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  1. Thank you for your answer. I find it also useless, i was just curious, if it is even possible. I played about 40 games and it had never happened.
  2. Hi, If I move blank monster token to the location, whero the hero is, he should be ambushed. Is this step considered as a regular ambush? Does it prevent Hero's Rest Step ? I Think Yes Thank you
  3. I have another two questions to ask: 1) When the Plot cards (or Shadow) run out, what should i do? Should i shuffle then the discard pile and draw new again? Or i just can't draw another? 2) Can i have the same item twice? (for example two horses)
  4. If the Ringwraiths are not defeated during the "last battle" Sauron wins the game.
  5. Thank you very much. That's exactly what i wanted to know.
  6. Ad2: Thank you, i thought so. Ad 1: I?m sorry but i still don't understand, can i fight an Orc (instead of drawing encounter cards) altough is the location perilous? (because when is location perilous - i can't draw the encounter cards - so i think i must wait one turn to remove influence). I see that i can skip my explore turn to finish my quest... but can i fight him when the location is perilous?
  7. Hi there, i've been given this fantastic board game, but i have some problems with game rules and i would like to solve them: 1) I can't draw encounter cards when i'm in a perilous location (that's clear) but: D not draw the encounter cards also if i am in a location, that is perilous because of the greater amount of influence (than my wisdom)? And also in the locations, which are perilous because of Gothmog? My opinion is No, you can't draw the encounter cards... But if you have a quest (for example - to defeat Orc in the south eaves... (instead of drawing encounter cards!!!) - so, if it's perilous because of the influence.. i should not do the fight, because i cannot encounter in this turn... i should wait one turn to remove influence and then i can fight the orc (instead of drawing enconter cards) . Is it right? Does the perilous location prevent drawing encounter cards and in this case also the fight with Orc? 2) What about the encounter card (rohan/gondor, any location, number 9, Words spoken from the heart): It says that you spend 1 favor to discard 1 of your corruption cards... It does mean, that i can remove just ONE corruption card? Not for example 2 favor for 2 corruption cards? I'm not a native speaker and also the translation doesn't seem to me clear. But i think i can discard just one and not more... Am i right? Thank you for your advises and answers...
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