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  1. I'm looking to start my first DH game soon, but I have GM'ed many games of other systems, Star Wars (West End Games Version) and anything you care to mention from Whitewolf, D&D (many different editions) and Stargate (which has the greatest planet maker in it). So I have come across this probably many many times. So I've come up with a method for planning stories that many GM probably use. To prepare you for the players wondering off your script (which all players will do, no matter how obvious the clues) I find that I write the start of the plot, how I get my PC's going where I want them to go. Good description but open ended of what I want them to do (the mission), then for myself what's going on, and who know's what, where the major clues are and how i would like the Pc's to find them, and a conclusion, my story as a whole. then I write notes about the area/s that the PC's will be in, detailing likely NPC's, a list of Character Names and Jobs, so that when the playeres inevetably wander off course and start questioning a random NPC i have a name from my list/job which leads me to what he may know from my list of notes. Stick in a few encounters on your notes sheet to give the PC's some action job done. Next time you start a story read it back through and think to yourself "If I was playing this how could I mess this plot up? How can I stumble as far away from the many story as I can possibly get?" players will always do the strangest things, just remember that somewhere a GM is having a harder time than you trying to tell his story. Hopes this helps somewhat
  2. Interesting thread, not having played a game to that rank i can't really comment, it works as an elite advance. As a 40K tabletop player that has faced Storm Troopers on many occassions the idea that they are comparable to a Space Marine is laughable, and as for doing most of their killing in close combat, the Hot-Shot Las Gun is exclusively used by Storm Troopers which indicated that they are primarly a shooting style. While both better trained and better equiped than a standard gaurdsman, most would rely on their Carapace armour and blasting the mwith Hot-shot than dodging or parring. So for me it makes sense that they left it out. It may be that it's included in the Storm Trooper package in Ascension.
  3. I've found this thread somewhat interesting as both a GM for DH and a 40k player, most of you seem to have missed something, it's not a progression from scout to a tactical marine (the normal marine) atleast with codex chapters, as a scout would first spend many years as a devestator, then he would become an assualt marine before truely proving himself to become a tactical marine, and that would be long before his induction to a Deathwatch kill-team. As different Chapters have different ways of inducting their new members it would be far too complicated to put into the rank system used. As an example Space Wolves newly inducted marines start as Blood Claws with all the space marine inplants and power armour
  4. I've never run a DH game that large but have a Vampire: The Masquarade game for 15 players, that was incredible, fortunately for me i have mostly experienced players and was familiar with the setting. They mostly spent the night arguing with each other, and blaming one another for the incident that a NPC had cuase but they all like for different reasons. The gaming session lasted 8 hours. Mad for trying, no, now you know that it's a load of work and will take large amounts of prep to do again. I've not used an assistant when GM'ing and would want to either, I do find having experienced players help if combat does break out especially if their no involved. it could be worse you could be running DH for all 11 players as 2 seperate cadre's that work for different Inquistor's that don't like each other, and the only time you get all 11 together if for the end of story fight, weather that's against a big bad or each other is always interesting.
  5. As a new group you could always do a murder mystery type game on the transport to their first mission, this would bring them together as a group and it could be they themselves are framed for it only to find that it's another group of Acolytes from a different inquistor testing one of his opponents pawns, of course he'll denie it, and who are Acolytes to accuse an Inquistor?
  6. I've not really been able to use music to add to the setting in my games, something about the way the group works, but i have played in a group that did, the picked musical scores based on "what would be playing if this scene was in a movie?" so we had from the downright creepy to the ultra high techno music, even set one session up with surround sounds as we mused through a large manor house with a party in full swing, with different music in different sections of the house playing through the different speakers, it was really well done but must have taken hi hours to sort it. I have found that some groups don't work well with added music but a full description of the sites sounds and background noises does help. I have intended to use some music, but would go for the movie appoach so as a suggestion Hans Zimmerman (too many films to mention) and Greg Harrison is think that's his name (musical score for MGS1 -MGS4 as well as Speed and Speed 2), for most story lines would work and more classical for Noble estates and parties unless they are creeping about, and industial for most hive would probably work.
  7. As a Pysker s/he's more likely to accepted by Tzeentch than Khorne, and my interpretation of Corruption is not a raving pyscho it's that he's fallen to his own needs and wants. His/her Ego is now running things in his/her brain, and will do "anything" to get them no matter how depraved, but some things still take planning. In this state the character should definately be in your hands unless you intend to write some sorry on the character crossing that boarder and fighting it's way back, perhaps with the help of the other players, as a player can spend XP to reduce IP/CP it is a possiblity. As a Suggestion to that have the other players walk in on him/her performing some Ritual to call forth a daemon that can grant him/her the power s/he seeks, but the distrurbance in the ritual causes it to go badly wrong and the players end up running through a mind scape of the pyskers mind fighting off the corruption, Inception sytle.
  8. Valdek

    Hiring Acolytes

    I can answer you concerns regarding Ascension, you don't have money you have and influence stat as a cadre and you roll it like any other stat to requistion things, from ammo and personel to PDF and Imperial Guard Regiments to command, but with that your influence is constrained by other inquistors. It's a strange thing, but as a single stat covers, requistioning things, moving wealth, gaining information and much much more, ascension politics are only slightly less complicated that Vampire:The Masquarade elder politics. As for recruiting NPC's if the option is there then i can't see why you would but remember a starting DH character is supposed to be the cream of the crop, has some special, and most Imperial citizens are afraid of the "unknown".
  9. Interesting Question, I think your GM may have mis-read the "rules" on Pysker's but it's his choice as what he uses. A starting WP of 47 is massive. Seriously impressive, only recently looking at the DH book, i would have thought the max starting WP was 45 for a Void Born. As for Pysker's being godly even with your massive WP stat, I have only thing to say KHORNE DAEMONS only followed by a GM's favourite word when you have a powerful char IMMUNE.
  10. Not Radical at all, actually quite apt for Dark Heresy, it covers quite a bit of the DH:Ascension book, every Inquistor is an induvidual with an unlimited remit to fill and all see heresy differently then only thing keeping them in check is each other. Yay high politics on the Imperium
  11. Just caught up on most of the posts, and have to say some of the best forum stuff i've read in a while. I've only recently started collecting and plan on running a game of DH but for what counts as a Heresy DH:Ascension has quite a lot helpful information. Most importantly that Heresy is all in the eye of the beholder. You could be put on trail and convicted of heresy by one inquistor or just silenced by another, likewise other might find you completely innocent. It all depends on their methods. I think that the line is very blurred to allow the players to make up their minds what counts, and take action on it, whether that it direct, indirect or nothing, but they have to be prepared for the consequences that they are going to annoy someone, from the inquistor they work for (if acolytes) to other inquistors not to mention other branches or the Adepta. I hope that in someway helped a little. As for Tomb Robbing, only Heroes or high classes get buried as I read the setting, and some gaves might not be human, remember that there are 3 enemies of the Imperium "within", "without" and "beyond" and all ordos' will investigate what ever they feel like but will have more experience with one. Radical or Puritan you choose?
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