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  1. If a Companion is in the same region as a FSP army is he automatically assumed to be a part of that army when it is attacked? If the region is attacked and the FSP army eliminated is the companion also eliminated or can a player decide before the region is attacked that the companion is NOT a part of the army (and therefore avoid him being eliminated)? If the region has a stronghold and the army and companion retreat - then if the army is destroyed is the companion also eliminated - or can he decide not to take part in the battle and then escape afterwards?
  2. What happens when a gate opens in a location where there is already a monster? Also what happens to the monster guarding the gate (and evaded) when a gate is closed and sealed, since the rules state that monsters cannot appear in sealed locations? This situation occurred last game and we were not sure what to do: The investigator returned from an OW, ignored the monster at the gate but then failed to close and seal the gate. Next turn the investigator evaded the monster and then (since the investigator had not moved from the location and so retained the explored marker) closed and sealed the gate, leaving the monster sitting in a sealed location. Next turn the investigator evaded the monster again and made a quick escape into the streets... Same turn the mythos card caused a gate burst at the location resulting in a gate and another monster appearing... Should the original monster be shunted into the streets? Should the original monster have been shunted into the streets once the location was originally sealed? E.
  3. That's what I thought...and it's the way I played it yesterday when getting Trish on a random investigator draw for the first time (and it took more than a few scans of her card to realise her STATS are all paired differently!). Thanks E
  4. To PASS the story do the 2 clues she requires have to be gained 'in an encounter'? Sometimes a location has two clues sitting upon it. Can she just visit this location and pick them both up to complete her story? Or in typical AH fashion is it much more difficult than that? E.
  5. If a monster is in the same location as a gate do the investigators need to fight or evade it before going through the gate to the Otherworld? THis may have been answered before - but I have scoured the forum and read through the rules several times and can't seem to find an answer. I know that if 'a gate and monster' appear in a location the gate appears first and the investigator is sucked through, but am not sure whether locations are supposed to be large enough for monstera and gates to co-exist without both being 'encountered' at the same time, which leaves me puzzled as to the order of events. E.
  6. But am I right in thinking that a movement phase can be 'sort of' divided where an investigator moves to the same location as another investigator, exchanges/gives equipment/money and then continues on his/her way?
  7. If the moving gate has moved into a street by the time my investigator returns to Arkham can I still seal it - or just close it? IIRC the rules talk about 'sealing gates' - but I just wondered if this really means 'sealing locations' and then I wondered whether a 'street' counts as a 'location' (I know it DOESN'T when it comes to Mythos Card instructions!). While I am in question mode (and this may have been answered elsewhere). What happens when an investigator has an encounter at a location with an elder sign and the encounter says 'A gate and a monster appear'? I assume NOTHING as gates cannot open on seals (except for gate-bursts) but conceivably a monster could still appear. E.
  8. Thanks Dam That was actually what my son pointed out (and what I suspected anyway) - I was just a little 'miffed' that the elves had overrun Moria and wanted some swift revenge! I am now trawling through this particular forum which is full of tips and info (despite the fact that while the game awaits reprint status there is something of a hiatus). Thanks again Elendil
  9. I don't know whether this has been answered elsewhere as I am new to the game (having spent the last five months tracking one down!) Can the Nazgul 'capture' cities and/or strongholds that are unoccupied by the Free Peoples? I wondered if they could 'blitz' those cities/towns worth one point that are often 'overlooked' by the Free Peoples player (well, at least in the couple of games my son and I have played so far).
  10. Like several of the recent posters in this forum I feel a little disappointed/let down by FFG. I picked up Arkham Horror in November and cannot praise the game highly enough (the moreso that it plays so well solitaire). I have reccomended it to friends who have also purchased the base game and are full of praise for it. I managed to obtain all the expansions by the end of January (including the elusive Dunwich Horror - after being stung twice by companies that sent me the German edition!). I now read with some dismay that the reprint of CotDP is a revised edition... I find FFG a touch disingenuous here. Why is there no indication on the site of the fact that the 'reprint' will in fact be a revision of the original product. I know that perhaps I should not have reacted in haste and snapped up the expansions at often over inflated prices - but now feel a little cheated by FFG that there seems to have been no warning that a revised (and presumably better) expansion was being planned. I am currently trying to track down an affordable WAR OF THE RING - and now wonder whether I should bother since the reprint in September may well be revised (for the better) anyway. This forum is a great place to share enthusiasm for the game - but I sometimes wonder whether anyone from FFG actually reads what we discuss and write. E.
  11. Surfing the net provides rumour upon rumour... Anyone know: when the reprint is due? if it will combine the expansion as well as the base edition? E.
  12. I got 'stung' TWICE before Christmas. Both times the advertisements clearly showed the English versions of the expansion. Neither company stated in the advert that the expansion was in German. I was eventually lucky enough to track down an English version from another UK outlet...
  13. I am in the north (near Manchester).
  14. ...although I have rolled for blessings/curses during each upkeep phase of the final battle...
  15. I have battled Ithaqua a few times now and have never rolled for blessings/curses or allies when the AO awakens. I have assumed that these are not 'items'.
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