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  1. I would say very well done, but I would be a little careful on pushing that aspect, you'll find the other characters turning on the Psyker if it means they can get on with things. I have a player - character that hates Pyskers with a passion. Failing a Perils and turning into a Deamonhost to fihgt they party on an airship really didn't help matters, but now I have a faithful Psyker hating pyscio to deal with. He almost executed the ship's Navigator but then found that he couldn't get anywhere near him and that he would be stuck in the middle of no-where without him. By all means throw curve balls are you Psyker and make him work for his power, but don't go OTT. Just My Advice.
  2. Although I'm not running an Ascension level campiagn yet, I only plan to have my player roll there influence if they are trying to be subtle about it or it's a long range request. Take your example with the cadian's, if you are trying to get them to attack the building in full force without actually going in yourself, then your influence roll is to get the relevant orders sent down from above, it could even be sent down as Commander <insert name> Your troops have been stationed away from combat too long. I have arranged a targeted test for your men. Target location The target location is to be secured in as fast a time as possible. Eyes will be watching praise to the Empourer <from whomever> Commander no witness' to this op......... or something along those lines.
  3. Nerdynick said: Another idea I recall reading about a loooong time ago on the LO boards was one where the chapter in question was destroyed before it even got off the ground. (When chapters are created it generally goes something like: Requisition new geneseed -> send veterans from founding chapter -> make new space marines -> veterans train new marines -> understrength but ready for action -> slowly build up to full strength while fighting. The veterans sometimes return to their own chapter, sometimes stay with this new chapter) Anyways, the inquisitor could pick up that chapter and "guide" them towards the "truth", becoming a father figure of sorts for the chapter. This still wouldn't make a chamber militant. This would make a space marine chapter with strong ties to an inquisitor. The thing to remember about the Inquisition is it's a loose group of induviduals with the same overall remit but how they achieve that is up to them as induviduals. There are nominally only two ranks in the Inquisition, Inquisitor and Lord Inquisitor. A Chamber Militant can be called on by any Inquisitor with need. An Induvidual Space Marine Chapter will only really deal with Induvidual Inquisitors that they respect.
  4. Sounds like a good idea, my games tend to have a start and an end with various bits in the middle that may come in any order depending on the actions of the players. As long as the players know they have the other options it should be highly enterianing for both you and the players. Good Luck
  5. A very good question, the answer to which relies not on only whether the Inquisitors are radical or puritan but also which of the Ordo's they belong to and which of the philosophy(or however it's spell) they belong to. The Demon Hunter book has some of this issue addressed in it. The chances are they would work together to achieve an end goal but never in plain sight of one another, and there is always the chance that one of them would go "missing".
  6. Firstly i would like to poke a few holes in your theory in the first place. The Grey Knights while the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus don't work directly for the Inquisitor, an Inquisitor may REQUEST aid from them, they do their own thing and generally the Inquisition tend only to feed them information. Next, The Ordo Xenos' Chamber Militant is the Death Watch is much the same, an Inquisitor can request aid from a Watch Commander who may or may not grant some of his troops, Also the Death Watch are not a regular style chapter as they seconder marines from other chapters that are bound by oath to serve for the duration of a single mission, to then return to their parent chapter with the knowledge of how to fight the Xenos more effectively. Lastly the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus, the Sister's of Battle, are yet again requested from a Celestian who can still decline the request as they are also the Militant wing of the Ministorum. Now according to all of the Fluff only the Lords of Terra have access and the authority to commission a new Space Marine Chapter and mostly they will use Ultramarine Geneseed. So with some good administration, and cutting of red tape an Inquisitor in theory could get all of the paperwork all ratified for a new chapter to be made, but as Space Marine Chapters are Automynous and any new one would be too. A new chapter though could be swayed more by the Inquisition, more specifically by an Inquisitor, so rather than becoming the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Herecitus they would be more likely to support the induvidual inquisitor. Is now a good time to point out that the Sister's of Battle are used becuase they are strong of faith that the Imperial Citizens are used too, so are more subtle and able to move within crowded locations, nothing about a space marine is subtle and they don't worship the Empourer the same way.
