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    Yeah. That doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence in FFG having pride in the system they've inherited and game they've created. I was hoping folks from FFG would be running something. I like to use cons to let the company who put out the game show me how the game is supposed to be run.
  2. jbuck


    I can't find any Deathwatch games being offered at GenCon. Am I missing something or searching incorrectly?
  3. Yeah. It'd be real easy for Black Crusade. What I had in mind for DW was something along the lines of the chapter being set up like an old west law posse. The chapter itself is based FAR from the Imperium, possibly serving some sort of scout/early warning function for the Empire out on the fringes. Using the old west/Deadlands frame, contorted into 40Kdom: The Imperium found, and settled, their home world long ago with colonists. It's an old eldar maiden world, but the process didn't quite stick/has regressed. So, it's not lush, but supports life. The eldar themselves maintained a small presence on the world (but, as it wasn't nearly as nice as other maiden worlds, not too many chose to stay). At the time of the Imperial colonization the humans (who really didn't even know the eldar were there) and the eldar basically left each other alone (there was a great distance between their settlements and there weren't too many people on either side, so there wasn't really any competition for space or resources). The humans were ignorant, the eldar didn't care. Fast forward.... The eldar maintain their rather small population. The Empire forgets about the settlement, which regresses to an old west farming/ranching tech level. Drought/famine or some other problem rears its head, but doesn't immediately have a negative impact on the populations...but the resources to keep those populations up are now insufficient. Now, there's competition for dwindling resources and all the old xenophobia lights up. The humans, though valiantly fighting a foe they greatly outnumber, but can't understand (and who have access weaponry our cowboy humans can't come close to matching and can call reinforcements through the webway) aren't doing too well. What successes they have do not come from “army” type engagements (the eldar love it when the humans bunch themselves together!), but instead from guerrilla warfare/small group hit and fade on horseback type attacks. A tradition of heroism is born into the human culture. Despite the heroics, five guys with six-shooters on horseback are doomed when the reapers show up. The humans find themselves faced with a Alamo type situation (yes, I'm mixing the Native Americans with the Mexican army and the eldar, leave me alone )when the space cavalry arrives (a new chapter! patrolling the outer fringes! conveniently looking for a habitable world!). A thousand space marines looking to settle a world and remove the xenos taint from it change things...rapidly. It takes the chapter several years (due to the eldar being spread out and far more familiar with the terrain), but the eldar are crushed, horrifically. As this is ongoing, the chapter makes the necessary preparations to use this planet as a home word (the humans are tough and resilient, the planet is rich biologically and resource wise). Additionally, one of the farseers sees that the humans will gain accesses to the webway if it is left in effect. So, the farseer goes a little crazy with panic over what may come and hatred over the genocide which has been occurring and decides to show the humans what's what. Straight rip-off from Deadlands, said farseer pops the far end of that webway channel right into the warp ( I don’t know if this is remotely possible in the canon, but it works for me), exemplifying the “If I can’t have it, neither can you!” creed. Raven would be proud. Of course, now the planet goes to hell, literally. Just like in the galaxy at large, the eldar find their nice home completely screwed up and become nomadic, fully embracing the old west Native American stereotype. The warp taints all kinds of stuff, and the space marine chapter is too stubborn to burn the planet or abandon their new home, but they basically stop interfering and fade into myth. It helps that their monastery is on a different continent and the cowboys are too busy fighting demons and the undead to worry too much about exploring the oceans. So, the traditional heroic things in Deadlands (lone gunman, lawmen, etc) become what the chapter looks for (as I’ve posted before, I don’t like the pre-pubescent aspirants thing, the people taken by the astartes in my 40K are all old enough to have accomplished something) in their recruits. The persons they select already likely have experience in dealing with the eldar, chaos, being under equipped for their missions (because of the relatively low tech level), but having experience in firearms and experienced in small group tactics (the posse). This influence has gradually changed the way the chapter wages war, specializing in fast, hit and fade style assaults (as I said earlier in the thread, similar to the White Scars) executed by small 5-10 man squads. So…see you, space cowboy! Now I just need to figure what exactly it is that the chapter does.
  4. I'm considering some sort of Deadlands mashup with a version of Deadlands earth serving as a chapter's homeworld. The characters would start out, run through the selection/aspirant process on planet, and then go out to terrorize/save the galaxy. I am going to wait until I get First Founding though, because the White Scars sound like they'd require very little work to become cowboys instead of mongols.
