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  1. The "Revised" edition has an updated rule booklet, (mine has version 1.1, and I suspect the latest printing has version 1.2). Also, in 1.1 they Eratta'd a few of the small cards. The lantern, the spell Flesh Ward, and The Healing Stone (I think). Origionally in Dunwich Horror, they provided reprints of these cards to replace the ones from the original game. With the first reprint (and second I would assume) of the origional game they included the revised cards. Lastly (at least that I know of) the origional printing of the game had a diferent style of the plastic investigator base. I would be willing to bet, the only thing different between the current "revised" copies your FLGS has and the forthcoming ones would be the 1.2 rule booklet. (which you can get onlone anyway) I hope you enjoy the game, I know I do....now if I could just get my wife to play it....... -J
  2. Hey guys, So I was cuirous how you guys store your game and multiple expansions. I have AH + Dunwich + Lurker + KiY and was actually able to get it all in the main box fairly well. The only real issue is the game board sits a bit high so the box doesn't close all the way. I'll tell you one thing though...seeing all the stuff together is beautiful....beeeaauuutttiifful...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can see forever!!!!! /gurgle
  3. Hey guys, So my Game is essentially going to be AH+Dunwich+Lurker+KiY. Dunwich, and Lurker of course have gate bursts. Is there a rule of thumb anywhere that speaks to how many gate burst cards to use in relation to the size of the mythos deck? Which leads to another question, is there an "optimal" sized mythos deck? -J
  4. Well being that I recived an email fomr one Thaadd Powell at FFG that , "Those will be reprinted, but I don't have a hard date for that yet." I call BS on Amazon!
  5. So...yeah... Jan 1 I order Dunwich from Barnes and Noble.com Jan 2 recive email it should be shipped out Jan 3 Jan 4 recive email shipment has been delayd Jan 4 I call to inquire why. (if it's out of stock need to cancel order and look elsewhere) am told they just got it back in stock and should be going out in 1-3 days. Jan 5 no notifications call again to follow up, am told tehy are out of stock and won't have any for 3-5 weeks - I cancel order Jan 6 have not recived concelation email, log on to website in AM and cancel, later recive email order has been canceld. Jan 6 evening recieve cancelation confrimation, followed shortly by delivery confrimation, follwed shortly by email saying they can't cancel my order as it has already been shipped. Jan 7 /waiting Jan 8 /waiting Jan 9 /waiting Jan 10 UPS arrives! I finally have Dunwich...even if the box was damaged. Woot!
  6. Mr. K said: I couldn't help but be drawn by Dunwich Horror, because I love that story, I couldn't agree more.
  7. Been doing a lot of reading lately on these boards as well as those on Board Game Geek asking that same question myself, and the consensus seems to be: -The Horror of Dunwich is the best of the large box expansions, athough Innosmouth is a very close second (especially since it has the personal story cards for the investigators) -Kingsport is generally considered "meh" mainly due to the fact that there are no unstable locations in Kingsport, yet one investigator needs to be dedicated to the city to keep on top of the rift mechanics and nothing more. -The King in Yellow seems to have the most consensus for the best small box expansion. From what I can tell, it adds the most thematically, and also adds a good level of difficulty. -Pharaoh has a strong following as well, especially if you are looking for a thematic element. -Lurker is well liked, save for the fact it doesn't increase the difficulty very much. -Goat seems to be the lest liked of the small box expansions.
  8. Awsome! Indeed the game is great. As has been said, it does have a rather steep learning curve, but it levels off fairly quickly. Part of what I love about the game is the thematic feel in it. If you have never read any of H.P. Lovecraft's stuff I reccomend it. Call of Cthulhu and The Horror of Dunwich are a few of his classic short stories. Also, the movie "In the Mouth of Maddness" is a great movie with Sam Neil that uses the Lovecraft mythos. There was also a great movie version of Call of Cthulhu made in 2006 (I think) that is made in the old Black and White Silent movie style.
  9. FLGS was the first place I looked I found (presumably) a copy at www.timewellspentgames.com. Never heard of them before, but hopefully it will work out.
  10. Krawhitham said: Jorte said: GAH!! Ordered Dunwich from Barnes & Noble on Jan 1 Estimated ship date of Jan 3 On Jan 4 got an email saying the shipment has been DELAYED!!!!! /gag /choke /gurgle Still it's better than Lost in Time & Space You HAD to say that Kraw....B&N is now out of stock.. my Order was indeed Lost in Time and Space....
  11. Hey guys, So my game is for the time being is going to be AH+Dunwich(assuming B&N ever gets it to me)+Lurker. Would it be feasable to use both the Lurker Herald AND The Dunwich Horror Herald (the one you can d/l)? Also, what would the best way to add in The King in Yellow expansion to the mix? -J
  12. GAH!! Ordered Dunwich from Barnes & Noble on Jan 1 Estimated ship date of Jan 3 On Jan 4 got an email saying the shipment has been DELAYED!!!!! /gag /choke /gurgle
  13. Hey guys, a couple scenarios poped up last game taht no one had an answer to. 1) While an investigator is in an Other World, a monster surge occurs and a monster is placed on the gate in which the investigator is in. Durring the movement phase, that investogator moves out of the Other World and into the location where the waiting monsters are. When would the investigator need to deal with the monsters? 2)If an investigator whom has already explored the Other World elects not to attempt to close the portal, does he then draw a card from the Arkham Encounter deck instead? Thanks! -J
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