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  1. Isn't Livre d'Ivon a "discard" after use? So if you fail, you don't get anything? Unless there's an errata I'm unaware of on the card… In your note, I still feel it is a hard encounter because 1 sole person needs to get a combination of at least 10-14 gates/monsters since one person is casting the spell and you can't share those to pay the cost. With people camping for the Crystal, and even with Daisy you still need to wait plenty of turns to grab those monsters/gates, and since in your description people are "camping" for the item, you are wasting valuable time around the board and failing to manage it as well as you hope. By that time, I feel the AO would already be very close to waking. But still..that's just how I feel. Also, even with monster surges that one person needs to manage all his stats and be dealt the right combination of cards to battle things, manage Sanity, and/or whatever else. 10-13 monsters is a lot to collect.. Whatever the variant you play with, I felt pretty good about it haha.
  2. jgt7771 said: Heh. Here's the thing: though I may grumble about your method (as Walk suggested), I'm actually much more impressed that someone who has obviously never seen how us Where's-the-FAQ Vets have debated endlessly on this particular combo-breaker, came up with that same combo-breaker all by themselves. I would love to have been a fly on the wall (of your brain) as you put the puzzle pieces together: "If I…and then use this…could I…hey, guys! I have an idea!" ("We could cross the streams!") Just be wary. Yog…holds a grudge. BADLY. Ha, shall keep that tidbit about the grudge in mind..probably get destroyed next time around, what fun! I suppose how I saw this ending was trying to find any way that this combo could I suppose "break" the game in its essence, yet I guess I feel that even having 13 of any combination of gates/monsters is a little more on the challenging side unless you are truly dealt the right combination of items; Michael's Horror Checks were no easy feet, trust me on that…and the fact that I didn't help anyone by spending those on clues, blessings, or any combination of the sort seems sort of risky. But I don't know, I feel even getting dealt that combination perfectly is so rare (much like Join the Winning Team and even passing it, which Tibs' Arkham Stat reports last time I checked only showed 7 games of anyone actually passing of like what…6000+ games?) that it should be allowed. It's a once in every blue moon moment I guess for me, so I let it be justified, and in the end I felt epic heh. Anyways, thanks for commenting about it!
  3. For me, my team's victory the other day in Arkham Horror made me realize how insane this game can truly be. Long story short, we followed all rules for setup, and I randomly drew Michael for my investigator, something I can say I was pretty excited about. Our AO sadly was not Shub but rather good old Yog. All expansions except Miskatonic were in play, including all boards. In total we had 6 investigators, a pretty solid group and enough people to handle all situations that may arise. My random Unique Item was a bust however, as I was dealt a Crystal of the Elder Things. Not my best. Game starts, nothing too exciting happening. I as Michael took care of monsters promptly as my ally traded me a Gladius of Carcosa early on, my Tommy Gun dealing with the rest. Most of the gate openings occurred on the main board, and we gathered clues and did what we needed to do. I entered a few gates to close some gates in case he did wake up, grabbing 2 total in the process. And then the fun happened… Mythos comes up as the Rumor: The Terrible Experiment. I of course as Michael ended up dealing with that quite promptly as my PS gave me some extra Sanity, and I ended up at the end of the experiment collecting a total of 11 monster trophies (this of course including early game ones). And then it happened. I had an encounter coming near the end of the game and drew the spell "Call Ancient One." And then I started to think to myself… With the way we were standing, there was very little chance we could survive the final fight. 4 seals on the board was nice, but with the end coming close and not many gate trophies (let alone very low average for Will values), I decided to cast the spell. I spent my 2 gates, and 11 monsters, used my Crystal of the Elder Things to avoid losing 13 Sanity, and used my 3 clues to cast the spell. On the 2nd clue, I rolled a 6. Ding dong, 13 doom tokens gone on Yog and game over. Glorious. Anyways, to spur more of the conversation, what is one of your guys' most epic wins?