  5. Would/could a chapter "farm" threats on the worlds they draw aspirants from or base themselves on or would this be highly heretical? Keep some chaos beasts on one continent (or planet or whatever), some orks on another, some marooned eldar on another, etc. etc. So, when they want to test their people against a specfic threat, they just send them on a training mission (which those on the mission might not even realize is training) to the appropriate continent (or planet, or whatever). It sounds good in theory, training worlds with specific threats where the stakes aren't super high (still life or death for those on the mission, but nothing much higher than that)...I think a chapter that tried this would be in pretty big trouble.
  6. Silly question, but are there any homeworlds in the fluff (RPG or tabletop, basically anything in any 40k fluff ever) that resemble the US old west or chapters that have a "western" background?
  7. Ok. So, they're male because they're made in the Emperor's image out of the Emperor's DNA. But, as it seem to be agreed upon in this very thread, the Emperor was not asexual, no? It seems incongruous to me. If the marines are asexual...make them asexual and be done with it: Whatever makes you a marine also makes you genderless.
  8. Jesus Christ. I'm sorry I started this. It's like a train wreck...and I just can't look away. I think, as someone kind of in the middle, I'm being insulted by both of the sides here. My purpose in asking was an attempt to further humanize a marine. I'm not looking for some sort of sexual-fetish-Captain-Kirk-Alien-screwfest. I'm not looking to put an imaginary wang anywhere. I'm also not interested in angry robots or lobotomized super-soldiers mowing down millions of lesser beings with a mini-gun that shoots flaming vorpal swords. I'm not interested in playing a game featuring someone who spends every waking hour training, waring, or studying about training or waring. However, I find it difficult to divorce romantic themes (or even the hint of temptation) from the heroic warrior story arc. I mean, I keep coming back to the part where space marines have fallen to chaos because of an addiction to music. Great music (or virtually any other type of human sensation) can make a marine betray everything and knowling join with chaos...except for sex. However, to the violently "no-sex" camp...if marines are 100% asexual, why are there no female marines? Why is "male" so important at all? If you're going to make a soldier, taken from pre-pubesencent children and genetically/surgically alter them to turn them into brain washed, honor-bound, asexual killing machines...why not let either gender join up? The end product shouldn't be too much different (their different withered, vestigial sex organs non-withstanding).
  9. Thanks for the discussion. Ok. Here’s what I’m going to go with (my chapter examples come from what I understand from the RPG, I have nothing from the TT to draw from, so I could be off base): 1. Generally, Astartes don’t have an interest in having sex because it’s been pretty well conditioned out of them. But, they are usually capable of doing so (they have the parts and the parts work). 2. Marines are as likely to fall/become corrupt because of lust as they are of any other human failing (pride, jealousy, saxophone solos, etc.) which means, due to all their training and indoctrination, it’s not bloody likely (and far less likely than one would encounter among regular humanity). 3. Different chapters have different views. Some are so wholly disinterested in sex that it’s a complete non-issue (those marines may be chem-gelded or even have their sexual organs removed…Iron Hands), some treat sexuality like it’s a vile temptation and source of weakness or a disgusting remnant of their short, mortal, life (Black Templars), and some treat it like a great idea for R&R (Space Wolves). Of course, different individuals may have different views in their respective chapters (at least so far as differing views are permitted among the Astartes…a Black Templar who likes wenching it up is dumb and isn’t going to be long for his chapter, but a Black Templar who secretly yearns to requite the selfless love of one of the women who serve on his ship, but knows they are both damned if he does, makes for some good pathos). 4. Due to the heavy gene therapy and physiological alterations they’ve undergone, they can’t father children anymore. 5. As eugenics are a part of my Imperium, removing the ubermensch from the gene pool is a cardinal sin. Candidates for the Astartes are not immediately removed from the breeding population. How this goes about again depends on the chapter. Some get sent to the nearest schola progenium to serve as a breeding stud to a specially chosen female in a highly ritualzed mating ceremony (Imperial Fists), some become sperm donors at a highly controlled Imperial clinic (where their deposits are only given out to the most fit women of the Empire…Ultramarines), and some are given a month’s leave before they begin to get their implants and told to spread their seed as far and wide as they can (Space Wolves). It bears noting that I don’t like the idea of the process to become a space marine beginning when the future marines are pre-pubescent…how does a pre-pubescent boy prove himself a mighty warrior? I push the time-table back to the late teens/early twenties. As an amusing side note to this discussion: according to Wikipedia, Astarte was a goddess and where the Greeks got Aphrodite. Her domains? Fertility, sexuality, and war.
