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  1. The new issue of Dust Chronicles can be downloaded from the website. www.dust-chronicles.com Another great issue, with another amazing cover by Paolo Parente.
  2. moffmalthus said: So I guess the world's FFG would have hosted in November won't be held for Dust Tactics…. that sucks… I wonder if there will be a wold championship this year at all. World Championships will be taking place but not in November. The Regional Tournaments are still ongoing so no need to panic.
  3. Dust Studio will be looking after Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. Paolo and his team know what they are doing. it will require hard work behind the scenes but various things are already in place to move Dust forward to even greater things.
  4. Sorry. The ticket sale is via the UK Games Expo website so it isn't something that can be handed over to another group. At the moment 3 tickets have been sold via the website and 2 people who don't buy anything online have emailed UK Games Expo to reserve a ticket to be ready at the door on the day. None of the ticket money is coming back to the tournament organiser, it is all used for paying towards the cost of the venue.
  5. Dust Tactics Tournament at UK Games Expo on Sunday the 26th of May 3 Games 250 points Full details: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=MIN334
  6. Yes it was an April Fools joke. Here is a picture I took while putting the box together that was used for the fake news item. Apologies to anybody who might have been offended by the joke, no harm was intended.
  7. Issue 5 of Dust Chronicles can now be downloaded from http://www.dust-chronicles.com
  8. The new issue can be downloaded for free from http://www.dust-chronicles.com
  9. Gothik said: FlorisH said: The alternative is waiting for the armored train from Dust Models. Was such one ever announced? announced? No. Revealed? Yes. The train is released later this year. There are two pictures hidden away on pages 55 and 56 of Dust Chronicles issue 4 I'm sure people can find a way to retrieve the entire image from below the paper that is covering most of the train If that sounds like to much work then check out page 88.
  10. mgentile7 said: In Issue 1 page 15 there is a picture of an armored train. Can anyone tell me where that came from? I have been looking for one but cannot find anything in 1/48 scale like the one pictured. Patrick owns that train. He visits this forum so I'm sure he will reply withing a few days. If not I'll push him in the direction of this topic. The alternative is waiting for the armored train from Dust Models.
  11. The Siege of Zverograd has really begun now. In the last 24 hours the Harbor (location 14) has come under attack by the Axis twice. Both times the SSU lost the battle but their Fortification Bonus saved them each time and the Harbor is still under SSU control. A few other locations are about to fall in the hands of the enemy. Keep recording the results of your games of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare to influence the outcome of the siege. Remember, you don't need to play the scenario that goes with each location. Any game you play can be allocated to a location. More information about who is in control of what location of Zverograd can be found on the control breakdown page: http://www.dust-chronicles.com/zverograd/breakdown.html This page also explains how control is worked out.
  12. mgentile7 said: Finally got them to download. I had to drag them to my main screen and open there. Not sure why??????????? Because the internet is evil. I can't open PDF's online, I have to right click and download them before I can open them. If I just click on a PDF link it tries to open the PDF in a programme I haven't got and crashes. (settings have been changed but it keeps doing this) Like I said, the internet is evil.
  13. I really like the idea of campaigns. Perhaps after the currently running Siege of Zverograd Worldwide Campaign, the next one can be Operation Trident. http://www.zverograd.com
  14. The latest issue of Dust Chronicles (February) is now available for free download from: http://www.dust-chronicles.com
  15. The latest issue of Dust Chronicles is now available for free download from http://www.dust-chronicles.com
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