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  1. By doing this you nullify the swift attack talent for melee, as it allows you to make 2 melee attacks as a full action, the point of the slow one one melee attack and one single shot while moving make far more sense if you have ever been paintballing or live action as hitting something when moving 2-3 metres (agi 20-39) as a move action if actually pretty difficult, and unless you very very skilled firing ACCURATELY a semi automatic weapon twice on single fire with recoil in 5 seconds would put you some where in the top few percent of all weapon users. My thoughts on the matter, and as a player and a ref i think my group will stick to the stuff in the books.
  2. My Two cents: Firstly there are many types of CSM, those that are pledged to the choas gods, those that are pirates such as the red corsiars, and those that are mercs for want of a better word. you need to be specific in what type of marine he is. The next thing that springs to mind is what sort of marine is he, (for those that do TT) Tactical, jumppacker, heavy weapons, melee specialist, sourcerer? Even a 1000 year of choas worshipping tactical style marine while very skilled and quite scary looking might not cause fear but maybe very intimidating, where are a 1000 year old Sourcerer of Tzeentch with demonic pacts and investments could be very very scary and cause fear just by standing there. second is the way they meet, for those that have the gamemasters kit should have read the adventure that is in there, the body piles in the mill cause fear 1 so the scene is just as important as the marine.
  3. As strange as it sounds i haven't set mine in a particular year, the players haven't asked for a date so unless you really need it don't worry about setting a date, as for the events listed in books you can have them happen whenever you like you are the contact between your players and the universe.
  4. Sounds interesting take on the end of the 40k universe, please stop giving GW ways out. Seriously cool idea, a contained "world" to your players to stubble about in, and eventually learn that "The Truth is Out There"
  5. I would say there is one exception to limiting your players equipment, but your players should be making that choice. A Banquet, an invition to a ball or some other noble shindig, whilst being dressed in finery it's difficult to blend in with noblitly wearing armour, or talk to someone toting a bolter, while most player would want to take them (rightfully) it just doesn't help them to be so obvious.
  6. I've just mid way through reading Disciples of Dark Gods, and it inffers that the Eldar don't have any maiden worlds in the Calaxis Sector of space as the Eldar see the area as cursed. Most puritan Inquisitors wouldn't "deal" with the Eldar by negotigation, rather sharp end of a sword or the business end of a gun. You could have some riuns on said world that contained the "relic" that the Eldar want, there could also be a webway portal on the world, left over from eons past that the eldar used to get there, now you players have the choice a battle on three fronts, the orks, the eldar and the heretek. The eldar are going to go after the relic regardless, as probably are the players, team up or destroy each other before the orks get there. My two cents feel free to ignore it all
  7. The encounter above sounds like it will be a blast, a quick question are Spinter weapons listed anywhere? Their TT counter parts are a poisoned weapon, are you going to be inplimenting that too, it's supposed to be a instant acting but slow and painful death poison. For one of your named DE you could use a Wych, fast like all eldar but a master of close combat, but wear nothing in the way of armour but is capable of dodging almost anything. The weapon your looking for that has driven the to minions of bullet dam soaking to frothing madness is an Agoniser it's a whip like device. Could you let us know how this encounter turns out? Did it meet your predictions? As for sorting out Encounters, I have a low rank group, just coming to rank 3, of 5 players. They are on a Hive world of my own making, so I have had them attacked by gangers, I used the scum stat block from the back of the DH book with a Skulker as their boss, and hit them with 12 scum and the skuler in an ambush, and due to some good rolling my group ended the fight after 3 rounds with many of the scum running for thier lives from my greatsword weilding noble scottish guardsman Shiv MacTavish, as his first action was a charge followed by a rightoues fury hit doing nearly 40 points opf dam, now just because minions don't deserve critical hits there is no reason you can't embelish deaths, the rest of the group where systematic about who to attack next and with WS and BS skills of low rent scum being 23 i did as the GM a whoping 5 points of dam by the time the fight had finished. I think the easiest way to plan your encounters is to work out how often you actually expect to hit, WS/BS 23 not very but you start with some of the more powerful monster/creatures and induviduals and you could get all the way to WS/BS 80 at which point they are going to be dealing dam pretty consistantly. Never be afriad to try something, if it all starts going badly wrong have some help show up, even if it's just to take the pressure of your players, if you have a demon that is owning your players have a mob of peasants/gangers/arbiters even Space Marines if it warrants, if you have to use Space Marines to save your players don't have them stick around, no sooner do they land the job gets done do they leave, have a few of them killed but make sure the pc's feel like they achieved something, even if it was just getting the demon to come out.
