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  1. Cool, genestealer cults, single genestealer on a ship at warp, lots of dark places to hide and combat will be brutal when it happens possibly get the players jumping at shadows. As for high lvl challenges without fear of course, if you don't want them to test for fear don't make them. You can always adpt the monsters/creatures/bad guys anyway you want, you are after all the closest thing to the Empourer in your game.
  2. Resident Rules Lawer + Duct Tape = Sorted, and if you get un involved player to do it you can focus on everyone else.
  3. last suggestion, Pick your story, you don't have to have so many things happening, Use finese to tell the story, your players are likely to suprise you if you emerse them in the grim dark future of 40K. Start simple, grand plots start out simple, Lord of the rings overall plot is about getting a ring to a volcano, simple but the things that happen on the way make it epic. For a game to be truely epic you want yor players planning what their doing, talking about the game when they're not there, and going on about it years after. I have some very fond memories of some vampire games, and some very silly moments of other games. The Tyrant Star is supposed to be random, freakish and unpredicable, if it appears at the end of the story, it should be with questions and very few answers, as your players are first going to have to find out what it is. then find someone that is willing to talk to them about it, i can see many inquistors telling them "you don't have clearance" or something to that effect. If you don't like the Cults presented, make your own, I have The Burning Soul lead by a charming and charismatic Cleric Damien Emberbridge, but that's all your getting, My players visit this site from time to time.
  4. As posted the Arbiter's don't deal with local crime that's done by local law enforcement/enforcers or pdf depending of the governor, they are more like the KGB or the Gastapo than the FBI. They make sure the planet pays it's tithe, has no dealings with enemies of man, and the imperial creed is kept, they also make sure the world stays in the imperium. As they are from different world to the one they are serving on they have no compuntion to deal with anything else, how ever many Arbiter teams may form Special Task units of local law enforcement, much like SWAT, if local couldn't deal with a problem that would say threaten production and therefore the tithe they would act. Are the Inquistor's making it up as they are going along? Simple answer, YES. They have an unlimited remit, with more enemies than allies, absolute power and the ability to destroy worlds, the only thing keeping them in check is each other and sometimes that doesn't work. As for the Players, what laws they choose to follow is up to them, they must completet that tasks set by their inquistor, if they wish to remain covert then they will abide local law (mostly), and keep to the Imperial Creed until it serves them not to, and therefore passing down the road of Puritan to Radical and maybe back again, but for every player it will be different. The only person the players will have to answer to most of the time is thier inquistor, but likewise he will have to answer to other inquistor's for the actions of his acolytes if they are to radical and too open about it.
  5. thanks Corvald, there is a copy of the notation and reliablity numbers in the Space Marine 5th edition codex, I'm sure i've seen it in a DH book too, but for the life of me couldn't fine it.
  6. I have a suggestion for that, getting more info on the Sister history and what not. Jervis Johnson, he should be the man in the know and now as GW has joined the 20 century and got a facebook page I wonder if the Head of Design at GW would answer a few questions?
  7. Having read the Imperial date bit over and over again to understand it, coupled with the TT codecies that use the same dating system I have come across a quite interesting question. If the Dating system is 'r'ddd'yyy'M'mm' R for reliablity, the ddd for day, yyy for year and Mmm for millenium. Some of the dates refer to more than 365 days to a year in fact they suggest 1000. This system is used for all offical documents and communication. Does this mean that it's used to tell ones age too, if so does this mean the human race has evolved to a point that it ages slower? If this is not the case and humans age one years as 365 days (As an example as every world would have a slight different orbit), then people live a bloody long time, some of the inquistors are over 400 years old, is this standard terran years or imperial years, if it's imperial years then that 400000 days old which is 1095 years old as we understand them. It makes the mind boggle.