  4. Questions about the alternative endings for Dragon expansion.. 1. From what I gather on both of the revealed variants, "Domain of Dragons" does not make you draw a Dragon Scale token at the start of each players turn, while "Dragon Slayers" works essentially the same as the main rules except for the crowning of the king is only important in determining if scales needs be encountered or not, etc. In other words, when playing with the "Domain of Dragons" variant, do players need to draw a dragon scale at the start of their turn as normal or is that completely ignored for the game? Also, when the sheet refers to "draw an (whatever type of card here)" does the condition for placing the matching Dragon card on the respective deck occur before or after all cards are drawn? Basically, if I draw 3 cards, and the 1st draw is an Enemy with Strength, the 2nd one is an Object and the 3rd is an Enemy with Craft, how do I work that out in terms of placing cards from the Dragon deck on other decks? 2. Don't remember reading this anywhere but remind me if I'm wrong, card text rulings always override rules from other sources right? Example: Character has an creature/follower that says you must attack the next player you land on a space with. Playing with the Blood Moon Lightbearers variant says you may not attack other players. Which text supersedes the other? Thanks again!
  5. VinceT said: It does mean I have to seperate everything out after each game but i don't mind. It's made easy by some cheap toolboxes bought at the hardware store - modular compartments that are just bigger than the large cards in area or just wider than the small cards length so you can fit two large and two small expansions in each one nicely. On a side note, this is why I am looking forward to the deck boxes coming out in a week or two.
  6. A lot of times players question how I play with "all expansions" if I don't use any of the boards, yet I still consider myself to "use" an expansion if I take some or a large majority of portions from it. Most of the time however, I end up playing recently with the main game, all mini box expansions and at least 1 other board expansion. Recently this past weekend we played with that setup and the Dunwich board, as well as personal stories and epic battle cards. Ended up getting 3 consecutive victories with 4 investigators each round, 2 combats and 1 seals. All investigators were random as well as the AO. Was a nice evening; got to see Sister Mary become our fighter which I haven't seen in quite sometime. Bob got 5 different blessings in one round, but his "Greed" condition cost him 4 of them...I really don't know why he kept finding random bills and precious gems lying around.
  7. I think the beauty of the game itself is that you can build it in a way that the board actually destroys you know matter how well you do. I have played a game of Arkham with some of the most challenging combinations that rules "allow" me to use, and I told myself that these amount of investigators (the ones I was using) are allowed to role 6's on every single dice they roll for whatever the reason may be. In the end, the board wins due to the fact that you simply cannot beat the amount of things going on at any given moment with all expansions in play. Honestly, what's the point of playing Arkham Horror if you don't lose on purpose? I'm not saying people don't laugh at their downfalls or that I don't try to win at times, but I guess that's why I love this game the most. Losing is the best part! Watching the game tear you apart, read your every move as if the game knows you drew Glakhi as your Ancient One and every Mythos that was shuffled immensely beforehand increases the Terror Level in some way of another; those moments are the best. I love Arkham because you don't lose as a single player against other players, you lose as a team. New players I expose to Arkham always come in with a high and mighty attitude about how awesome they are, and I watch the game tear them to pieces. It makes me love the game more when other players role better than I do and I watch my poor dice rolling skills destroy me. In the end, I don't care how an expansion changes the way a game is played, or whether or not it is "broken" as some of you have used. Those elements always add something new to the table. Don't get me wrong, winning is awesome as a team, but as I said, the losses are what make this game the best.