  7. Worthwhile books i have found as I'm in the same boat but have more players are:- The Inquisitors handbook - tons of extra weapons, and some nice extra bits Disciples of Dark Gods - Baddies book, lots of very useful stuff plus an adventure in that back. Blood of Martyr's - good book for the Faith of the 40K universe and have some nice advance classes plus SoB's in. Acension - Very useful book to plan your Acolyte's Inquisitor and gives plenty of background on the Calaxis Sector's Inquisition, also has an Acension Story in the back. Of Course the core book - Has an adventure in the back too. I haven't found much use for the GM's kit, the screen is nice as it has all the references and weapons and armour charts on, but the book is mostly an adventure, the last 4 pages are the most useful, a how to make monsters and a poison's sheet. So far I have only run 1 pre-written adventure and that was the one in Disciplines of the Dark Gods, The House of Dust and Ash, they started it at rank 4 and it was a challenge but I have a group of experienced Roleplayers, and 3 of them are also GM's for other systems so analysing plot and scope comes quite easily to them. If your unsure of what you run, the adventure in the back of the Core Book is quite easy and can but the start of a long campaign and has almost every aspect of an adventure. DH for me is an Investigation style game, find out who the baddies are then deal with them, but there is a political backdrop to the whole thing that should become more apparent to your characters as they progress up the ranks and towards becoming full throne agents. Hope this Helps
  8. I know this may not help, but players move at the speed of plot. Itcould take them a few seconds to cross the galaxy to hundreds of years, it is as plot dictates.
  9. Your describing a very clever player that has thought about what they are doing. He's gone for a massive dodge, but you still fail most things on a roll of a 100 and he can only apply one dodge to any one attack. After a while the cell's opponents will realise that direct confrontation is pointless, so they will target other members of the cell instead and their influence As for gettting hold of Ammo it's an influence roll, nothing more at Ascension, so limiting anything becomes somewhat more difficult and the specialised rounds aren't actually that great.
  10. As an additional thought, a lot of Anime Themes would suit your purpose too, take the theme to Akira, it's epic, dramatic, and yet some how futuristic.
  11. This sounds like it's going to be a fun game for your players. Firstly someone mentioned above that the Tau Skim the warp, they don't, Tau don't have any kind of Warp Travel. Let me just see if I have everything Correct, The battle field is an Imperial Naval Cruiser, floating in a debris field of destroyed vessels and other assorted space debris. Both the Tau and Navy have a Nominal hold on the debris field relying small craft to do supply and re-enforcement runs. Area's of the ship are held by both sides with area's contested. Sound about right? One thing that does seem a little off, Tau view Imperial Tech as backwards and ineffient, so the reasons behind them trying to capture a Cruiser intrigues me. Also if the Imperial Navy thought there was any chance that they couldn't re-claim the cruiser quickly they would just destroy it. Infact if it's so damaged it's going to take a lot of resources to fix, they are likely to steer it towards the Tau lines with the Warp Engines set to overload. In this instance I would think it's unlikely the Tau would use Kroot on a ship, they are more likely to use Human reserves, probably those that had worked aboard an Imperial ship before. As for booby traps, that's just mean, but really cool idea. I like the idea that some of the battle suits would have much higher powered variants of the rail gun, designed to penetrate the internal walls, coupled with enhanced sensors on the suits to pick out human body heat and thermal images and such. Through wall snipers. Stealth Suits roaming corridors feeding extra data to these enhanced rail rifles. There would be no reason that a Kill Team wouldn't get invovled, but it is likely to a specific task, prehaps the Etheral or simply a Tau Weapons cache for the Adeptus Mechanicus, or a whole host of other possible things, this doesn't mean that they will help the players, they may even see the players intervention as a problem. Hope you and your players have fun......let us know how it goes
  12. As requested, Junk was a musical style that used junk, rubbish bin lids the old metal kind, long plastic tubes the sort that would normally have gas piped through it. The BBC used it for their coming up next bits for some time and did a feature show on it. Group names i can think or are Stomp which is very tribal sounding, and Blue Man Group is another but their has more synth feel to it too. And although it won't help with your games or muisc issues, it's well worth a watch
  13. My characters tend to spend a lot their time trying to be stealthy so I find a lot of MGS music works. I have often used music that the player characters would hear, so on hive worlds, Synth music, heavy 80's power ballards and that style, very Blade Runner. Classical for richer spires, and more "refined" tastes. Death metal and a like for the fighting pits. So on. Background music for atmosphere I tend towards classical, orchestral peices or Junk (Industrial music, made via junk) to add a level of either grit or opulance.
