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  1. A lot of good feedback guys. Thank you for explanation. I will need to digest it somehow now. Would you mind to post some links to Wookieepedia concerning things relating space travel and smuggling?
  2. I read Rulebook and now am preparing for first session with new group of players. One of them is going to be Smuggler pilot (who wouldn't like to be Han Solo?). I know the expectation is to have some smuggling runs and troubles with pirates, customs office and Imperial Navy. However I have trouble to understand how these adversaries are going to stop any smuggler from any run. Looking at films, when ship jumps to hyperspace it exits it at destination point, so if I understand it correct any patrols or attacks can happen before or right after the jump. I can't find in Rulebook or smuggler supplement details of how exactly hyperspace travel works. There are tables for length of jumps between planets, but is it one jump or series of jumps with transitions in real space? Where are these customs patrols? How many Interdictors Empire can put on hyperspace routes? All of them? And why take alternative routs to avoid customs if, without something pulling ship from hyperspace (Interdictor again?), there is no way to intercept smuggler?
  3. Can't express how excited I am about Card Editor. Feature request: Customizable text for Health, Speed, Defence and Attack. English text by default, but I would love to make localized versions of deployment cards.
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