  8. Hey all, So for any players around the Minnesota area that currently and regularly play Arkham Horror, I am looking for a group of gamers to meet 1-2 days a week at the Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville, MN in order to enjoy the game with. I have already emailed the Event Center itself in hopes to promote this message as well as announce the group on their Facebook/Twitter pages. I am looking for 5-6 (though 8 is perfectly acceptable) players who are as I said willing to meet at least 1 day a week (1 day for backup in case of conflict) in which much like a group of gamers that currently play Twilight Imperium every Thursday/Saturday at the Event Center we play for a large amount of time. Any player is welcome of course, be you new to the game, a veteran, or even have never played before in your life. I am hoping to get a group of regulars but of course new members are always welcome to join the group in order to learn and play with. If I do get a group of regular people who meet, I was hoping we could of course record each of our games, perhaps tackle some of the Arkham League scenarios, play for fun, etc. Of course I would provide my own copy of the game to bring which includes every expansion to date and we could mix and match different combinations in order to expose both the new players who may be interested to the game itself and of course enjoy for veterans such as myself. The reason for all this is because I notice the Twilight group is a regular group of players that I have had the pleasure to meet and I know that there was never an "Arkham" group, even with the large popularity and success of the game. But anyways, if you are interested, feel free to email me at fees0009@umn.edu with availability throughout the week on which days work best as well as your interest if you feel like attending. Would love to hear from players around the area! Let me know! Tomoka
  9. The Professor said: Julia, I completely agree with your reasoning...I simply play it a bit differently. The Lurker needs to be engaged. Thus, only those Investigators with pacts suffer the "Gate close" penalty or benefit/suffer from the Reckoning Cards. Thus, if no Investigator has a pact, there's no Investigator who has the least/most Power. Again, for me this works... Eh, I had always played it the way Julia had first suggested due to the fact that you are already choosing the Lurker as the Herald in the first place. If these effects don't want to be triggered in the game at all, I had the notion you shouldn't have him as a Herald, otherwise what's the point of playing with him if nobody is going to be tempted by his pacts? All the other current Heralds affect the game in some manner so this is his way of affecting it. If that means everyone (in the example given by Sola in the first post) has 0 power, then there is a least amount person in the game and are unfortunate enough to be affected by his presence. I don't know, that's how I've viewed it.
  10. I love Arkham Horror. The theme, the game, I mean come on. Mainly this post is to just rant on how of the 300+ games I've played, this game just never gets old and honestly you can never explain it to other people unless they have tried it for themselves, and they too realize how amazing it is. So there's that. Win. The other day I had a fun encounter to which I've never seen the game hate me so much. We were fighting Yig, just my friend and I and we were doing all right I suppose, don't even remember half the game, but we knew a seals victory was impossible and so we were prepped for a final combat and had our blessings to run and grab. Well turns out the 2 turns before the final doom token, my entire character goes downhill. In order here's how it played out: 1. Encounter: Gypsies Curse me. 2. Mythos: Luck check or be Cursed. I fail. Gate also opens on top of me. 3. Other World: Lost in Time & Space. 4. Mythos: Yig wakes. It's those moments were you feel the game has literally had an utmost hatred of you that keep me coming back for more I think.. And speaking of fun game moments, I find it always quite hilarious that spending a Clue Token does not make sense thematically in this game whatsoever. What's that? I failed this check and this tree is alive and attacks me? Wait wait..I remember now (clue)..this tree is not alive. What? My memory is fading away into darkness and I lose 2 sanity? Wait..I remember now, (clue) my memory is not slipping away. Fun fun, love this game.
  11. Avi_dreader said: Julia said: Thanks for sharing, I'll love this :-) I should borrow from a friend his copy of AH to have the two vanilla sets, but I think I should be able to give this a try in not so a distant future (maybe before Christmas). It's a challenging task, but since you're allowed to choose the investigators, the trick is having some of them able to generate clues quickly in order to counterbalance the increased number of Mythos cards. And move quickly. So Patrice, Wendy, Roland and probably Mark are compulsory. Azzy doesn't impact the game at all, and Hypnos should grant an extra boot. Not impossible. I'll beat it :-) (even if maybe not on the first try) and then post a comment in the forum. A simple (last) question: the double / triple Mythos resolution is from Mythos one, right? During set-up, you read and resolve only one Mythos card, am I correct? Thanks again for sharing :-) Jacqueline is a must. I'd say Wendy (a must, A for all the usual reasons, but also to get past the monsters blocking the gates early game), Patrice (a must), Mandy, Jacqueline (a