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  1. Yay the English! However, I wonder who the Leader will be. I've been slightly irrated with the PC games as some 'English' leaders, such as Victoria or Churchill, were really leaders of the British, not just the English.
  2. That Spanish bonus's effectiveness depends on how much that player manipulates it, if the opponents discover the other tiles as quickly as they can then it is almost pretty useless.
  3. SideshowLucifer said: So why does Greece seen to have no weakness and a plethora of strengths? Are they meant to be the single force the entire games revolves around to keep them from winning? They have a great technology advantage but that's all. Yes, they have upgraded infantry, but anyone who conctentrated on military hard enough could easily beat them.
  4. TemTemSefekh said: GB. Elizabeth. Monarchy. Sailing. Extra coins when conquering villages and cities and can invest twice a turn? Anyway, I'd like to see GB in the next expansion. Maybe if they win a battle against a city, they get all the trade that city would nomally get. Or, whenever India or America(them being colonies) obtain a resource or Hut/Village, Britain can choose a resources from the market . Or, they gain a +4 combat bonuses when battles are fought in water.
  5. I completly agree with your idea for military, I can't see how someone can win a battle if they have no units? I only see sense in having combat bonuses if there is a point where both sides are left with units. I also like your idea for acadamies leading to untrumpable units as this would make the numbers matter more in a battle than the "rock, paper scissors" style of fighting. Though I disagree with your idea on the Philosophy tech, Great people can be traded and that's bonus enough, though I believe there should be a culture card where you can steal a great person of your choosing from another player (in real life cities with a high quality of culture attract famous people etc.).
  6. We've always played it so that when you research a tech, you get the coin straight away and then you drop down to your new amount of coins. But I guess we could have been playing it wrong.
  7. I've never heard of such a tactic before, but it doesn't seem to break any rules. I guess I'll probably try use it some time.
  8. Normally if you play this and someone builds a modern wonder then one these points should be true: 1) You should have enough production to be able to build your own modern wonder. 2) You should be near enough towards victory for it not be be worth bothering about 3) Your opponent has foolishly invested all their resources into building it and you should be able to either a) blockade it or b) attack them directly. If not, then you need to change strategy, it sounds to me like the games you play involve everyone aiming for a Technology victory, in which a wonder like Porcelain Tower and Statue of Liberty really helps, but then the game turns into a race for the aforementioned wonders. If you are playing with the same people repeatedly, and that they all aim towards a science victory, then I'ld suggest going for the one which they all ignore.
  9. Once again Britain has been left out of the Civilization Board Game, and I'm beginning to wonder whether it's due to technical difficulties or whether building the worlds biggest empire isn't enough to get into the game.
  10. Just seen the 5 player map (who came up with that?), but I'mwondering whether having a void space in the middle is such a good idea... And still no British civilization? I'm begining to wonder whether this is some sort of US prejudice playing up, it always seems to me that Britain is never promoted in the Civilization games even though they built the biggest empire in the world.
  11. I think it might be better for a game to not include all civilizations as it adds a wider range of versions of the game.
  12. wait a sec so if the attacker wiped out all the defenders units the defender can still win?. also is there a place in the rulebook that states this so i can read it in more detail
  13. this isn't really a question it's really my encounter with the situation... I was China and I had managed to grab the hanging gardens in the 3rd turn, meaning that I could churn out figures and army every turn, I thought I had military sorted.So I didn't bother upgrading my units My opponent then upgraded her units and started attacking me (I didn't really count her as a threat as she only had 1 army figure and 2 scouts) and using her flight tech started to had towards my capital. But I had just managed to win by using a tech victory. This is prime example of how deceiving looks can be. But the more experienced players out there probably haven't ever encountered this.
  14. All of the times I have played CIV:tBG wonders have never been a problem. We tend to build them as soon as we can afford one(around about turn 3) thus giving us bonuses in culture etc. Then when this ancient wonder is replaced by a modern wonder the new wondeer is unaffordable by other players, so it works for us
  15. axmeister said: Being British I get slightly offended when a country like the U.S ends up in a game like this,instead of the Great British Empire, just because it is a very powerful country in todays world. I've thought very much about a Britsh civilization card and here's what I've come up with: Leader:Queen Victoria or Winston Churchill Home map tile: a 3x2 island surrounded by sea(the side where the island touches the edge will be on the outside). This is chosen because Britain is an island and that helped them many times as a defence during wars. Starting Tech: Sailing[level2] or Navigation[level1] I havent come up with any bonuses yet... I can't agree on any other nations or races that could feature in an expansion, But I was surprised that the Great wall of China failed to appear as a wonder. Also they should start of with a monarchy governemnt instead of despotism
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