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  1. I agree....wholeheartedly. WHAT I am asking however, is IF all things being equal between players...which Faction is at a disadvantage... It's just a question for these rules folks and numbers crunchers....I totally agree that skill and luck will most likely win the day with whatever deck is designed....I am just questioning which Faction YOU all think is the one that is least able to win games. WHICH faction...So far, Dark Eldar seem to be the faction that most of the card gamers feel less confident about. Dude in this early game stage, there's no one who can give you anything but a good guess. I suppose you can look at the results of the gencon tourney, if they're posted anywhere and just play the faction which had the lowest number of wins/players.
  2. Write an email to the customer support. In most cases, they're pretty helpful regarding missing or broken things.
  3. I don't care much about the pricing of Armada, FFG products usually give you enough bang for your buck. It's probably comparable to the first DUST TACTICS edition, which had great value. Nonetheless I simply dislike huge fleet battles. Moving that much minis is usually a chore and the battles tend to get confusing fast. Small-skirmish like X-Wing is just better.
  4. Ahzrab

    Ship Rating Site?

    That was quite helpful, thanks!
  5. Ahzrab

    Ship Rating Site?

    Just looking for some kind of website, where all current ships are reviewed, compared, rated and somehow ranked. Any advice?
  6. Here's the ebay link with a detailed description: Card Collection Cheers
  7. Twn2dn said: But looking closer at your argument, I'm still not sure I agree. In theory I believe it's true, but in practice what I tend see is widespread adoption (net-decking) of the "dominant deck" (let's call it "deck X"). If the AGOT environment were truly rock-paper-scissors, we might see more "anti-deck X" tech (let's call this "deck Y"). In practice though, teching against deck X usually makes deck Y weaker to everything except deck X. So unless you happen to play against only deck X, then overall the competitiveness of deck Y is lower. The result is that more people play deck X, a few determined people play deck Y, and most people just play whatever they were going to, hoping that they don't play against deck X or, if they do, that they happen to have the answers. The bottom line is that I think there's probably not enough evidence to suggest that the environment corrects for a dominant deck. At best, playing the dominant deck becomes more risky; at worst, the dominant deck redefines the environment and competitive play with many more people playing it. Either way, I think it would be better this early in the regionals season to leave the choice up to the individuals. (I would feel differently if this were at the end of the regionals season.) I may be horribly wrong but I guess that's the situation where a sideboard in the game would be quite handy (At least if you play your opponent more than one round...).
  8. -A Joust/Melee deck section & a tournament deck section -Way to find Targ burn cards in the deck builder (STR) -Finishing the WH:I deck builder -Possibility to group your decks in the deck builder (Stark folder, treaty folder, etc.) and different options to sort the cards in your deck? (Cost, Community Rating, STR, etc.,..) I still think the cardgamedb deck builder is the best around. I don't know how many times the agotcards builder ate 3+ cards of my deck and I had to recheck every entry.
  9. Congrats to the 1st place. I rebuilt the deck and will test it out this evening. Looks definitely like fun.
  10. Sounds logical. It would probably help to make the game more intuitive. The current ruling for Sorrowful Man & the other cards is quite bad imo.
  11. DCRobb said: Well, they are both 3 str shadows tricons with stealth and excellent abilities. The only real difference is the cost and abilities, but I would not say that Tyrion's ability is better, specifically not 1 gold better. Perhaps I will be quickly proven wrong saying this, but I cannot think of any character that is so absurdly cost efficient. Maester Luwin
  12. It has become quite too easy, to get rid of high cost uniques, at least that is my current impression.
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