must, she should let you avoid potential catastrophic events), Ashcan (a must, with so many investigators you're very likely to be able to get Eltdown shards rapidly, that'll allow you to slow down the doom track), Minh Thi Phan to use with Ashcan (lots of clues quickly), Daisy (I'd probably use Eltdown Shards to search for a Voice of Ra, remember, Ashcan can also fetch this back, so she can have +3 to all stats every turn), Marie (for her remove a doom token, and her voice of ra which will immediately amplify Daisy, then again, out of all the picks, she might be the most expendable), Norman Withers for Find Gate, Joe (for being able to burst through monsters blocking gates, especially if he uses the first King in Yellow), Kate Winthrop (to block at least one of the three gates with arcane insight foresight, sure, you'll have the DOR track to worry about, but the doom track is more of a threat this game), Luke Robinson (with Patrice, he'll be able to seal a gate as soon as he comes through, plus gate box will come in handy and he's a good investigator in general). Hank would be a good idea for busting through heavily guarded gates, William, Rex, and Roland for extra clue generation. And I'd seriously consider getting Monterey and Dexter for improved shopping abilities. Silas for the ability to snipe/seal a gate. Wendy, Patrice, Mandy, Jacqueline, Ashcan, Minh Thi Phan, Daisy, Norman Withers, Joe Diamond, Kate Winthrop, Luke, Hank, William, Rex, Roland, Monterey, Dexter (17, but I might cut monterey for Marie instead, for a challenge, to just crush the game I would cut them both and just draw two mythos cards). 17+ is a flawed design however, because the game can, and probably will auto-win just by a bit of bad luck with the initial cards (gate limit will wake azathoth before you even have a chance to seal or close anything, and even if you have multiple gate surges, 17 monsters per surge, second one immediately wakes up Azathoth). As I said, the second design is flawed and the first design is too easy (I could beat it with nine). Ashcan, Wendy, Patrice, Mandy, Daisy, Jacqueline, Minh Thi Phan, Marie, Joe [in this set up, I might have daisy go for Find Gate instead of a second voice of ra with her first draw]. With Wendy and Marie, you effectively have a doom track of 17, minimum. Plenty of time to get the seals. Game over. Actually with 18 people we almost won in another game. We got dealt 3 find gates, 3 gate boxes and 3 elder signs right off the bat. We used Arcane insight to determine where the gates would pop, gave any items we had that ignored delay effects and used Mark Har. to stand on gate locations and during movement seal them all on the same turn with elder signs/combination of violinist. By turn 2 we had 4 seals on the board..Innsmouth eventually got us in the end since we were blocking too many gate openings on the board and only got up to 6 seals, and we didn't have whomever stops Deep One's tokens.
  12. Julia said: Thanks for sharing, I'll love this :-) I should borrow from a friend his copy of AH to have the two vanilla sets, but I think I should be able to give this a try in not so a distant future (maybe before Christmas). It's a challenging task, but since you're allowed to choose the investigators, the trick is having some of them able to generate clues quickly in order to counterbalance the increased number of Mythos cards. And move quickly. So Patrice, Wendy, Roland and probably Mark are compulsory. Azzy doesn't impact the game at all, and Hypnos should grant an extra boot. Not impossible. I'll beat it :-) (even if maybe not on the first try) and then post a comment in the forum. A simple (last) question: the double / triple Mythos resolution is from Mythos one, right? During set-up, you read and resolve only one Mythos card, am I correct? Thanks again for sharing :-) Yes setup is initially only 1 Mythos card. Also I forgot to mention, do NOT add the extra elder signs from the original 2nd base game.
  13. Yes, you're correct, doesn't seem likely to lost that early, but when you end up drawing 3 Mythos each turn and Monster surges send the Terror level to 10 instantly, it gets hectic fast. But, THB is a variant for 9-20 investigators with all expansions to date in play. Start by getting at least 2 copies of vanilla AH, and 1 copy of each expansion. Setup the game normally with all boards, cards and expansions in play, replacing older versions of elements (such as old Act Cards with new ones, new Gate Markers with old ones, etc.) in addition to the following: 1. Take the skill sliders, money, sanity, stamina, and clue tokens from the 2nd copy of AH as well as all the Investigator Cards (Common, Unique, Spell, and Skills..but not repeat Allies). Also take Bank Loans, Blessings/Curses, STM, etc. from the base game as well. 2. Setup as follows: AO: Azathoth Herald: King in Yellow Guardian: Hypnos Institution: Miskatonic U. 3. Draw 11 allies, as normal, to make a deck. 4. Choose investigators how ever you feel fit (random, etc.) and double up on some if not enough players. And that's it. After the entire game is setup, play starts as normal. Conditions in game are as follows: - 8 seals wins the game - Outskirts limit is 0 - Gate opening = 2 monsters spawn - 9-16 players: Draw 2 Mythos end of each round with the last Environment drawn remaining in play; game is lost if Aza wakes up or 7 gates are open at once - 17+ players: Draw 3 Mythos end of each round with the last Environment drawn remaining in play; game is lost if Aza wakes up or 8 gates are open at once Best of luck!
