion for 4E that I haven't been able to get yet.
  13. Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it. Hopefully a similar thing will occur with my son. We live in Germany, though we are British, so he is currently learning to read and write in Germany though can speak both English and German well. Something like this might help Kickstart his English reading.
  14. I like the idea of tying the city to the day / night mechanic and baring the werewolf or at least giving a high chance to it being caught and thrown in jail / killed. (Lose one live and move x squares towards the exit as you run away from the city guards)
  15. I'd prefer the Forest corner over something like Timescape (never played it but also had no interest in it). The Sea idea could be interesting too.
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