  10. AluminiumWolf said: Charmander said: In general though, the themes that come out of those discussions is that the existing, current, fiction is inconclusive at best on the topic. The idea of Marines having no sex drive is just fanon, and pretty boring fanon at that. I'd go so far as to say most of these threads are just trolling Marine fans, or are born of a desire to take Marines down a peg or two. I don't think anyone really believes that eunoch Marines will be liked more than potent Marines by their fans. And fully functional Marines are so much more fun. You have the joys of intercourse with a Marines enhanced physiology (shades of Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex http://www.rawbw.com/~svw/superman.html or the deleted scene from Hancock ). You have high status Imperial women seeking out Marines in the same way Roman nobility would seek out Gladiators. You have breeding programs intended to avoid the genetic depletion mentioned in the OP (in which Marines must return to their homeworlds and liberally spread their seed among the populous in shades of the Gods breeding with mankind in ancient myth). You have specially reinforced Marine concubines built to stand up to Marine thrusting.Marines need all the personality they can get, and trying to knock out one of the great drivers of human motivation just to make people like Marines a little less seems... selfish. Just to be sure...no trolling intended. And I agree with everything here, which is partly why I was asking the questions. I just like to know what the "official" line is. It seems strange that with all the talk about the horiffic, grim-dark violence in 40K there's no official discussion of sex (not that I'm equating sex with horiffic violence). I'd expect that from an American game, not a British one.
  11. I realize that Slaanesh isn't all about sex, but neither is seduction. Though I guess the rules for chem-geld ARE all about sex. So, SM's aren't likely to be seduced by sexual pleasure, but power, fame, glory, relics, a groovy saxophone solo, etc. are all good? If a SM is successable to just about every other human failing, I can't see why the pitfalls of love/sex are the only thing they're armored against. reg. eugenics: Chapters (excecpt for those similar to the Ultramarines) seem to take their folks from very, very, small population samples Sure, there's hundreds of trillions of people in the Empire, but if you're only looking for perfect specimens on Baal or Fenris the size of the galaxy doesn't matter at all. The marines aren't looking anywhere but at the few people on Baal healthy enough to breed. Taking the 10 very best young males every generation is a terrible idea.
  12. Why don't Space Marines have chem-geld (if it's even available to them I missed it)? Is it already assumed as their humanity so far gone that it's a non-issue? While I could see automatic, total failure when trying to seduce a Black Templar, I could see someone having success against a Space Wolves. They sure act like they'd still have manly urges (though I haven't read the SW novels, so it may be explained there). Since some SM fall to Slaanesh, I can't see that it follows that 100% of all attempts to seduce a Space Marine would automactically fail. On a related note (sorry for the eugenics...but I can't understand why 40K doesn't have eugenics) when someone has proven themselves worthy of being a space marine, they are removed from the gene-pool. This seems like a poor idea. In the grim-dark future of the 41st millennium, wouldn't you run breeding programs so your supply of "pure" aspirants remained flush? Why wouldn't there be a nazi-esque breeding program to assure the "best" people (especially when you're trying to make Space marines)? Why woulnd't you tell your new recruit to run down to the planet and get 15 or so women pregnant (here's a list of who we think will be a good match!) before you ship him and his genetic "perfection" off into space, never to breed again?
  13. Are there rules for playing a chapter campaign (not Deathwatch...all marines from the same chapter)?
  14. The only 40K books I have are the recent RPG ones, so it's almost all new to me. What I'm hoping for is rules for running non-Deathwatch astartes. I'm more interested in running a character through being an aspirant and becoming a full fledged chaper marine than I am running an established, exceptional marine who gets a new "job assignment." I know it's possible to deconstruct the Deathwatch astartes, I'd just rather FFG do it for me.
  15. DJSunhammer said: Grey Knights don't get squad abilities because a squad is all grey knights. They also don't get them because all grey knights are psykers and have at least one psychic power, not to mention the fact that they can combine their powers to make them stronger and easier to cast. Wouldn't this imply that a squad of all Ultramarines wouldn't be able to use the Ultramarine squad modes? GK should get GK squad mode abilities (that they can only use wuth GK's). They shouldn't be the best, but there should be something. The rules mention that chapter squads don't have cohesion...so does a squad from the same chapter always suceed with their squad mode actions?
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