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  1. If your group is full of bastards who board and take as a prize every ship they encounter, I think it wouldn't be that hard. I cringe when I see stories about that around here though.
  2. Only amateur, uncreative hacks keep themselves in that little box.
  3. If you do this, you're risking caricaturizing yourself into a "Reverend Strawman" stereotype, which is about as clever and inspired as a priest who always wants to have sex with kids.
  4. I wasn't suggesting combat at 0.4c. Only a cruise speed for getting in and out of a system. Also: You linked to a three-sentence long post. I don't want to be rude, but were you expecting that that would somehow bring this thread to a screeching halt and we'd just cease discussing it? Maybe close the thread? Actually, next time I may just be rude considering every post in this thread you've basically acted as if this discussion is somehow beneath you. If it bores you, feel free to not post. Let us discuss it to death at our own pace.
  5. You can make a pretty good combatant out of a Rogue Trader. In a lot of other respects you're a jack of all trades but your GM should be allowing you to set the agenda of where the ship goes, how you go about accomplishing your endeavors, etc. You're the decider. Also - Renowned Warrant talent, rank 1, gives you a +10 interaction with anyone who grasps what the warrant is, which means any high level Imperial official. It seems to me like you should be the one who does the negotiating with muckety mucks. Let the Seneschal haggle with merchants, you're dining with the planetary governor.
  6. 0.4c has a negligible time dilation effect. It doesn't become dramatically noticeable until about 0.6c or so. Interestingly enough, a lot of sci-fi recently that's tried to be more "hard" and returned to things like characters sunk into gravity couches as they pull incredible G's for extended amounts of time often have ships engaging in combat at anywhere from 0.4-0.6c. I think 0.4c is a fair speed for a ship to traverse a solar system at in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, which, doing a bit of math here, would take a ship 33 hours to traverse from Earth to the heliopause of our solar system. Hardly two weeks. Also as for hundreds of men loading cannons, this isn't just barbaric stupidity, but an Imperial distrust of automation to get the job done. When your power systems and datacables have been shredded into swiss cheese by Ork Gunz, you need someone on the gun deck who can get the job done. That being said, your first trip should be to Zayth to negotiate for their handy auto-loading tech.
  7. Those are all activities a Rogue Trader might do more or less at the same time. Hell, I'm doing it now. Yes, thanks, I play this game too you know. It's still inefficient. And that's what I'm conveying to the OP. I think we're just having an argument about crunch versus fluff here since the first reply to this was "achievement points".
  8. Because session time is limited and we don't want to distract ourselves from the main plot with that kind of thing? I generally ignore the official word on ship combat time and system transitions. It's very hard to keep cinematic tension if it's two weeks from jumping into eldritch-horror system to getting to eldritch-horror planet of the damned or 30 minutes for time-to-target. Pacing is just as important in a tabletop RPG as it is in a video game or a movie. Auspex Officer: "Captain! Incoming enemy volley!" Captain: "Brace for impact!" (30 minutes later) Captain: ........ Captain: ........ Captain: ......... (shells strike ship)
  9. I use an ASCIII map, which requires it to be a square grid unfortunately.
  10. Read the works of HP Lovecraft. Adapt to Rogue Trader.
  11. I'm incredibly rusty so if someone could please help me out with these, I'd appreciate it. 1) Immolate the Soul and Corruption Points. - Is there any hard and fast rule for giving mooks corruption points? Every resource I've looked at so far shows that corruption is usually reserved for important NPC's and explorers. So should I allow my Navigator to drop that power and replace it with another if it's going to be worthless? Or should I start assigning corruption point categories to things, for instance I gave Rak'gol 20 corruption points since they're associated with Yu'Vath. 2) STR Bonus being applied to melee weapon damage - Anyone remember which page in RT this is mentioned? 3) On Fear tests, I'm sketchy but I vaguely recall reading somewhere you don't have to redo fear tests every time you see the same instance of the same freakish horror. I.E. If you run into a Rak'gol and crap your pants in terror at it the first time, the second Rak'gol you meet should not have the same effect. Is that right? Or do I need to do fear tests for every single instance of the same member of the same species?
  12. I haven't played space Hulk on the PC in about...20 years, but if I recall correctly the material that came with it did describe the ovipositor as implanting it in the back of the throat area. Something about it being hard to extract with that placement. Black Library fiction is a dime a dozen and I take it with a truckload of salt. I love Ciaphas Cain, but if Ciaphas Cain is canon, so is anything written by C.S. Goto. Also, "top end of the ribcage" sounds a lot like trachea, which would be the same general area of implantation as if you just went in through the mouth. So I think we both agree that you can't simply implant it in someone's ankle and have it work properly.
  13. Fortinbras

    how long

    There are rules for extended tests and how successes/failures modify it, though you'd have to set up the base time yourself. I tend to take a more elastic view of time unless a ticking bomb or a star that's going supernova in a few weeks is a factor.
  14. Achievement Points. Yeah, I use a cargo bay for that. Just compared to the rest of the bearing of a warship (barracks?) it doesn't make much sense. The ship basically seems like it's either multi-purpose or has none. It seems like it's ready to lead revolutions and accomodate nobles and fight in a fleet. All at once. In my opinion, that's less than ideal.
  15. The Luxury Passenger Quarters has me scratching my head, unless you're roleplaying and want to entertain guests in style.
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