  8. Nimon, it's a shame i don't live any where near you, and haven't finished assembling my Space Wolf army, i would be happy to give that game a go. I have faced SoB's on TT many times with CSM although different in build mostly the same in stats and at 1500 pts never lost a game. But it has always been an Interesting game with heavy casualites of both sides. Sadly with no new inquistion book for the TT due anytime soon, i'm afraid that new SM especially the ones with their own chapter book would win more times than not as the rules for the last Witch hunters codex are now very very broken. I think though it may be time to end the discussion on who wins. For game sake discuss it with the GM about equipment and house rule it, that's simple. As for another edition I did read somewhere that FFG where stopping DH in July, not sure how true it was though. I bloody well hope not, just started collecting the books a couple of months ago. If they do, do another edition it would probbably best to take White Wolf's approach and do a core book the sets the universe up with creation rules for "everyday joe's" then have DH, RT, and DW all with the own books that use the core system and setting with additional charcter gen rules, this does balance the systems. Unfortunately I can still forsee if they were to do that that SoB's would still probably get the short end of the stick.
  9. I think as I said before that it's just about scaling for the different games, but what ever works for your group. Some posted above somewhere that Space Marines are "hulking" in their armour, this is incorrect, they would be if it wasn't for their Black Carapace that interfaces directly into the armour allowing them to move it much more easily, and therefore still be a pain to hit. I'm unsure if the Sister's version has something similar for them, but the armour on the models was definately more sleek but did provide the same save. As for the size of a space marine that has changed over the course of 40K, when I started TT 10 years ago, a Marine was described as being over 9ft tall and built like the proverbal outhouse, then with the armour on top made them truely monstrous, but times have changed and Codex Pictures has shown most of us what a marine looks like, how they move, and what Ultramarines sound like, british for the most part. I understand completely that you want the arms and armour the same, especially as some versions have been used at the same time. As for Roleplaying any character in DH/RT/DW, most will fall into a "cookie cutter" set of skills and talents, this allows FFG to release more books and therefore make more money by adding variety. IMO induvidually a sister is not as good, powerful, potent or skilled as a battle brother (no I'm not a SM player, i'm a tyranid player you imperial sort all die the same). Fact of the matter is there are only a handful of marines out there, 100,000 marines across the galaxy approx. There is probably 100000 times that of sisters. Marines get the best arms and armour because of their links to the Machine Cult, some get better and more than others. Sisters did used to get some unquie things for the TT that haven't carried over, vehicles mainly. Sisters bridge the gap between Imperial Guard and Space Marines. While equipped better than the Imperial Guard and mostly on par with Space Marines, they lack the enhancements that allow them to use all the equipement to it's fullest. This is replaced with moments of ultimate power through faith, brief flashes on a sea of darkness. Adding a little extra fuel to the fire Grey Knights, we have the Hereticus Militant - Sister of Battle, Xenos Militant - Deathwatch, and although it'll be more Marines Maellus Militant - Grey knights, this does interest me, as they are yet more powerful than Deathwatch with all of them trained pyskers, and equipped in even better gear.
  10. I did that in Cyberpunk 2020, eveey NPC of any worth has a sheet, and even grunts by the bucket load had a sheet with a bit of paper attach so i could cross them off as they died. I got to a point of when my pc's killed my NPC someone would get the sheet thrown at them to bin (they were normally nearer).
  11. I would say though that difference is for scale of baddies, if your a sister playing in DW game the your bolter should be equally scaled, but bolters in DH for what i've seen only do 1d10+5X. So easily sorted by scaling the dam dependant on the game.