  14. A weekend of fun, horror, and sanity? What an amazing weekend it was. Friday, Oct. 14th: A friend and I started the weekend late in the evening, managing to only finish a total of 2 games, the first being with 4 investigators and the second with 3. The first match was a grueling defeat against Shub, as we ended up without a heavy fighter to deal with the monsters spawning on the board. We ended up waking him up via a Spell, but weren't as well prepared as we had hoped. For the second game, we tried out the new Hastur KIY the event gave each guest. We ended up losing in the final fight with only 2 Doom Tokens remaining (6 successes left). For each of these games, we only played with Vanilla AH, but still ended up 0-2 after the first night. Overall, the start of the weekend was turning out pretty poorly. Saturday, Oct. 15th: Our luck still started the same on Saturday. We began with a loss with 4 investigators which wasn't much a contest, and quickly started another game after. Finally, in our second game, we won with a low score of 12 points and 4 investigators. Although not the best, at least it was a victory. In game 3, we tried out the "To the Barricades" scenario, a game with 20 investigators and all expansions in play, which after turn 3 we lost. Although impossible to win, it was quite amusing to watch how much the game could destroy you. With a total of 1-4 for the weekend so far, we knew we went into the final 2 games of the night quite unenthusiastically. However, with 6 investigators we manged to eliminate Shub with another go. Final fight ended up netting us 18 points, which we weren't to happy about. And finally in the final game of the night, our luck changed. We played with 5 investigators (3 players from the previous game joined us) and once again decided to try our luck against the new KIY. In the end, it was no challenge. We finished strong with a grand total of 32 points (much of those points from at least 7 gates and 18+ monster trophies). We didn't raise the terror track at all, and won by closing the final gate on the board while at the same time placing the 6th seal. A double victory in our eyes, it was a good way to end the day. Sunday, Oct. 16th: With the score at 3-4, I played 2 more final games for the weekend, and ended up with victories on both. Which ended me at a 5-4 win overall. It was quite enjoyable in the end.
  15. SolennelBern said: Ok...I played my first game tonight, 3-players total. First thing I must say: It was the best board game night I ever passed since a long time! We played me, my room mate (who never played any board game in his life) and my bro. We started our first game with me as the Dwarf, my room mate as the Thief and my bro as the Sorceress. We played with The Reaper expansion! 1st game I won! After many turns of batling and casting and luck, I managed to get a Talisman and fight my way to the victory. Second game, I can't remember which character we played but it was as much fun as the firts game. Seriously, I think Talisman is the best game and most fun evening I soent since...I din't know...since a long time! This game is THE GAME I was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm expecting The Sacred Pool and The Frost Marsh this week. After that, i'm gonna get The Dungeon and thats gonna be it until The Dragon is released! Thanks a lot for all your comments about this amazing agme that is Talisman! didn't even thought that we would enjoy this board game that much and i'm so thrilled that we did. I'd play again RIGHT **** NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good night!!!! PS.: I'm drunk like there's no tommorow!!!!!! Don't let the high get you too excited. Talisman is a fantastic game, but there is a point in time when after you abuse the crap out of its play value, you need to do one of 3 things: 1. Take a break with other board games 2. Grab a new group of friends to play the game 3. Add your own material or fresh new rules you make up (be it cards, endings, etc.) The problem with Talisman, is eventually you will start to recognize cards, which that recognition soon becomes memorization, and before you know it, you'll know every character, ending, and all 700+ cards down to a tee with all the expansions in play. This being said, Talisman will soon become more of a game of having fun, rather than playing it to declare a winner. In other words, once you know everything, you'll know all the strats, ways to win, and odds of a situation. Games great, play often, but if "playing for fun" rather than "play to have fun and win" isn't your thing, mix things up a lot to avoid it based on the 3 things you can do. But hey, I still love the game like many fans still here, so enjoy it haha.
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