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  1. So my attempt at placing the photos in my post FAILED. So here they are in order as I wrote descriptions for: Demon: Demon Prince: Demonic Dragon: Orc Raiders: Tele-Other: Wormhole:
  2. I recently downloaded Strange Eons and thought I would create some cards, and accidentally created a common theme with the cards. 3 of them involve Demons and such, so I thought I would create an Underworld Expansion. Here is a preview of what I have: The First Character (of two, currently), the Demon. First card I created, and it's one of the reasons I originally thought of the Underworld Expansion idea This is a monster whose inspiration is from the Demon Lord ending. I thought it would be interesting to have a strong craft enemy on the board that starts with lives, rather than taking them from defeated characters (i.e. The Lich) Of course, now that I post this I realize my first three cards have the word "Demon" in them, but they are at the heart of the Underworld, so why not? There will be more variety in later names, this is just a snapshot. As for the card itself, this was created as a "screw you" card. You know the cards, the ones where nothing good ever comes of it. I thought it would make things interesting. Perhaps it's a little too powerful, but with an adventure deck as massive as it already is, the likelihood of this coming up makes it funny when it actually does (I have this and some of my other cards I created printed) The Orc Raiders received their inspiration from the Dragon Expansion, actually. They were talking about how the tokens where you draw the cards for a Draconic Lord would prevent you from tapping into some resources, so I thought: "What if the resource itself was just destroyed?". I'm also considering a weaker "Viking Raiders" for the Village, but this is all speculation right now. Finally a spell! This spell actually got it's inspiration from Runescape, but I thought it interesting to see how it would play in Talisman. I've played while using this card and the results can vary from helpful to cruel, but it's an interesting addition to gameplay. This spell was derived from everything that has you roll a die and something happens. In this case, the good and bad things are scattered throughout the card, rather than a set order (bad to good as the die roll increases). This was also an attempt to circumvent users of Misfortune, yet still have interesting results because of an unexpectedly bad roll. Some ideas: Characters: The Invisible Man Master Imp Templar Adventure Cards: Unholy Altar-Place Souls of the Damned-Event Spells: Exorcise Now I understand with it being an Underworld Expansion, this will seem to favor Evil Characters, I'm going to do my best to see that it does NOT do so. Also, opinions on possibly making this a board extending from the Graveyard?
  3. This reminds me of an idea my friends and I put into works for a master character as the Reaper. I'll post pictures later, but the adventure card to get it was "Graveyard Shift", and you land there (where the card was drawn), lose all but one of your lives, and then travel to the Graveyard and become the Reaper (you get your lives back as soon as you do). The thing is though, anybody could do it, because Graveyard Shift stays on the board until somebody becomes the Reaper. As for stats and abilities, your Craft is increased by 1, your fate value is increased by one, and whenever you land the same space as another character, you may roll 1 die for a Reaper roll, with the result being decreased by 1.
  4. At any rate, I at least hope they get into some reprints, because I'm just starting with Descent and I'd be sad if I was unable to get all of the expansions. New stuff overall would be a lot better, though.
  5. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  6. First of all, I apologize if this is a repeated topic, I searched the forums but was unable to find anything. Anyways, I am on the edge for purchasing this game. It seems incredibly interesting, but I don't know if it's worth the investment because of the price. It seems incredibly awesome, but I don't want to buy it and then not enjoy it. Anyways, can any ease of mind be provided about the worth and entertainment of the game? Other information: I'm looking for a new game to play with friends, we usually play Talisman, and don't care if it stretches out too long, but games longer than 4 hours start to push it. If it retains immersion it would be fantastic. Also, relative ease in learning to play would be great, but isn't necessary.