  14. Firstly, on Inquisitors power/authourity. It is absolute, they have a remit to act however they like, but they are kept inline by the other Inquisitors. Most have oath to other inquisitors as all were once acolytes. That being said the Calaxis Sector has a unquie structure to it, with a single lord Inquisitor incharge. probably due to the number of other Inquisitors in the area. Mostly an Inquisitor will not bump heads with another Inquisitor in the course of their natural lifes while carring out their sacred duty. The power Structure of the Inquisitoin itself to me is somewhat like a spiders web, with every Inquisitor pulling in a different direction to get things done, but not at the same time so the center of the web moves about, with some Inquisitors have more influence than others for a time, then it shifts. As for Acolytes they are nothing more than expendable resources for Inquisitors to investigate and fetch and carry for them. Some may carry a badge of office if offical identifaction is warrented, but mostly a big gun and some harsh language will get the Acolytes what they want. My Acolytes answer to one person, their Inquisitor, and that is as far as they see it. As a piece of advice, for anyone who has played White Wolf's Vampire:TM or Vampire:TDA your acolytes are neonates, relatively without power other than what they can grab for themselves and the Inquisitors are like the Elders bound within a web of intrigue, lies, counter lies, and politics, with the ancient decreeds and their own fear of death from just stepping up and killing one another.
  15. Having played and Reffed many systems, I would say the stuff in the books is there for a reason and playing RAW (Rules As Written) is the easiest thing to do. If you start faffing with a system then you need to be sure that you don't break it in the process, which is normally what happens. As for limiting skills and talents to certain careers and ranks is for game balance. As yet I have not had a player ask for an elite advance of any skill or talent. All of them seem happy with the career paths in the books that we use. If you are going to change the way system for skills and talents works I would suggest that you play test the hell out of it, with everything, I talking Pyskers maxed out, Faith powers, throw in some monsters based on the same things, and see what happens if it work then good on you.
  16. Sounds like you have an exellent cleric player, well versed atleast. The problem with the 40k faith is that it's slightly different on every world, some may be major while others my be minor. So a cleric brow beating a lowly adminstration Adept isn't going to get very far as "Of Course sir, if you would please fill these out in triplicate, I ca nget right to work on it, you should get a response in 3 to 6 (add time frame). Remember while the faith is a powerful tool, the little players answer to others too, some even to other inquisitors. If they are all in nice a shinny gear simply have them ambushed by a group of dregs, gangers or other scum that want their stuff, it will make little difference how much the cleric bangs on about the Empourer's wrath, if the group simply reply with something like "History is written by the Victorious" or something along those words. Have you players travel to a world were the customs for the Ministorum are very different and his border on heresy. I would reccomend not stiffling this player too much, but talk to them and the rest of your players and see if your group are happy for this plaer approach, and how they see each other working together. The other option is to use the Ministorum style game in the Blood of Marytr's book, where you players take missions up for their faith and the Ministorum.
  17. I have one of these as a DH ref, and a few as a player. The one from DH, I shall set the scene for you. A Hive World celebrating the Feast of the Empourer the major Universe holy day. A low dreg ganger bar, fairly large, 2 bar staff, and tables that can seat 12 people, mostly square-ish. The players charm their way in with Thrones adding to the effect. Take a relatively empty table and get some drinks. After small talking with those at the table and eyeing the place up they spot their quarry, a ganger leader, sat at a table with 12 henchmen. One player decides that he wants to go talk to him, so buys a bottle a "good" stuff and heads over to talk about some "business", shady sort of black market stuff. As soon as the player has confirmed the identity of the ganger leader, he attacks him with the table. In a single fluid motion stands up and flips the table onto the gang lead and a couple of his men. I didn't make this easy, first came the Str test to move the table, he rolls 01, next a WS test at -20 for an improvised weapon, however the gang member not expected to be pummeled by a table he has the suprise round. Next I decided that a large table would do d10+3 plus his str bonus, he only procedes to righteous fury with the table and explode on his damage dice to a total of 35 points of damage, so spliting the damage between the induviduals struck he managed to not only startle the gang members but take 3 out and hurt the gang leader and pin him under the table as the psyker in the group did fear aura to clear the bar. A well planned hard fight over so quickly although my players enjoyed it. Now as a player, playing WW V:tM, we had been a group for about 5 years, and our ST decided that he would have an Arch-Liche(a powerful vampire with all the powers of a Mage from mage the ascension(for those that don't know these systems, the most powerful creature that could ever exsist in the gaming world)). There was nothing that as player's we could do that this liche couldn't do and couldn't do better and faster. So after the first session of playing along, doing this liche's challenges, I decided as a character that I wasn't going to play along with the liche anymore and if it wanted to kill me it should just get it over and done with, and to my surprise the other character's agreed with me. Our ST was not happy he came up with some Deus Ex to get us out of the Liche's pocket realm, and not have it kill the entire party. As for the players vs the GM/ST/ref, this should not be the case but I have played in groups where it was the other way round the GM/ST/Ref saw it as them vs the players. The ref/ST/GM that we had that had this approach only managed one thing to make us a better party so good infact that we knew each others characters abilities and fighting styles better than our own. He never did beat us. We made sure that we engaged every encounter on our terms not his.
