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  1. @ Veet & Jake: I'm not sure how Lumley handled the flooding, but the basic premise is a collector of the arcane and occult (yes, yet another one) convinces someone in America to run onto the blasted heath sometime after Lovecraft's story and pick a shrub, which he mails to the narrator in England. The shrub grows into a tree, and starts eating people (and cats). If you're interested in finding it, it's in Lumley's collection of Mythos short stories titled "Haggopian" which I heartily reccomend. Probably set you back ten bucks or so. As for theDoctor Who monsters, they are indeed nasty. I rather like the idea of the Daleks, though honestly I think I'd like it when they showed up. -1 isn't too bad, and that "eat other monsters" thing is pretty handy. I think I'd just leave them alone for the game pretty much all the time. Honestly the cybermen sound like the worst. If there are enough to fill up the monster limit, which can be up to what, 11? Then you'd need at least 11 to make it work, making 'em more common than cultists! I'd hate to clear the board of them, then watch as another is drawn, and endless makes this a very likely scenario. Also, they're fast, so they're going to clog up the board pretty quickly, especially with that movement rule. Yeeowch. I think they are a pretty big game changer, perhaps the biggest of any monster yet. I think the idea of elusive boosting monsters is a great one. That's an area that could be investigated more.
  2. Ha ha ha, this is too funny. Uh... to clarify, I suppose you get a final check at the end of the story, which can still cause you to win. However, with the main Lovecraft stock, just go ahead and check it and 90% it'll apply at the end. And uh... no, I guess there are no comfortable levels of racism! Whoops!
  3. Julia said: MustardTheTroops said: Please don't feed the troll. Yes, Mustard, you're right. Blame to me who believed it was a newcomer. No interest in flames or answering the troll Whoops, sorry Julia. Came off as a bit more curt than I wished. I posted it seconds before your second post, so was trying to warn you.
  4. Oh my, I'm simply terrible with the image thing around here. I'll try to figure it out, but for now just right click and hit "view image."
  5. Apologies in advance, reading too much mythos tales has left me quite mad, with the hideous delusion I have a sense of humor. I present to anyone who also delves too far into the madness that is reading mythos tales with the following Mythos Tale Bingo Chart! Simply mark of the cell when it happens in the story. When you have five across whether diagonal, vertical, or horizontal, you win!
  6. And oh goodness I just realized I didn't change the images on the personal stories. Such a noob mistake, apologies.
  7. Thank you, Julia, for the reply. It's always nice to get feedback on an amateur's creations. As per your suggestion, I changed it to once per turn, and I've also gave him more spells and less unique items, and here is my first attempt at some personal stories to go with him: Hokay, my goodness I made a difficult task hard with uploading those files. But I think I did so successfully. Obviously the pass condition is pretty good, but I'm thinking not too good, as 15$ is a lot of money, and you could buy 2 spells and a unique item with it on your own. This just speeds up the process and gives him a unique item for free. Any thoughts? Is it too overpowered?
  8. Wait wait wait wait... I've been playing monster surges don't cause deep one uprising track additions. Have I been doing it wrong? I hope not, it's already terribly difficult to keep that track from filling.
  9. My first shot at creating a custom investigator: Titus Crow, the protagonist from many of Brian Lumley's stories. He's a reclusive occultist with a large collection of tomes and objects relating to the occult. I'm a little worried his "Unlock Power" ability is overpowered. He essentially starts with the ability to seal a gate and a half, putting him up there with Wendy. Like Wendy, though, he needs sacrifice some items to do it, and his three to Wendy's one makes it a little more balance in my mind, at least. Any criticisms? Maybe bump it down to one clue token?
  10. I suspect monster minis would be cost prohibitive, both for players and FFG. I don't know how many monsters there are over all expansions, but I'm willing to hazard a guess at around 120. Miniatures on the same scale as the investigators would be cool, and work well for witches, zombies, cultists, and stuff like that. When you start to factor in larger miniatures (the shoggoths, cthonians, star spawn, ect...) for higher prices (I'm thinking 8-15$ best case scenario) you're talking spending 800$, dead minimum, on monster minis alone. Then from FFG's standpoint, you have to make all these things in production, then let them sit around hoping someone buys your star vampire mini so you don't have to eat the production price. Too rich for my blood. And I suspect most other player's. That's down payment on a cheap car right there, or two month's rent.
  11. Black Goat expansion difficulty cards should probably also come into play here. Extra mythos card / turn and everyone starting out cursed would be no fun at all.
  12. It's a bit like solitaire: in theory you're playing the same game with the same strategies each time, but the way the cards are shuffled, (especially mythos cards) can make the game easy or unwinnable. And I haaaate those pushy players. They don't get an invite back to play again. If you're anything like me, you'll lose the first couple of games until you figure out some good strategies. I am still at the point where if I add Innsmouth, I'm probably going to lose. The expansions add a great deal of difference in difficulty, and so do different ancient ones.
  13. Okay, time to stop just criticizing and actually add to the custom content! Both of these are based on monsters from Brian Lumley's works, Haggopian and The Thing from the Blasted Heath. MINOR SPOILER ALERT: Monster in Haggopian is a lamprey whose victims allow it to continue feeding because of some sort of hypnotic or mental control. In Thing from the Blasted Heath, monster is an alien tree that uses telepathy to get people to sleepwalk into its clutches, then drains them dry of all bodily fluids using tentacle-like thorned roots.
  14. I personally love that card. Sure the -1 san hurts, but it's now only four tokens to seal a gate, and +1 bonus die on a check once a round. I always am happy when I get it... unless I'm already a 7 stamina / 3 sanity character... then it kind of hurts. Especially if you're against Cthulhu.
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