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  1. Nerd King said: Ok - faith powers work with up to 10 Corruption - as established in the Inquisitor's Handbook. The sisters should be able to tolerate a *little* corruption before losing their gifts - otherwise there'd be a lot more Repentia. The issue isn't having a little Corruption. The problem is that she doesn't actually have any faith at all. She's a fake. And assuming that faving the faith talent requires having faith... It's your game though.
  2. Let's say this kid gets out of Blighted High School and goes to a convent. What's going to happen? As a Blighted Schola alumnus, she's probably going to be targeted for autoflagellant status at best if found out. She's going to be surrounded by Sisters and other members of the Ecclesiarchs in a closed environment, not to mention constantly besieged by propaganda to confess. Her life expectancy is probably going to be short -- and if I were an alumnus of BH, that is the last place I would want to be. Also I don't think her faith powers would work. If she's not faithful and is a closet heretic, they won't work. If she is faithful, she's going to confess and end up as an arcoflagellant or dead.
  3. I'm of two minds on the corruption issue. Part of me agrees with what you said. Another part of me likes the theological and ethical ambiguity of, say, an NPC cleric who is walking the path of corruption but still believes he is a loyal servant of the Emperor, and his faith is still manifest. Could pose a serious conceptual problem for the PCs.
  4. Lynata said: DW opponents are scaled up for DW player characters, though. But of course they still serve as good inspiration. Perhaps a combination of that profile and a weaker version of Brother-Sergeant Agamarr from PtU (given that he's a Veteran Sergeant) would do the trick, plus the addition of Fear 1 or Fear 2. Going by the OP they're not supposed to actually fight him, and they are Rank 7-8. I think it's fine.
  5. As it happens, I;m going to start up a starting game using Tattered Fates vis PBP. Obviously this will work better in the unlikely event that you have not read Tattered Fates. If interested, let me know.
  6. nbneil said: Hey folks, rather new to these forums. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a few Warhammner Play by Post games going at www.nerdbound.com/forum including Dark Heresy that is just starting up. I'm interested. Any further information?
  7. Umbranus said: In my opinion there are two kinds of games: - Those in which the fact that characters become insane is a feature and part of the fun (like Call of Chtulu) - Those in which the danger of accumulating is just a nuisance that destroys characters (like DH) I think this depends on player expectations and game style. DH can certainly be run as a CoC-style game (as I do it), but if players expect a game that is more like, I dunno, an adaptation of the Eisenhorn novels (which are pulp action), they're going to be disappointed.
  8. Would it work on a grenade? Does a regular frag grenade count as a device? I assume it's using a simple pin. Crossbows? EDIT: never mind, I reread the errata.
  9. You could import the stats from Deathwatch, in which case they don't have a Fear Rating per se.
  10. So I got the Blood of Martyrs book. I'm not sure if I like this book or not. Be that as it may, I have a question. OK, four questions. 1) Does the Inquisitor's Handbook rule that requires having less than (I think) 10 Corruption Points in order to use a faith talent exist in the BoM faith system? I can't find a reference to it and the system is stated to exist as stand-alone. So, can you use faith talents if you have 30, 40, 50 CPs? 2) Outside of role-playing reasons, is there any way in which a Sister Dialogous is inferior to an Adept and any reason to play the latter over the former? (Again, outside of role-playing reasons, speaking from a purely mechanical point of view.) 3) Does the Sister Famulous use the Cleric or the Adept career path? Both are mentioned. 4) Does the book have an errata? Thank you!
  11. Fresnel said: Sterilising a world isn't very difficult. Life is very fragile in the grand scale of things. You don't need to explode a planet Deathstar style. A single nuclear device, no bigger than a car will do the job. Or find a big meteor and push it into the correct orbit- shatter it and you have 10,000 objects capable of killing a world. The WH40k is grim, but in the end it's heroic fantasy. Nukes aren't that powerful. ?
  12. N0-1_H3r3 said: Firstly, must every post you make be a rant about how everyone but you is blaspheming against the canon? Well, the canon, AKA the Dark Heresy and Deathwatch rulebooks, does say explicitly that Astartes weapons are better! Case closed. Second Edition Witch Hunters Codex written in cuneiform in ancient Babylonian shown to be totally irrelevant.
  13. Peacekeeper_b said: Wait, when exactly was gaining memories from eating things cool? I was a teenager in the 80s, and I remember everybody (including me) going ga-ga over those experiments with worms that supposedly showed that they could absorb the memories of other worms by eating them.
  14. At Last Forgot said: I read Mote, I don't remember anything simian in it. The aliens in that book always struck me as more amphibian but maybe I missed some key points. Obviously the whole "idiot savant" thing with technology but that wasn't too unique an idea. Though in general I agree that 40k is a pastiche of stolen ideas from more inventive authors. Mostly Frank Herbert's Dune. I mean the idea of animals that understand technology on an instinctive level. Remember the human ship gets infested with them? They weren't simians true. In addition to the explicitly sci-fi stuff, 40K is full of things that were cool in the 80s but seem strange now -- acid spit, gaining memories from eating things.
  15. Jokaero appear to be one of many things GW lifted from other science fiction sources, in rhis case Niven and Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye.
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