  8. I have a new group to DH and the way i got them together was the suggestion from the Ascension book for putting high rank characters together. Once your group have made their charcters, bought their stuff and spent their starting XP but before you start with your campaign. Introduce them to their Inquisitor, they all have that in common. Next comes a tricker part, give them a title task, this can be anything from recovery on <insert planet> to purge of the <insert alien>, have them tell you what happened, no rolls, like a mission report to their Inquisitor, you can prod them along and reign in the numbers and extravagance, but it makes your group think about how they have worked together, they all know one another. Then if your feeling really generous you can hand them out some XP say 100 tops as it is an hour or so well spent and may even give you as the GM more insight into your players and characters. hope it helps
  9. I know it's a TT source but the Eldar Codex does state that Exarchs don't leave their temples except when called to fight, so it's unlikely to be an exarch of any sort, something to bare in mind if you have a knowledgable 40K group. As a suggestion it could just be a concerned citizen as all Eldar train in the Warrior Path for some time anyway, s/he may be a diplomat, or learning in some other path. You could go really wild hand have him as a Xenobiologist, he's on a sceince path to study the enemies and potential allies for his craftworld, as Eldar stay dedicated to their chosen path for many years, it's not impossible for him to team up with a more Radical Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos for an extended period this may be the duration of the Inquisitor's life.
  10. As for limiting gear, uness you have a pretty high rank groupvery very wealthy group that has purchased lots of equipment there really is no need to limit it, Genestealers are a hard beast to put down. Their speedagility are frightening as well as if they engage it in the cave system in the dark it will have suvival thriller written all over it (a la alien). If the king is largely unaware of the Imperium as are his people, if strangers show up toting gunspower weapons they will be seen to be Godly, shamans, mysticsdemonsdevils, punishment from on high, the local minstorum may use the players arrival to reinforce the God-Empourer. I would allow the players to decide on what level of weaponry they take with them, that way when they face the genestealer with only primitive weaponsonly melee weapons it's their own dam fault, but if they insist on bring heavy weaponspower weapons have then treated like gods if they show them off, wizards of the highest regard to be worshipedfearedsee what they do,to make the genestealer fight still interestinga challenge do it in a dark, dank cave that has lots of iron in that throws off auspexwith the dark conditions the players will need to bring the light. Have fun
  11. For my Two Cents, as people has posted above, but thst will make little difference if your GM disagrees. If this Inquisitor is going to be a GM tool for a group of Thrne Agents then it's less necessary to flesh him out so. A thing to remember is the Absolute power doesn't necassily corrupt absolutely but it certainly does hunger for more power. At Ascensioneven before then you have people in powerful places in every organsation within the 40K universe via'ing for power, the Inquistion member fight amongst themselves as do member of the Minstorum, Adminstratum,planetry governours even try to out do one another. So just becuase some members like you, other members are going to despise you, that's the nature of the beast.
  12. Valdek

    Combat Actions

    Thankyou so much for the combat action sheets, I'm sure my group will love them, now time to printlaminate them
  13. I'm unsure if it's been linked to previosly but I have a new to DH group and could do with printable version of the Combat Action Table, anone know anywhere that has one?