  18. Thankyou for all your replies and help, I have now finished running the house of dust and ash, bloody players (he looks tough and in charge, let hunt the @$$ down, 1 hour into the countdown and out). I managed to drop the new assassin in, in deadtown, sent on another ship to shadow the cell, and intervene if necessary. The gaurdsman of the group is a little narrowminded to the 40k universe (for the inquisitor in a good way), he's a hitty character that defaults to kill it first, kill it second, kill it some more and then when everything is dead go looking for some more stuff to kill, but track down a heretic, nahhhhhhh just kill them all. I used Rubio to introduce a Scum character to the group, a very charismatic character, so with some good background from the player, was there using Rubio to get a look at the wares to see what they were, who bought them so he knew who to rip off later.
  19. From most of the pictures and things I have seen and heard from friends that have been playing 40k for a long time, a sanctioning brand is normally placed apon the forehead and is an aquilla variant. This makes it very obvious what the induvidual is. The means that if an undercover op is required an Inquisitor wouldn't send a sanctioned pysker. Inquisitors aren't stupid and certainly don't waste assets. However an Inquisitor would most like be able to choose where and what his sanctioning brand was, after all as a fully fledged Inquisitor you have almost unlimited power. Also this maybe true if it's the inquisitor having an induvidual sanctioned, however 99.99% of sanctioned Pyskers have nothing to do with the Inquisition before their sanctioning and only a small amount go on to serve them......your players are special cases...in ever sense of the word.
  20. I have to say very interesting points of view, but chill it's a game, why and how they work is irrelevant, even a Tech-priest couldn't tell you what they are, so trying to define them will be impossible. It's a game. I always saw las weaponary simlar to that of Star wars, a bolt of energy. As for spotting a sniper, it's the same rules in the DH book for spotting a sniper with an SP weapon. Also, the Tech of the 40K has evolved over the last few years, Bolters in 2nd ed TT used to fire Duterium shell, otherwise known as Heavy Water, H2O2, in other words making the bolter a water gun, but GW simply said that it was merely a word they use because it sounded cool, now they are Adamantine tipped Mass Reactive Shells. So to the GM in question, run it how ever you feel is right, discuss it with your group, you are their point of contact with the 40k Universe.
  21. It can be quite important to set the tone of a game, but as long as your players know who your talking about then it shouldn't make too much difference. A point of reference the Adeptus Arbites are not a police force is the sense of what we see as the police. Local law Enforcement is done by the Imperial governor normally through brutal squads known as enforcers. The Adeptus Arbites are responsiblie for maintaining the Imperial Creed so Pay your Tithe, don't deal with xenos, and don't rebel against the Imperium.
  22. Also feel free to add qualities to weapons that wouldn't normally have them. I had a player that wanted a bearded axe, this is an axe designed for disarming an opponent as it has a hooked blade. So this is a single handed axe with the balanced quality even though the axe in the book is unwieldy. Also if you want to make any adjustments to the rules with weapons discuss it with your group, my group have decided that a two-handed weapons has some reach, so on a tacticile battle map a two-handed sword can strike an opponent over a square away. For those that have played D&D will understand the concept of reach weapons, this adds to the game as large melee weapons should have larger kill zones.
  23. Making a Sister fall is the same as any other person fall except it takes a bit more effort. Sister's are insanely faithful to the Empourer, but that's not to say that after seeing a lot of the horror's of the universe, they can't have their view points changed, and start done the road of what ever it takes to protect the Empourer and his domian. This is similar to most Inquisitors, they start monodominant puritans and slowly shift towards more radical methods as the horros of the universe start to gather up, even if they are not corrupt.
  24. Some of the printed Adventures hand out fate points at the end of the chapters, Tattered Fates for example hands one out at the end of the Rd Cages and one at the end of the adventure. Other Systems have similar mechanics to Fate Points, in Cult another dark and grim game called them Hero Points and they work in exactly the same way, so I've taken that approach, if my players do something truely Heroic (later I expect this to be truely Diabolical), something that Could change the fate of not only there lives but the lives of others, then I may award them one. I recently ran The House of Dust and Ash, They were awarded one at the End for a quick and decisive exit stategy, although that didn't stop them turning the end into a scene that would be more at home in a three stouges episode.
  25. Best place to get the "fluff" on Grey Knights would be the TT Codex: Grey Knights 5th Edition. It has tons of info in. As for more Daemon Hunter's related stuff I can't help sorry.
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