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  1. LoL, every other post seems to state Rebs are OP and the next Imperial s are OP, guess they must be balanced then? ? Hope to see more varied list in the future though, I'd be bored stiff playing against the same thing every time.
  2. Don't think you can pull enemy in and the use charge to fight, charge happens at the end of a move action.
  3. Nope, climbs like a trooper,not turn like one,still, common sense still applies.
  4. The climbing rule doesn't negate the not so restrictions of vehicles, so they still apply. Why would a vehicle be more agile and able to turn while climbing?
  5. Just say a unit leader is a commander and gets the basic command cards set for him, maybe 30pts?
  6. I'd play, If leader is adjacent to door then the unit can pile in and take up positions within the room. Obviously all rooms at going to be a different size, so you would need to make rules up to suit your terrain.
  7. Pretty much a must have to arm with impact grenades?
  8. Just do exactly as the rules say, take a move action towards table edge, it has zero move so stays put losing its turn.
  9. Yes, as that shows what type of gamer his and you won't have a fun game.
  10. 3. There is no reason not to play all your games, none at all.
  11. I was under the impression that these events were there to go and play games and have fun. seems like it's neither Solution, boycott them and let the Scum players battle it amongst their miserable selves.
  12. Yup, sliders and hits are a pain to use especially in a crowded dogfight.
  13. Going first for the Imperials trumps any objectives as that means a star destroyer will eliminate an enemy capital ship before it gets to shoot.
  14. That's how I was seeing Motti. The sheer force of personality was the only thing propping those ships up so when he dies, they go with him and spontaneously explode, to follow their leader to glorious death. On another note, I hope FFG does something interesting with flagships in the future. There isn't anything about the mechanic so far that stands out, except that the flagship is the ship the Commander is on. Why make that distinction if it doesn't matter? Don't need to make the ship any different, that's what your upgrades are for and the Admiral card.
  15. No, should be the other way around if you are a good commander due to Ties having a longer move and performing a the squadron Command at the right time.
  16. Cost to collect similar games. All those you list are completely different but two space games are too similar to run both at the same time.
  17. Am thinking of dropping armada for halo or the forthcoming drop fleet commander as you can actually fight fleet sized battles with them, you just can't do that with armada unless you have all day to play it.
  18. I don't like the idea of ships not being able to move indefinitely due to hear on collisions, so how about on the second occurrence the ship is moved past the obstacle instead of back but still taking the hit?
  19. That would take up to much time before every game, just deck share. Unfortunately there will always be someone willing to cheat to win.
  20. Due to the way the X-wings are pointing, I'd guess that the game wasn't using the engaged rule for the fighters.
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