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  1. Just to show the lamination on the cards.. Maybe you like it, maybe you wont. - This is the Leprechaun if you can't tell.. You can see some minor bubbling, somewhat of an 'orange peel' look. This was done in a self laminating unit at Kinkos.. It was cheaper and quicker than having them do it at the desk. - This is the back of the Leprechaun card.. Sorry for the flash glare, but you can see the minor bubbling.. I haven't trimmed the lamination too much on the cards yet. - This is the Prophetess I had the Main set, Reaper, and Dungeon characters done through the big lamination unit by the Kinkos people. I think it turned out better than the self lamination.. It does have a slight curve because of the roller that is used in the big machine. - And finally the back of the same card. Again sorry for the glare.. Overall I love having the cards laminated. I think either option is better than sleeving the cards..I have done Frostmarch and Sacred Pool cards through the self lamination and as I said the 3 other sets with the big one. I don't have the Highlands yet, but I will probably do the self lamination again with those.
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    Guess I can't edit.. It looks like the update says 1/26/11 and 4-6 weeks on the boat.. So I guess I can hope by the end of the month.
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    So this is the only expansion I do not have.. And everywhere is out of stock or way overpriced..Amazon has a few for $60+.. I haven't been able to find anything about when it would be available again. Anyone know?
  4. JCHendee said: ... now why didnt' I think of that! Since character cards don't really accumulate in large batches like other cards, that sounds like not a bad idea. Though more expensive, it is more durable as well. Is the lamination flush with the edges, or is there a bit of excess on the edges to seal the closed? It isn't flush because it does need a seal on the edges. It doesn't bother us though. I have thought about doing all the cards, but it would be quite a bit of a money sink.. Sure the lamination can be damaged, and it might ruin the card, but as long as you aren't throwing your cards against a wall or leaving them in water, they should last the lifetime of the game really.
  5. I just took mine to a Kinkos and had them laminated.. Cost me around $15 to do all the character cards. Well worth it.
  6. The_Warlock said: In my group each player picks 2 Characters and chooses which one to play. The other stays under the current card and will be the immediate replacement in case of death. No inheritance rules are accepted, if you die you lose everything and other Characters may loot it if they can. This is what we do as well. We add +1str or +1craft to the next character to give a little boost, but we do not let them keep anything. They are always free to try to win the race to the space of course. We usually discuss our characters with each other and some people do make a decision based on others choices. I have thought about changing how we draw characters because we usually get one person that gets 2 great characters, while another gets 2 iffy characters, but it usually is pretty even.
  7. jondee986 said: My solution for card storage was to purchase an aluminum carry case and move all of my Talisman components over to it. As a result, I have plenty of storage and lots of storage for future expansions and boards. In addition, all of my materials are neatly organized and protected. Also since, I'm not using my Talisman box for storage, it is not subject to wear and tear and damage. Here is a photo of the case beside of my Talisman box for comparison. The case measures 18" long by 13" wide by 6" high. I've also considered using sticker paper and printing some Talisman graphics to decorate the exterior of the case. For cards, tokens, miniatures, and other item storage, I use the "Really Useful Boxes" that others have mentioned. The breakdown of box sizes are: 3 Qty - .1 LT, 6 Qty - .2 LT, 10 Qty - .3 LT The top has storage where a flap folds down and there is storage behind. This is where I store my Talisman main board and expansion boards. Total cost of my card storage solution - $40.00. The Carry Case - $20.00. "Really Useful Boxes" - $20.00. For the security against damage, the extra storage space and the organization, I didn't feel the price was too excessive I use something very similar to this as well. Even use the same boxes. I am using a RUB container to hold all of my smaller RUB as well. I don't ever plan on throwing the original boxes away, but I am glad I am not using them anymore.. We used the original so much that some of the corners started tearing, and I was becoming afraid that it would fall apart. Now the boxes just sit in a closet collecting dust.
  8. TreeDome

    Card Sleeves

    I know this is an old post, but after reading it I decided to go to Office Depot last night and pick up some of the boxes. At least my Office Depot has a buy 1 get 1 free sale that lasts till the 15th. Most boxes I bought were 99cents a piece, and getting 2 for a buck was pretty awesome. I was able to pick up everything, including a carrying case for everything so I can leave my original boxes at home, for around $20 because of this sale. Would have been like $8 without the big case. If you are interested in using these boxes, this might be a perfect time.
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