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  1. For extra points, is a sacrificed creature 'destroyed'? EDIT: And then I go check the rulebook which explains quite clearly that sacrificed creature are indeed destroyed triggering all destroyed effects.
  2. I'm going to call it. There are good reasons to think either result is correct. Therefore the interpretation is ambiguous and requires an official ruling.
  3. I thought one for each card at first. But if you think about it in terms of fulfilling requirements - once you play one Untamed card you have fulfilled the requirement for both copies of the card. You could have ten Witch of the Wilds and the requirement would still be filled by playing one Untamed card. I think...
  4. Signed. I think this may be possible. In reality have they not already created a scenario editor in which to write their own scenarios? Of course, theirs is probably not user friendly to the layman but still, a glimmer of hope exists that a friendly UI could be 'slapped' on top.
  5. Mr. K


    Specifically for if you start the Mythos Phase by mistake and an Investigator still had an action requiring app interaction. Sometimes you can fiddle it, but when the action would have been an attack a monster and the attack could possibly kill the monster, it gets messy.
  6. I'm gonna say they used the wrong picture in that example. If you assume that in the correct picture it does specify Facedown, and that there is no modifier on the strength test, everything is fine. Either that, or it's completely messed up.
  7. Hi there I haven't done a search, so I bet there's about a million of these, but I DON'T care! I wanted to do this! He crazy, he's wild, he's unstable and he's wondrous. Put him on your team tonight!
  8. Hi Chaps Just packing away after our first game last night and discovered that unlike Forbidden Alchemy, Cotw map tiles DON'T seem to have the expansion symbol printed on them. I can tell a few from memory but other than that, how can I tell which tiles go with this expansion? Cheers Kxx
  9. If it helps anyone get started, I have a copy of the work that was done. Unfortunately I've lost contact with the chap who started it and he seems to have altered his forum identity - otherwise I'd ask for his permission first, to be polite. K xx
  10. Ta very much! Investigators with a weapon can use an Action to remove Crawling Hnad tokens is the key. That Crawling Hands Keeper action sure is strangely worded though. Kxx
  11. Ususal apologies if these have been covered - but the search function on the forum seems to be a bit broken! 1. Crawling Hands keeper action: 1 Threat per hand OR 1 Threat to move ALL hands? 2. Can Crawling hands be killed? If so, how? If not, how do new corpse markers get Crawling hand tokens? 3. When a corpse marker if turned into a Zombie, are it's Crawling hand tokens removed? 4. On a slightly different note, does Darrell Simmons Camera ability reduce the pool of Zombies? Many thanks! Kxx
  12. Hey, no one's replies to this so I'll take a stab. I don't have the cards in front of me but I played this scenario a day ago. So… I don't see how investigators splitting up could stop the Keeper activating the King's Court cards. One allows you move an investigator, one allows you to swap a cultist for a maniac, the third one I forget, so the only contentious one is King's Champion, which let's you make one player attack another. You probably do need two investigators together for that one. Still, three our of four ain't bad. Kxx
  13. Going back to the main question, I'd like to see AH go in a new direction. In many ways adding a new big box or small box expansion now would be like the same but more. Not a bad thing per se, indeed, more is better, but still… Perhaps an expansion that purposefully didn't work with the other expansions would be exciting. A kind of Phase 2 set of expansions that perhaps probed the Other Worlds in some wonderful way - Let's go to R'lyeh and fight Cthulhu there! Let's get lost in the Dreamlands on a board so big it was the AH board that looked like an add-on! Maybe we could play bad guys too, or be monsters, or be wizards that could control monsters as our minions! "cough" Ahem, well. I was just throwing out randomness there, not actual considered options. But you see what I mean right? A game changer. That would be cool. K xx
  14. Tibs said: H.P. Lovecraft said: I don't remember Lovecraft mentioning that Cthulhu had a brother You'd be right! That's why August Derleth took it upon himself to declare that Hastur was Cthulhu's half-brother, and they oppose each other because Cthulhu is water elemental and Hastur is air elemental. Almost forgot to mention Brian Lumley's deity, Kthanid, who is not only Cthulhu's alleged brother, but is also benevolent to mankind. I can forgive Derleth for many things - without his efforts Lovecraft's name may have vanished into the Abyss. But Lumley's crimes are manifold and unforgivable (shudder). Cheers for the up though, Tibbs!
  15. An important point that often gets lost, is that this is a strategic game that needs learning and then mastering. The investigators have lots of abilities and options that can really give the Keeper a horrible time - If they can work together. The fact that the scenarios are story based can give some people the impression of "Oh we've played that one once, we're done with it." No. Play it again. Play it a third time. I don't believe it's quite as Keeper weighted as some people think - but working together is harder at first than working alone, which is where the Keeper has the advantage in the early stages of learning the game. K xx
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