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  1. I remember seeing on here somewhere that the maps printed in the book are wrong, and there is a corrected map available on this site somewhere. Don't remember how exactly I got there, think I was looking for the DH FAQ/Errata or something like that when I stumbled across it.
  2. It isn't always present. The arch-militant lists two bolt pistols but leaves out their quality. And of course all non weapons/armor have no quality listed
  3. The difference is that commerce deals with money, and barter deals with things. If for example I want to give you 5 gelt for that chicken, then it is commerece. If however I want to give you 3 cows (It's a really good chicken) then it is barter. Basically you would use barter for trading services for services, or goods for goods. It would be useful in dealing with people who don't use currency, or don't have real need of it (Money does little good in a desert for example).
  4. The storm bolter requires Basic Weapon Training (Bolt) or Basic Weapon Training (Universal) Digi-Melta requires Exotic Weapon Training (Digi-Melta) or if the GM is generous Exotic Weapon Training (Digi) Graviton Gun requires Exotic Weapon Training (Graviton Gun) Lascannon requires Heavy Weapon Training (Las) or Heavy Weapon Training (Universal) though I'm not sure if Heavy Weapon Training has a universal. As for the backpack power pack, the lascannon is already powered by something similar to it. It has its own special pack that is used to provide power. Recharging it would take far longer than the scope of a combat, so you'll need to bring extra backpacks for it. Despite what it says in the errata, I'd likely just use those same stats. As Errant said, the Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) does not help with using a storm bolter because a storm bolter is a basic weapon, not a pistol weapon. As for Weapon Mastery (Heavy), that does not allow you to use lascannons. It gives you a +10 bonus when using lascannons, but if you do not have the talent for it mentioned above, then you are still not proficent in it and will take the penalty for not being proficent.
  5. A week to train a crew of several thousand? Well, you'd only have to train the relevant portion of the crew, but that is still alot of people. And a week is like no time at all, especially when a normal warp jump can last a few months. You could have a sector class crew by the time you go from one port to another with weekly training sessions.
  6. thor2006 said: How to boost the chances for the aquisition roll outside increasing the profit? Does the modifiers for comerce and rogue trader/senechal talents help, and if so what are those relevant talents or skills? Only things I can think of that will give you a boost is an opposed commerce test with every net DoS giving you a +2 bonus, and permenently burning PF for a +5 bonus per point burned. And I don't think scale would apply, because it never does for starships.
  7. I agree with Errant. If your crew population hasn't been decimated, then the new people will be trained and adapt to the high level of skill of the rest of your crew. As for training the crew yourself, it just isn't going to happen. You'd have to train thousands or tens of thousands of people, Your character won't have the time, and shouldn't really have the inclination to spend that much time with rattings. Your character is an explorer and adventurer and profitter of the farthest reaches of space. Your character isn't a tutor. So, unless you have a few decades you want to spend training people, you're unlikely to make any headway on improving crew rating that way. On the other hand, experinced crew got experinced somehow. Perhaps your GM might let you raise your crew rating by 1 point for every few battles that you are in and don't suffer huge crew losses from.
  8. Fortinbras said: Karoline said: Why exactly they have the two different methods, I have no idea, but they do. One table is for strict binary grid-square play, the kind where a grid corresponds to 1 VU and you can move either straight or diagonally along them. The other is for abstract narrative-style combat. No, that's not what it says. Because it says 'if for example you are using the first method on a grid'. So it isn't grid vs abstract or miniratures vs abstract. It is 'bigger side arc' vs 'smaller side arc'.
  9. If you read that paragraph it says, with a bit of interpretation: You can use the grids as we showed them or you can use the visual method on grids. In the first case side arcs are smaller, in the second case side arcs are larger. Pick whichever you like. Why exactly they have the two different methods, I have no idea, but they do. Personally I think you should just go with the later and assume that the example is an error by an artist who didn't quite read the rules properly (Or heck, may have just been told to make a graphic of XXX and never saw the rules and simply did his job as he was told).
  10. The MIU implant seems to indicate that you have to plug into any machine who's machine spirit you want to communicate with you. You don't just psychically connect to the machines.
  11. Abstract payments, my favorite kind. They are very light on the bank account
  12. Astropaths can transmit in the warp (Can't they?), so that can't be it. It might make a ship more visible, but I don't think it could add that much compared to things like void shields.
  13. Use it all the time? No. Carry one around so that if you know an untouchable is in the area you can see it? Yes.
  14. Errant said: llsoth said: Yah as to how astropaths and sanctioning works I don't like that either.. The only thing I can guess is that the Emperor is actually situated on a parade ground and they are marching armies of psykers 100+ ranks deep past him at double time 24hrs a day. Though I seem to remember some fluff from somewhere where it was described as groups of 50 at a time. Sanctionites are rigorously tested by the Scholastica Psykana on their world or in their local sector, Astropaths are raised by the Adepta Astra Telepathica and Soul-Bound, a hundred at a time, deep within the Emperor's Palace itself. Neither comes into direct contact or even view of the Emperor at any time. Hmm, I always got the impression that the ritual took place (or at least the final part of it involved being) in front of the God-Emperor. There isn't really much to back that up though. The best I can find is in the transubstanial initiate entry where it says that others have "never set foot upon Holy Terra, nor have they stood in the light of The Golden Throne." While that last part could be metephorical, I interpret it as being litteral, in that they've actually been close to The Golden Throne at some point, and hence close to the God-Emperor. It could be that they just walk in front of Him, but even that would be kind of time consuming... or would it? If they last around 50 years on average (Seems low with all the life extending processes out there, but likely offset by burnout and untimely deaths), then you need roughly 800/year to keep up the numbers. Now, I don't know the survival rate of the 100 that pass before the emperor, but lets assume 25% for the moment. That means 32 groups a year per sector. I have no idea how many sectors there are though. If we're talking around 10 sectors then it seems very doable to have the entire ritual take place in front of Him as long as it doesn't take too long. If we're talking about hundreds of sectors then I figure it would still be very doable to have them do the ritual and then move to see Him for the last couple minutes of the ritual. Could easily get in a dozen groups a day in an hour or so, which is enough to provide for something like 132 sectors. Seems very doable to me.
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