  7. Overload789


    jullevi said: "Is suicide an option" is a question I hear whenever I suggest a game of TALISMAN. Oh well. At first I thought you the question was directed towards gameplay Then I lol'ed But in all seriousness, sucks man
  8. We solve that by deciding what we want BEFORE we pick our quest. "I'm going to take a quest" "Okay, are you going for a quest reward or a talisman?" "Eh, I need a Talisman, but I could just go through the dungeon... I'll take a quest reward" We bend the "story" to state that you tell the Warlock what you hope to gain from your quest, whether it be a bonus on your person, or the ability to enter the valley of fire. That way with the Warlocks magic ability to get the Talisman to the places can also work with the Quest Rewards. As for the Sacred Pools Ending, we have even more house rules. Because you can gain a quest at the beginning of every turn, and some you can complete a lot more quickly than others, any quest rewards you may get you cannot use until you visit the Warlocks Cave. We attribute this to an external force, the Warlock, acting on the characters to compel them to do certain things, and the characters are unwittingly doing the Warlocks bidding until they visit him and realize the truth. Instead of teleporting to the Warlocks Cave when you complete the quest types mentioned above, you automatically receive a quest reward, but for sake of story, the character just has a feeling of empowerment that he doesn't know what it is. Basically, when you first visit the Warlock, he then activates any quest rewards you have obtained. As for actually acquiring them? Same as normal, draw one random when you complete a quest. You can look at them, giving everybody a greater drive to make it to the middle region. Needless to say, the Highlands and Tavern are greatly abused when using this ending, when somebody has a powerful quest reward they can't use. Also, it encourages more PvP because we want to prevent somebody with powerful quest rewards from being able to use them. They still count towards your total of 4 if they haven't been activated, and they also count towards your total if they haven't been activated and you die. As for the actual ending? We dislike the "If you make it to the crown of command with 4 quest rewards, you win" so after somebody makes it to the crown of command they draw another alternate ending and play it out. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, tried my best to sum it up, I can rephrase if needed. Best Wishes-
  9. We go by the Reaper rules for selecting Warlock quests, pick whatever quest you would like. As for completing it as soon as possible it depends on the type of quest. If it's a discard quest, it is my believe that if you can complete it and you are on the Warlocks Cave, you HAVE to do so. As for traveling or killing quests, you don't necessarily have to go out of your way to try and complete the quest, BUT say you have a die roll of 3, and you can go to the city or the chapel, and your quest is to travel to the city, you HAVE to go to the city. Basically, you don't have to go out of your way to complete a quest based on chance, but if the chance presents itself, you have to do it. As for the "teleport to the warlocks cave when you complete a quest", we have our own set of house rules to compensate for quests that don't necessarily fit that. For Deliver, you have to go back to the Warlocks Cave to complete, instead of teleporting. For Travel, you get your reward at the place. Anything else (kill, take a life, etc) you are teleported to the Warlocks Cave upon completion.
  10. Has anybody found a good card sleeve for the character cards (this includes the reaper card and alternate endings)? I've been looking for awhile and I'm always off by at least an inch one way or another. Also, I've been thinking about laminating them, but at the same time, I don't want to ruin the card. Does anybody know if this effects the cards in any way? Thanks ahead of time.
  11. I really don't care what it is, I'm excited for it regardless. I remake on the city would, however, be fantastic, for the simple reason there currently isn't a place where you can spend a lot of gold. I just hope if they do decide to go with the city that it isn't like a huge street. If they implement something new? We can only guess.
  12. The Rod of Ruin allows a player to take 2 craft, 2 strength, or 1 of each. First Question: The rule that a player cannot go below his base values still applies here, correct? I heard somewhere the wording on a card overrides the rules, so I was curious as to this effect. Second Question: Can you evade the effects of the Rod of Ruin by casting Cloak of Shadows, or Invisibility? The way I understand it, the rod of ruin is an action taken by the player. Because it is an action taken by the player, would it technically be encountering the player? That would allow the casting of those spells, so clarification would be nice. Third Question: Do you have to land on the same space as another character to use it on them, or can it be used at any time?
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