  14. Polaria said: This is why I say TAs in new codex are truly monstrous, well beyond space marines. We are talking about WS8, BS8, S/T4, I7, A4. In very simple terms if we leave ouit Monstrous Creatures (like C'Tans, Greater Daemons, Avatars) I can find only three (3) characters that have a realistic chance of surviving against TA in close-combat: Marneus Calgar of Ultramarines, Darnath Lysander of Imperial Fists and Lelith Herispex. Of these Marneus and Darnath only probably survive because they are **** tough and can instant kill the TA with one strike due to their powerfists/hammers. Lelith has a fighting chance because she can dodge bullets and is of these three the only one who actually attacks faster than TAs do. You forgot Logan Grimhammer Great Wolf of the Space Wolves, he has the added bonus of striking on 3's regardless of WS and can be S8 with his mingy axe. WS/BS8 S/T4 and I7 are nothnig really to fear on the TT game even with poisoned 2+ weapons, it's the points cost for something that skilled if it's less than 200 I'd be very suprised. Taking Monsterous Creatures out is unfair my Hive Tyrant Squishes the upstart wannabe killer.
  15. I like i may have to borrow it for my game. It all makes sense, a secret organisation in plain view, a gang is a very good cover, means constant training as gang life is harsh but if you can't survive it your not cut out for the Cult. People who should know of their presence do, the Arbiters don't necessarily need to know law enforcement is not their thing really, as long as the cult don't disrupt the tithe then the arbiters will have very little dealing with them anyway, unless they hire them from time to time to remove "problems" that an arbiter squad is just too public for. Now that you've made your Cult you can sort attire and daily routines as now you have an idea about how they operate. The Gang now need a ruthless name, The Bladed Scorpians, The Serrated Vipers, or something similar. Keep us posted on how they flesh out and the players interact with them.
  16. It seems your psyker is doing it for kicks, at random for no real reason other than to amuse himself. Firstly as a GM you should warn the player that this is unacceptable behaviour for a member of the cell, inquisition and that continuing with using his powers for his own amusement will result in consequences. Then if he continues simply roll perils for his hubris, and you can explain it in game as well as the more power he keeps throwing out the more attention he draws to himself in the warp, the more the other players emotions of anger stir the warp until it has to do something to balance itself out in the local area. Another method : taste of his own medicine Have a Heretic Pysker use the power on him then disappear into the crowd, the other players are likely to give chase, but have him disappear, then pop back up over the course of a session to repeat the event and see how he likes it as a player.
  17. Firstly your pykers, they will bear the imperial brand somewhere about there person, this is there sanction brand, normally it's the aquilla on the forehead, so clearly they work for the Empourer. If any of the locals doubt that, then they are players, better equipped and better skilled than your average joe, so let them crack some skulls if that's what it takes, perhaps you could have a more tolerant villager tell teh mnot to leave their pyker friends alone anywhere. Second that's up to your players but they better be able to explain when asked. Orks are a bad idea. Although Orks live to fight, they don't generally take sides and a small infestion would quickly turn into a large one. Orks reproduce via spores, one ork can breed atleast 10 in one sporing. Meaning that you would then need to cleanse the planet afterwards anyway, so why would your players simply not virus bomb it, the tomb will still be there as virus bombs just consume living matter. Feral Beasts, Mountain Men, perhaps even revolutionaries would be much better. Ancient Xenos device, cool go for it, it's not like the players will get to keep it, the Adeptus Mechanius will want it to "study", yet again the players will not only have to find it but figure out how the **** thing works.
  18. As I understood Imperial Death Cults a lot of their recruits are orphans, groomed from a very young age to be killers for the Offico Assassinium, much like Sister of Battle and Commissars are training form a very young age. To most Death Cultist, death is a religion, a way of life, so that they prefect their art of killing, in your example definately blades and going for excessive blood loss, but leaving someone alive, not very useful to the Imperium if an assassin doesn't kill. As a "legitimate" death cult they wouldn't need to hide so much, the Imperial Governor and many noble house will know they are there, and be employing several of their members. A way to do it is to hide the Cult in plain sight, have a large temple that is home to members of the Minstorum, that preaches the imperial creed but behind closed doors the death cult is really incharge with a large enough temple to train, arm and plan.
  19. Sounds fairly good except tyranids don't ally with anyone they just eat stuff, consider them as the enemy of all living things, they can not be reasoned with. As for the eldar join forces with the player, not a bad idea however it would depend on the out look of both your players and their inquisitor. In the Calaxis sector it's unlikely to be Ultramarines as they are in the galatic south as a general area, however this allows you to make up a Chapter, all you need to do is decide on a colour scheme and a name then just make them pure codex which would make them a succession chapter of the Ultramarines. The General concept is good though.