  12. you seem to have a problem in why you choose the scum's family. It's come across as he is an outcast from a noble family or they have a past that has been hidden away. If he's an outcast from the family being scum, then you have an addtional problem, why would they request his presence? I have an answer, take an important family member, say the head of the house, the player's father. He recently pasted away, the circumstances of this could be a whole host of things. This would require your player to return home, for the raising of the next house head (family tradition) and the reading of the will, it could be a time that all misdeads and bad blood can and is sorted out (yet again family tradition, with a new head comes a new slate kinda thing)(this does mean that the eldest son (next in line) may have had a hand in doing away with his father, perhaps bored he has fell in with some members of the PoH and is a willing subject. As for destroying the head of the Inquistion, only on the planet, the main cabal meets on a moon base from what I remember form the Ascension book. So this means that you'll lose lots of acolyte style NPC's with the vast majority of Inquistors out somewhere in the sector. masses of destruction but setting the players on a monumental course that should see them to full inquistoral rank, perhaps have their inquisitor killed in the explosion, making it yet that little bit more personal, removing a powerful ally, and even cutting their contact with the Inquisition until the whole mess is sorted. You posted "even if they succeed". They should succeed, failure means death, and if you kill them off your not going to get to finish your story. Your players should always succeed, it shouldn't be easy, or handed to them, they should have to work for it, but they should ultimately succeed. I prefer as dying words from the Prophet something like "Know this, the Hive shall be consumed with the fire of a new sun, and from it's ashes we shall rise" obviously with coughs of blood and various other things for his death scene. You have a lot of prep work ahead of you. I'm in a similar boat, just starting writing my first campaign for a brand new to 40K universe and system group. I don't like pre-written adventures, they always feel artifical. Remember something that has always helped me plan other adventure "No plan survives contact with the Enemy" best of luck
  13. I see Sisters of Battle as the most stero-typical paladin (couldn't find a better word), full of vitue and incorruptable, willing to face the greatest odds for their faith and the Empourer. Going undercover, is a tricky thing, going incoginto not so difficult, inflitrating a Heretical Cult not going to happen, the book suggest that if you suggested such a thing to a Sister she would purge you happily. While all Sister's may not prescribe to the burn it first burn it second and when everything is dead burn it some more approach that is the most typical. Some may be far more subtle and sneaky, but their faith will not allow them do certain things. This makes for a more narrow view than many players and does restrict their involvement in some activities but also help the Acolytes stick to a Puritan path, if you want your players to go Radical then don't have a sister in the group, she will or atleast should kill them. If however the rest of your players can convince, trick or otherwise get a sister to perform heretical acts, it would make for some great roleplaying when she finally comes to her senses. Lastly just because the are at heart sisters are Empourer crazed Zealots, does not mean they don't know restraint, or self control. There a very few instants that a Sister doesn't know what she's doing. They maybe Zealots but they aren't madwomen. Others may see them as such, but if your from that kind of upbringing and faith and you see something that offends you and you can deal with it, you would.
  14. Ahhhhh yes the ripper gun, from what I recall of the fluff about it it's pretty much an auto Shotgun that fires extremely large sheels much like a 50cal, and doubles as a melee weapon. Fantastic bit of kit.
  15. As I understand the combat system, which may or may not be completely wrong, if you have 2 combatants say Iniative rolls of 7 and 8 for A and B respectively. If B chooses to delay spend a half action to act later in the round, perhaps he's expecting some special to happen or the other player to arrive. Combatant A then acts, if B does not use his half action before the Iniative counter reachs 0 the end of that turn he would then lose that half action. it would then be a new turn, starting again from the top of the iniative. Delay is something that most players will rarely use, and the easiest way to GM it is to use cinematic combat, if player A delays to shoot enemy B when he breaks cover even if he's doing so tactically, then the player wins, he's ready for him to move, apply half the cover as it a tactical move.
  16. I've played in games where two completely different systems have been crossed, we went for a different approach, instead of converting to a single system, the players used the system they were playing in, so a DH chars you would role as if they were DH Creatures to kill, and vice versa, they would treat you a D&D monsters. The only problem with I can see if they have a fair amount a HP and you have about 20 wounds a mage is going to wipe the floor with you with fireball, but then you'd still get your dodge to ignore the dam. As your armour isn't D&D armour you count as having a AC of 10 like wise their armour grants them no protection at all. Normally when this happens chaos is the only winner.
  17. As above, you have so many ways to get your player's involved, you could always go for the framed option too, set the players up by the real killer, or even by someone else trying to find out who the real killer is. Then your players have a real vested interest in figuring it out as they gonna get the blame if they don't and the only thing standing between them and an exploding collar is thier inquistor, he can hold up the law for <set time limit> before he attracts too much attention of his superiors. Watch out for your players getting to much of a murder mystery film vibe too, they my just shoot the Butler, I know I would, it's always them.
  18. Battle_Sister_Huber you suffer from the same problem I do, that you are both a roleplayer and a table top player. I've played against SoB's many times and they are hard as nails, not normally as hard as SM but that's what the points difference is for. As for the the Armour not having read it but does the Sister armour make you Hulking as power armour without black carapace increases your size to hulking making you easier to hit. Remembering what the models look like it shouldn't do, the sister armour is sleeker. I had this problem when I looked over the Tyranid stuff, being a long time player but they have done them justice, fast and frightning. Bring on Dreadnoughts for DW and Penent Engines for Sisters.
