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  1. I have yet to play 2.0 but was hoping to use a Sloane list as my first to try and get back to smarmy lists. I came up with this pretty bare bones list, let me know what you think. TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/sk Striker - Planetary Sentinel - 34 Planetary Sentinel - (34) TIE/sk Striker - Planetary Sentinel - 34 Planetary Sentinel - (34) TIE/sk Striker - Planetary Sentinel - 34 Planetary Sentinel - (34) TIE Reaper - Scarif Base Pilot - 51 Scarif Base Pilot - (41) •Admiral Sloane (10) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The reasoning for the two ln's over another striker or upgrades is because I'm only using the conversion kit contents but figured two easy targets in basic ties might lead to bad decisions by my opponent. I also never got to use the Reaper in 1.0 nor the Strikers much so this gives me an excuse to run some new toys.
  2. Has anybody mentioned that you can't look up/see the condition cards themselves? You can see what gives the condition just not the actual condition card.
  3. Well it would be better in that it can be combined with other pilot abilities and titles (assuming OP sticks with the "may equip an additional title" idea). Maybe it doesn't deserve to cost 5pts but 3 or 4? Redundant on Stridan but then you save points if you use him instead. *Just realized you are in fact OP, my bad, apologies.*
  4. No Stridan treats ships at 2-3 as range 1, effectively making all of his upgrades range 1-3, and is very similar to what Op suggests. I'm talking about adding or subtracting 1, so a systems officer could be range 1 and 2 but not 3 or a fleet officer could be 1-2 or 2-3 but not both at the same time etc, see what I'm saying? Maybe it's too wordy of a ruling for a card though.
  5. What if instead of treating play area as range 1 you can shift the range band up or down 1 (similar to Ryhmer), so a crew that works at range 1-2 could work 2-3 instead etc. That way unless the range is already 1-3 you could still possibly donut hole yourself or be out of range if you have multiple ships to support. I'm sure people with more time than me at the moment can put that into proper rules verbage.
  6. Is there a place that has all the collected rules for Epic play? A friend and I tried our hand at a game yesterday and now that I'm looking at some forum posts people are mentioning things that I didn't see anywhere in my Epic ship's rules. Edit: Or can someone at least tell me where are the separate rules are found? And for reference I have only the Gozanti and my friend has the C-Roc.
  7. Hmm alright, interesting stuff. I'll have to try some of these. Thoughts on using ships with pilot abilities that sort of hedge your bets on rolls like Countdown not really needing defense rolls much. Sort of eliminate/narrow your options so you don't have all of your rolls to pick from.
  8. So I haven't seen much discussion here about the changes to Palpatine and if it's affected how anyone is making their lists now. Are you still using him? Have you changed the way you make your lists because of the "nerf" or hasn't it really changed anything as far as list building goes? I never used him much before and haven't at all recently because I've been using a lot of the other toys the Imperials have gotten lately so I'm just interested to hear what other people have to say. If things really have changed that much, any advice for future builds?
  9. But to complicate things, the evade from the Inquisitor's title is a free action so if he's stressed he could get the target lock but not the evade. As an alternative for my list above I was considering dropping Hux for a rebel captive, then spending the remaining points on something...possibly the shuttle title or maybe a mod for OL.
  10. I actually just played a very similar list (below) twice today and found some of the things you mentioned. I should note (unless I missed something), Hux and system officer are both assigning tokens not taking actions so the Inquisitor being stressed shouldn't effect them but still messes with coordinate. However I did run into a few times where he was stressed and none of the possibilites mattered for one reason or another. I was also about to make a topic on optimizing this list as well but since you've pretty much started it as well I hope you don't mind me piggy backing. TIE Avanced Prototype: · The Inquisitor (25) Push The Limit (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/v1 (1) Upsilon-class Shuttle: · Major Stridan (32) Fire Control System (2) Systems officer (2) · General Hux (5) Pattern Analyzer (2) TIE/fo Fighter: · "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) -- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. -- The biggest issue I had was Hux causing stress to the shuttle. I now I should be sticking mostly to green maneuvers but it doesn't always happen and him relieving his stress while trying to not get shot in the ass was difficult more than once.
  11. Maybe a silly question, but when you have Hotcop does the target spend the focus token even if they don't roll any focus results? Is that why people like it so much? I know you can spend your own tokens to trigger effects even without the right die results but wasn't sure of this was forcing your opponent to do the same. Still a good card either way.
  12. I can also swap Ryad out with Vessery (adapt, x7, tie Mk 2), which gives enough room for the spec ops to have VI so everyone is at 7.
  13. So I've been meaning to put more time in with ships like the defenders and special ops because I think they fill an important part of the Imperial fleet, durable ships that don't punish you (as badly) for a mistake here and there. I think this is where the triple defenders lists come into play but unfortunately for me I only have two but I also have two special ops ties and wanted to make a list using both. So here are two versions. TIE Defender: · Countess Ryad (34) Push The Limit (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x7 (-2) TIE/sf Fighter: Omega Specialist (25) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Fire Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Pattern Analyzer (2) TIE/sf Fighter: Omega Specialist (25) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Fire Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Pattern Analyzer (2) -- TOTAL ------- 98p. -- This one has a little bit of play with points. Not sure which is better for Ryad, PTL or juke, but if I go down to juke it opens up the points for the spec ops to take VI instead and still have a 1 point initiative bid. TIE Defender: Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x7 (-2) TIE Defender: Glaive Squadron Pilot (34) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x7 (-2) TIE/sf Fighter: · "Backdraft" (27) · A score to settle (0) Fire Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Pattern Analyzer (2) -- TOTAL ------- 99p. -- Also an option here, Adaptability for backdraft instead of A Score, again not sure which will be more beneficial. Please let me know what you think or any tips for flying these things.
  14. Thanks, I'll have to check that out at my LGS. Any other suggestions?
  15. What are people using for Imperial Blue? I saw one thread that mentioned GW Russ Grey with Drakenhof Nightshade but their example was Armada squadrons. Anyone try this on X-wing size ships? Also, are there any Imperial Blue Decimators/other big ships out there that people have painted? Thanks, Herbie
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