  20. Firstly i think you need to adress why your other players want to kill the pysker? If it's because they feel s/he's too powerful, then the attempt on his life will do one of two things, prove their point (the attacking players die) or the pysker will die burning fate points and the rest of it. It sounds like you have a deeper problem on your hands though, as psykers aren't that overpowered, yes they can be great tools, for a whole host of things but they are reasonably balanced for the system. Another problem i can forsee, say your players kill the pysker, you start him at the being of the same rank with what ever stats he rolls, however you do that, and he plays a clone, a pysker that has pretty much the same personality and skills, it'll just keep going and eventually the players inquisitor is going to get sick of sending them reinforcements. If your players do kill the pysker they better have a really really good reason for their inquisitor, else they could all find themself put against a wall.
  21. Your orginal outline suggests the players have a say in wha happens to this world, they could just deem that after a short time that it needs quarantining until a cap ship with authorisation to purge the planet arrives. This would still be a success by the mandate you have laid out. Just from reading it, it seems that your players have very little hope of actually dealing with the problem, if none of them get mind controlled it'll be a miracle, but if the enslavers can control a whole cities population what chance do your players really have? If the enslavers know everything that is going on within their borders, then they should stop at nothing to control the players to report back that the world should be brough back into the Imperium as soon as possible (this would add to the population and more people to control). It seems a bit lose/lose, if they destroy the city from orbit they fail, if they attempt a ground assult they fail, if they get anywhere near the city they get controlled and therefore fail. You maybe better off having them investigate the source of the warpstorm first, as Inquisitoral records would show that an Inquisitor was there before it started, it may even state what he was looking into, not that you need to pass that on to the players. A rogue trader is a cool idea, if anything he maybe more help than your players can handle, as for an ork infestion, they report that orks are present and almost impossible to get rid of, take Armeggedon for example, then it would almost be certain that the Inquisition would quarantine the world with looking at removing the ork presence first probably via Deathwatch or IG assualt on the planet and if that didn't work it would get virus bombed, as it is currently not an Imperial world that is of a major concern.
  22. This is really difficult as everyones perception on the Eldar is slightly different. I do remember reading the 5th ed TT Eldar codex which has some info about how they talk to each other. The Eldar language is both a spoken one and physical one, entire conversations may be done completely with body language without uttering a word. So this makes the Eldar language very very complicated, from a human point of view, I suppose an Eldar using High Golthic, Low Gothic or even a Dialect would speak to a point and be very presice in what they say. As people have posted induvidual Eldar would speak and sound very differently depending on their experience and attitude.
  23. Having played Mutant Chronicles, the DH system and setting works fine for it, you could relocate the Mutant Chronicles Earth to a different world within the Imperium, Hive Worlds with some agri worlds in the same system and have it run by Corparate Empires with the most powerful of which having the Imperial Governor, which would change hands depending on the current state of affairs. With Mutants running riot and cults it would be a fantastic place for the Inquisition work. I has everythnig that a campiagn could need. One of my players played MC for many years has likened the setting and conditions.
  24. Valdek

    New to DH

    as a start I would recommend, Inquisitor's handbook and the Ascension book. Reasoning the Inquistors Handbook gives you an addition career further expanded by blood of martyrsm but gives extra background starting locations as well as lots of info on religion in the Calaxis sector. Ascesion is useful for making your players inquisitor, and givesmore indepth knowledge of the inquisition itself, how they interact with each other which can bew likened to a bunch a 5 year olds on a school playground with only one teacher out who's the sector high inquisitor.
  25. Quartermus said: Lynata said: Accurate bolt weapons is not something I would have done (just doesn't strike me as fitting), but it's there. Yea, too true. You never read about the Space Marine taking the carefully aimed shot. It all about the cloud of bolter fire blanketing an area. Brother Sergent Torias Telion (SM 5th Ed codex p88) has a Stalker Pattern Bolter, with targeter and loaded with silenced shells, which on the TT atleast give better range, fires 2 shots, like a bolter being rapid fired and has the rending and pinning qualities, making it very similar to a TT sniper rifle of the scouts he trains.
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