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  1. I have a reasonable collection spread across the 3 factions. I'm not a competitive player just casual and I really like themed lists/games. One of my lists was a Black Sun list with 4 Star Vipers and 4 Z-95's. To play this list now I'll need 2 Scum and Villainy Conversion kits to get the dials for the Star Vipers. This will give me dials, baseplates, etc for 98 ships even though I only have 21 models which need these items. Effectively I'm paying around 80% of the price of the conversion kits for "useless" components. As I have 4 X-Wings I'm in a similar situation needing 2 Conversion kits if I want to field them all. Again this gives me 74 dials,etc when I only need them for 19 ships. Another 2 Conversion kits needed for my Imperials though I actually almost get half the number of useable dials in this instance. Given that my financial circumstances altered drastically a while ago I certainly don't have the money to purchase all of these over any reasonable time scale so I'm either going to be left playing version 1 (if I can find an opponent after version 2 comes out), playing with lists I'm not happy with or playing with sub-standard proxies. Thanks FFG, I really like your games but this change to version 2 is pretty much going to kill this game for me.
  2. Yes, Engaged says they can't perform moves but the card overrules the Rules. It specifically says perform a speed 1 move even if engaged. Ninja'd. that's what I get for not refreshing after I've finished reading the posts.
  3. The cool thing is you can now do all the Rebels main Ghost crew characters.
  4. It is after in the first sentence. Basically that sentence just over-rides the Scout ability. Can't make out much more than you have on the rest. The generic equipment is likely to be the Corruption Rune since Daqan don't have it yet.
  5. You can get an idea of movement and combat but there's still a lot that isn't known: How Terrain works exactly. How Suppression and the Courage stat on the cards works in the game How Ion tokens and the Cog stat on vehicle units works in the game Details on the Objectives and Condition Cards (I think these will really affect the game play).
  6. Rebels covers both Prequel/Clone Wars era up into Civil War era. Given that Darth Maul dies in Rebels killed by Kenobi prior to the start of the original films timeline I don't see how you can say he's not a prequel character.
  7. Actually this is incorrect. Imperial Assault has the Nexus (Attack of the Clones), Darth Maul (Phantom Menace) and Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars)
  8. Looks dreadful though, it's like a floating shoebox.
  9. Beasts of War did a really nice terrain making tutorial for Rocks made from Sponges/Foam. Really light yet sturdy enough to be able to stand miniatures on top. Best thing though is that they can be compressed for storage to take up way less space. You have to be a backstage member to view it (they used to do a free trial period though).
  10. Yes, in fact one of the news articles shows Aliana making a sideways Shift 2 Charge. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/22/the-fury-of-the-forest/
  11. From the adding trays wording (I've added the emphasis): If the back rank of the unit is a full rank, and if the unit has fewer than four ranks, the added tray can be connected to the unit’s back edge, creating a new back rank for that unit If when you only have a single rank you could continue to add extra trays to the side (thus increasing threat indefinitely) there would be no need for the term "Full Rank" in the adding trays rule as the rank would never be full. Example: Say you are down to a single base of Reanimates and you then add trays. The number of trays you can add to the side of the remaining tray is determined by what size a "Full Rank" is for that unit. If originally bought as a 2x1 or 2x2 unit then a full rank is 2 trays and you can only add one tray to the side with others being added behind. If originally bought as a 3x2 or 3x3 unit then a full rank is 3 trays and you can add two trays to the side with others being added behind. If originally bought as a 4x3 unit then a full rank is 4 trays and you can add three trays to the side with others being added behind.
  12. Have you checked out the Runewars UK Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/272706556468215/
  13. Sneakily buy a Latari force and send Aliana down the left flank with Ambush Predator
  14. Should have made the Terrain limit 8 so that you can fulfil the requirements from a single core. Clarified Lord Hawthorne's build ability. The rearrangement is done after Army Building AND Defining the Play Area (which I presume means after placing terrain).
  15. I'm thinking Visored Helms on Cavalry for when they're moving up. White Shield for 3 Defence and then the Helm for 4 gives a good chance of keeping more alive for the all important charge.
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