  19. As a 40K table-top player i've struggled with some of these as most of my group have no idea about the 40K universe. I have read, re-read and made my own group of notes, for what I can gather every planet or system has it's own faith. Before you quote and counter that let me explain. Take a non imperial human world with it's own culture and faith that does not include the empourer as God. Enter the Imperial Guard, Navy and any other arm of the military to claim said world. Enter the Adptus to adminstrate the world include doctoring it's faith to the Imperial Creed. Hey presto a new version of the Imperial Faith making it a different to another world or system depending on the influence. The Ministorum keep track of all these different methods, which is how world do not go to war for differences in worship as it's sanctioned but sometime more deviant version exsist and have to be removed these would fall into the category of heresy. As for Sin, it would be different on every world, ship and may even change on the same world. As someone has posted above if SoB are celebate is a matter of great debate, it's not something take you'd talk about with a SoB, she's likely to purge you with bolter and or flamer depending on her mood.
  20. For keeping track of NPC's I use lined paper, and just write notes like crazy, but if you want important NPC sheets just use the Character Sheets from the Support section on this site.
  21. Face Eater said: 2) Use a two handed weapon, can't parry (usually), hits hard and can't be quick drawn. Good if even with bonuses you are going to dodge anyway. I beg to disagree with the above statement, the can't parry bit atleast. Many 2 handed weapons are perfectly capable of being used to parry, Quarter Staves, seven section staves, hand and half swords, two handed swords, even axes can all be used to parry, while many may not be possess the balanced or defensive qualities player can still attempt to parry. I think that each weapon has to be looked at induvidually and both players and GM's should agree on the effects if it's not a listed item or has multiple rules. And the easy way to ensure that it remains balanced is remiind your players anything that a PC can do an NPC can do too.
  22. thanks guys for all the responses, I orginally intended to have an Ogryn as one of the PC's inquistor's cadre, the more stero-typical big dumb brute of a meat shield for an aging former arbiter. So not designing for a player, I just wanted other peoples opinions and/or direction to any books which you have posted. Thanks for the website with the abhuman stuff, very interesting. Here's hoping the FFG do release something. As for Ogryn's being unbalanced for DH, with a high toughness and maybe the unnatural trait and plenty of wounds as well as not being the brightest induviduals can be quite fun, but would generally end up you being the target of massive amounts of damage being bigger and therefore a more obvious threat. Also the Inquistion only recruits the best of best or so the fluff goes, and PC's by the fact they are PC's are better than that. I think the idea for a squad of Ogryn Arbiters "The Problem Solvers" could be quite amusing, a 5 man Arbiter extreme suppression force. A last resort option even for arbiters. As a GM i think I will keep them to an NPC capacity for the moment until i get a better feel for the game balance with them forfilling their store-typical role as body guards. Thanks again
  23. I want peoples advice/opinions or simply pointing to a book with them in. How would you go about constructing Orgyns or Ratlings? For those that don't know what an Ogryn is, it's an accepted mutation of the Human genome producing a sub-race that serves in the Imperial Guard as elite soldiers and bodyguards. They are hulking, strong, tough and durable but not too intelligent, and loyal like a dog. Any suggestion of Carrer's other than Guardsmen? Ratlings are another Elite Trooper with the Imperial Guard, these to are a mutation of the human genome that has produced a sub race of child-like agile, nimble sharpshooters. And yet again any Suggestions on carrer's other than Guardsmen and Assassin?
  24. Great Idea, knowing from experience various other games that have been run doing similar things some players get bored, and some are impossible to make paranoid. Reading it, it conjured up images of Ghost Ship, Cube, and Event Horizon combined together. It would be interesting to pull off, i think that the "murder room" for the sake of fitting into DH would probably best having an Entity of Khorne at it's center or even being a relic Vault.
  25. Interesting, I don't think i've read Damned Cities, but as for a trigger happy player, easy to control, limit ammo, ammo cost thrones and can be relatively difficult to come across if you make it so, if the other players rarely use there weapons this isn't much of a problem for them. As for getting them back on track if they have blown their cover then i would assume that the undertow can find that out and may offer to meet with the players again somewhere where weapons aren't allowed, but i would treat them as most suspicious and hostile, not nessarily at the point of attacking the players but definately not to favourable and have the trigger happy one have to give something up to applease them and make them more "helpful".
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